‘Appalling’ lefty calls Dan Bongino’s wife his ‘token person of color’


Former U.S. Secret Service agent, author and candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District was a guest on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU in Washington, DC today. On Twitter he was accused by a liberal listener of using his wife as “the token person of color in his life.”

Watch Live: The Politics Hour with guests @dbongino and @KhalidPitts http://t.co/CbjvTMYPjM

— The Kojo Nnamdi Show (@kojoshow) October 10, 2014

Listening to @dbongino on @kojoshow is making me squirm. He doesn't seem to understand there are people that aren't white, wealthy, men.

— Miriam Savad (@MiriamSavad) October 10, 2014

Dan makes a lot of people squirm because unlike a lot of politicians he doesn’t automatically give answers to questions based on a false premise. You can see video of the show on YouTube.

@MiriamSavad @kojoshow ridiculous statement. My wife is a Hispanic immigrant.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) October 10, 2014

.@dbongino @kojoshow hope that means you're at least conscious of her wellbeing, since you don't seem to understand women's health at all

— Miriam Savad (@MiriamSavad) October 10, 2014


@MiriamSavad interesting, considering I was raised by a single mother, have two daughters, and my entire operation is run by women.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) October 10, 2014

True story. Most campaign leadership is female. 75%+ of our volunteers are women #Bongino2014 #MD06 @dbongino @MiriamSavad

— Liberty over Tyranny (@Sparticus33W) October 10, 2014

.@dbongino does your wife know that you are using her as the token person of color in your life?

— Miriam Savad (@MiriamSavad) October 10, 2014

@MiriamSavad do you know that your statement is ignorant, misogynistic and questionably racist?

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) October 10, 2014

Anyone from @wamu885news reading these appalling tweets from Rep. candidate for MD 6th @dbongino? Prob not bc it's a solid D district.

— Miriam Savad (@MiriamSavad) October 10, 2014

@miriamsavad @wamu885news @dbongino Only appalling tweets being read are yours, Miriam.

— rickbestany (@rickbestany) October 10, 2014

Textbook Liberal: Racist @MiriamSavad attacks @DBongino's Family, then plays the victim pic.twitter.com/gdYsbcqAEL #MD06

— Ed Shahzade (@Ed) October 10, 2014

Then Dan’s wife Paula chimed in.

@MiriamSavad so nice to meet you- I'm Dan Bongino's wife "the token"

— Paula Bongino (@bongino) October 10, 2014

Miriam had nothing to say after that.

Turns out @dbongino's wife, @bongino, is just as awesome as he is. :)

— Azina (@azina) October 10, 2014

Yep. Paula Bongino immigrated to the United States from Colombia, legally became a citizen and is now a successful business owner.

#tbt Becoming a U.S. Citizen celebration with the family. pic.twitter.com/pB0pBDyzRZ

— Paula Bongino (@bongino) April 24, 2014




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Disgusting: Woman-beater Chris Brown posts pic likening himself to Jesus

Dear @ChrisBrown,

You being held accountable for your actions does not make you "persecuted like Jesus".



— Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD) January 29, 2013

Wait, what? Woman-beating Chris Brown compared to Jesus?


That’s right. After a brawl with Frank Ocean, R&B singer and bottle-throwing brawler Chris Brown took a break from beating women to compare himself to Jesus.



The woman-beater posted the photo to his fuckyopictures account. The caption for the photo? “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” His persecution complex is sickening. As is his beyond offensive comparison to Jesus. Look, woman-beater, being held responsible for your own disgusting actions is what people with common decency do. You are not being persecuted. You beat women. Case closed.


Other Twitter users aren’t struck speechless, and they rightly give Brown the business.













And this Twitter user brings it all home with a recent tweet made before Brown’s despicable comparison.


You aren’t Jesus, you repugnant bully. Seek help.


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You don’t belong on Twitter if…


#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you're one of those people in charge of parody accounts

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you #use hashtags #like #this

— Eddie Garcia (@TheeeSickestKid) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf You tweet "add me on MySpace"

— Chris Tucker (@SmokeyFrmFriday) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you trying to tweet from a flip phone

— IG – imthagentleman (@imthagentleman) April 16, 2012


#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you retweet more than you tweet

— Ray (@LeftHandBandito) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your just going to complain all day every day

— Mr StealTheShow (@DJKLEPTIC) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you can't take a joke

— Clara T.♡ (@_TonganBeauty) April 16, 2012


#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf You gonna be all sensitive, go back to Facebook with that!

— White Man Problems (@WhiteManProblms) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf all you do is spam celebrities or even other people asking them for a follow. Twitter isn't all about followers.

— cescabigail. (@CescaCena) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you cant spell worth a shit

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you are a major company. Your business may need social media. But social media doesn't want your business.

— Andy Pandy (@Mr_AndrewHunt) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you beleve there is such a thing as "too much tweeting."

— мαυяα (@WeBeliebeJB) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you don't understand what dm means

— . (@NatalieeRosex) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your tweets automatically post to Facebook.

— DifferentFromTheRest (@MaKaveli340) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your tweets are in third person

— Dom Ham (@domgham) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you say this: 'ADD ME ON TWITTER!'

— becca (@rebeccakingg_) April 16, 2012

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