Video: Beckel froths over Ben Carson; Some of my dad’s best friends were black

Ah, the misogynist creep Bob Beckel. Now, with more foaming at the mouth! Watch:

As Twitchy reported, Dr. Ben Carson gave an interview to Mark Levin today. During the interview, he correctly stated that “vicious” white liberals are some of the most racist people and they seek to put people in boxes. The vicious, racist Left proved Carson right with revolting cries of “token” and “Uncle Tom.


Fox News’ “The Five” discussed Dr. Carson’s comments this afternoon.

Head over to FNC for TheFive: America’s Gun Debate rages on.. Dr Carson fights back.. Leno v Fallon.. Are we overmedicating our kids?

— ericbolling (@ericbolling) April 2, 2013

And, as always, Bob Beckel made a jackass out of himself. Twitter users rightly give him the business.

Shocker!!! “@bethanybowra: Surprise!RT “@katiepavlich: So, Bob Beckel really doesn’t like @realbencarson””

— talkradio200 (@talkradio200) April 2, 2013

Bob Beckel just lost any good will he built up last week taking on Amazing Race, by going after Ben Carson. I wish @jessebwatters was on.

— Bernadette IL(@BernadetteIL) April 2, 2013

Bob Beckel using his father’s civil rights work to refute Dr. Ben Carson epitomizes racist paternalism! Hubris.#theFive

— Camille Barden (@karmacamilleon1) April 2, 2013

Indeed. How revolting. But, hey, some of his dad’s best friends were black! Case. Closed.

The nerve of Bob Beckel thinking he knows more about black issues then someone like Ben Carson.

— Ashton White (@AsheWhi) April 2, 2013

But, Dr. Carson isn’t that important, you see.

@fnthefive @robertgbeckel Hey Bob!!Stop it!! Dr. Carson is not that important? Huh?? He’s a world-class neurosurgeon for the love of God!!

— Viola (@hummingbird5225) April 2, 2013

With all do respect @robertgbeckel you’re less important than Dr. Carson as is every politician you defend #FoxNews #TheFive

— Jarek W Flanders (@jarekWF54) April 2, 2013

I wonder what @robertgbeckel would say if a conservative said a black man isn’t that important….#TheFive #tcot #TGDN #wiunion

— LizzieFiles (@LizSchmidt3) April 2, 2013

@robertgbeckel says @realbencarson has his views but he’s “not that important”. The guys a BRAIN SURGEON!! Kinda important! #thefive

— Lizzy Lou Who (@_wintergirl93) April 2, 2013

@robertgbeckel if #bencarson where a liberal your thoughts and arguments would be quite different. If he’s not that important then what r u?

— Brent Dickerson (@brentdd) April 2, 2013

The drubbing of Beckel continues.

@kamaainainoc He has hit a Beckel nerve! Beckel is the white liberal Carson speaks about.

— Vernon Bay (@vernondbay) April 2, 2013

Bob Beckel is wrong re: white Liberals. Look up history of Demcrats & the KKK. Bob’s dad is most likely a saint but he isn’t typical Liberal

— Rebecca Kraus (@1bbkraus) April 2, 2013

@katiepavlich @realbencarson Beckel think Dr. Carson doesn’t deserve so much air time. You could say that about Bob . . . seriously.

— Carol Davidson (@CEDavidson1) April 2, 2013

Ok did stupid bob beckel just imply that liberals were at the forefront of civil rights movement? lol

— LiveFreeOrDieTryin (@KzPage) April 2, 2013

Bob Beckel doesn’t lose any sleep over Dr. Carson. But he bashes him at every opportunity? Duh.

— Bart Bartlett (@BartBuzz) April 2, 2013

@robertgbeckel the Democrats controlled the racist south your father fought against- Republicans were in forefront of black rights

— Jim Bland (@NoIBnds) April 2, 2013

I love seeing the righteous outrage from Bob Beckel at being broad brush smeared as a racist.That’s how it feels, see?#theFive

— Camille Barden (@karmacamilleon1) April 2, 2013

Boom. An exit question for “The Five”:

@margittakijak Yes, I’m thinking Beckel wouldn’t know how to handle Dr Carson’s peaceful demeanor. Might be fun to watch?

— Lady Pi (@alpha_Lady_pi) April 2, 2013

What do you think, Twitchy readers? There is one problem: Clearly, Bob Beckel can’t handle the truth.


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A Lowlife Stole This Woman’s Dog And Abused Her, But She Found Her Way Home.

Imagine having your dog, your favorite companion, stolen right from your front door. It’s horrible, but life moves on. Except now imagine that you’re the dog, and the new “owner” is abusive, mean, and a terrible human being that beats you day in and day out. 

Welcome to this dog’s true story.

Meet Fatcat, the bulldog.

Stolen in 2006, she has since lived a life where she was forced to become a “breeding machine” and suffered years of neglect and abuse. During that time, her original owner resigned to never seeing Fatcat again, and moved from Tennessee to Arizona. Several weeks ago, she learned that Fatcat had shown up in a shelter in Memphis. She immediately wanted to go back and get her long lost pup, but soon found that Fatcat suffered terrible health issues stemming from her treatment and may not make it.

Making matters worse, she couldn’t drive to Tennessee. The shelter staff considered putting her to sleep considering her terribly painful health problems and lack of transportation to Arizona, but finally a staff member decided to drive her there herself.

Since then her original owner has raised over $7000 dollars through a GoFundMe campaign to pay for her medical bills.


(H/T: HuffingtonPost)

Considering how fortunate both are to be reunited finally earlier this month, it really makes you believe that maybe there is some good fortune in the world. Fatcat is back with his real owner, and hopefully will be well taken care of for the rest of his life.

If you enjoyed this story, please considering sharing with your friends below.

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So There’s A Small Room In Idaho. And What You Can Do In It Is Simply Awesome.

On an unassuming street in Boise, Idaho, there is a business that allows people to tap into their primal, animal urges without having to feel shame. Visiting this establishment isn’t against the law, anyone can do it and even though people might not “get” why it exists, once you go there you’ll understand. It’s called Das Breakroom. It’s where you can go to break things.

It’s called “Das Breakroom,” because it’s where you break stuff.

Das Breakroom

Feeling kind of frustrated? Feel like you could just throw your phone at the wall? No need.

Das Breakroom

Das Breakroom has plenty of junk for you to completely destroy.

Das Breakroom

And you’ll feel so much better when you do.

Das Breakroom

Source: Das Breakroom There are, of course, rules to keep the Das Breakroom guests safe: Join us for Das Happy Hour from 7-9am and 4-6pm Monday- Friday and take advantage of our discounted packages to help get your workday started and ended on a great note. Single item package for Das Happy hour is $3 for morning OR evening session or $5 for BOTH morning and evening sessions. Das Breakroom Rules for destruction 1. Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times 2. One person in a breakroom at a time 3. Safety equipment to be worn at all times while in the breakroom 4. All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate After using the break room, people say they feel much better. One user left a review that said: “One day, I was having a horrible week, and I found myself on the verge of tears, and I was just pacing back and forth, like what am I going to do? I’m so frustrated right now, and I walked right here and broke an entire box of stuff, and ten minutes later, I felt perfect, fine.” So don’t break plates at home, people. Das Breakroom is where you need to go. Why don’t more cities have places like this? Share this awesome idea!

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doesn’t drive anymore’

President Obama gave a speech this morning to his union buddies at the AFL-CIO. Certainly seems like a campaign speech instead of “official” business, doesn’t it?

This morning, President Obama has another Totally Not a Campaign Event, addressing the AFL-CIO conference.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) April 30, 2012

Pres Obama greeted with chants of "four more years" as he begins speech to AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades Dept.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 30, 2012

Shifting into campaign-style cadence, Pres Obama assures Building Trades conf"I'm still thinkiing about you." They chant "4 more years."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 30, 2012

Obama Criticizes GOP In Speech To Union Members: Obama criticizes GOP in speech to union members

— Dorothy Lamar (@DorothyLamar) April 30, 2012


Obama on Boehner: "maybe he doesn't drive anymore" #neitherdoesObama

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 30, 2012

Um. Pretty sure the President doesn’t either, unless he counts the driving range. Not too swift there, buddy. Which isn’t surprising since he went off-text.

Worth noting, the Boehner not driving line was not in the prepared text. #notvetted

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 30, 2012

Obama is really going off script this AM. whole paragraphs not included in the prepared text sent to reporters.

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 30, 2012

He’s not too good at the whole thinking on his feet thing.

Note: Obama is billing tax cuts as spending. #framing

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 30, 2012

Math is hard.

Obama disses his DIY skills Monday, goes off script: Fortunately I’m in a rental and don’t have to do a lot of work. (At AFL-CIO speech)

— Gabriella Schwarz (@gabyaschwarz) April 30, 2012

So is actual work.

But he’s totally thinking about us and stuff.

Obama in campaign mode: I’ve kept that promise. I’ve kept that promise. I’m still thinking about you. I’m still thinking about you.

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 30, 2012

Can he get an “Amen!

Presidenting is hard. Campaigning and fallacious blame gaming is far easier, especially when it’s on our dime. Again.

Obama Campaigning More Often Than Last 5 Presidents Combined via @ijreview

— Jerry R. Hagan (@coastie) April 30, 2012

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Cambodia Is China’s Newest Market For Foreign Brides

Little more than two years ago, there wasn’t a single recorded case of women trafficked from Cambodia to China to marry. Now, there are more than 150 — and experts expect that number to soar. BuzzFeed News’ Jina Moore reports from Cambodia.

Khai Sochoeun looks out over one of the rice paddies she and her father farm about an hour from Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Jina Moore for BuzzFeed News

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Khai Sochoeun went willingly, above all, because she wanted a job. The two women who brokered the deal — who pushed the paperwork, bought the plane tickets, and arranged the airport pickup on the other side — also mentioned marriage. Chinese husbands are rich, they told her. A good Chinese husband can mean good fortune for a poor Cambodian family like hers.

If a husband came, so be it, but it was the work she was interested in. She was 29, and she’d spent most of her life as a day laborer, with her father and her seven siblings, on the rice paddies that surround her house, more than an hour from the Cambodian capital. They seeded and replanted young rice shoots and plucked ripened grains, under sun that’s either hot or unbearable, depending on the season. But Khai had seen Chinese soap operas, and she knew there was better work in a world not too far away — long hours, probably, and maybe tedious, but in tall office buildings with elevators and air conditioners and rich, maybe even kind, bosses.

“When I watch TV, they never show farmers in rice paddies. They just have men in big businesses, running companies,” Khai said, sitting on a bamboo mat at her home.

So she was shocked, after an overnight drive from the Baiyun Guangzhou airport in southern China, to find herself surrounded by rice fields. (Khai had no idea at any point during her experience where exactly in China she was, but the airport name is marked in the entry and exit stamps in her passport and were translated by BuzzFeed News.)

“It was just like home — and very remote, even more remote than my home,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I felt confused. I felt very disappointed. I thought I would be in a beautiful city, with plenty of jobs with high wages, plenty of rich husbands.

“The reality was, they were just poor farmers, like Cambodians,” she said.

Khai is one of many single, mostly young Cambodian women who have been trafficked to China as brides since 2013. Thanks to China’s infamous one-child policy, experts say, there are more single men than women in the country, and as those men age, they seek marriageable women.

For years, traffickers met that demand with women from Vietnam. But Vietnam has recently tightened its marriage rules and waged an information campaign to combat the problem. For traffickers, Cambodia has emerged as an attractive alternative. With fewer regulations and no awareness among Cambodian women about the risks, business has been easy. The going rate for a foreign bride is between $10,000 and $15,000, though the prettier you are judged, the more money traffickers can charge.

“If she’s a beautiful lady, young with white skin, they can charge the Chinese man around $20,000,” said Chhan Sokunthea, who heads the women’s and children’s section of the local human rights and legal aid organization ADHOC (the acronym stands for Cambodian Rights and Development Association). “If she’s not a beauty, less,” she said. “The broker … sells her like a pig or a duck.”

In 2013, Cambodian rights organizations, including ADHOC, received the first complaints from women like Khai, kept as domestic slaves in their husbands’ homes, separated from their passports, and forced to marry. In 2014, those numbers soared, and three local organizations handle complaints, often filed by family members, for more than 150 women stuck in China, some of them (a minority) forced to work in brothels or “service” the friends of their husbands.

Road in rural Guangdong Province, the province in southern China where Khai ended up. David Woo/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mckln

When Khai agreed to move to China, at her uncle’s suggestion, she didn’t do it on a whim. She listened to a popular independent radio station called Beehive, where women who had had bad experiences in China told their stories. But she also sat face-to-face with women in her uncle’s village, women who had gone to China and come back. “I didn’t take a risk without getting information,” she said.

The women who’d returned insisted, “‘China’s great.’ They told me, ‘If you don’t like the men, you can ask to come back.’ So I decided, if I don’t take a risk, I won’t get any benefit,” she said.

“It’s not just me,” she continued. “Other girls from poor families, when they hear about good jobs or husbands, they think about it seriously.” Young Cambodian women have few high-wage job prospects, but they face tremendous pressure to contribute financially to their families. Roughly 40% of Cambodians live on less than $2 a day, according to the World Bank’s most recent country estimate.

And it’s often a family member that suggests moving to China to fulfill those pressures. In Khai’s case, her uncle brought up China after she sought his advice on finding better-paying work. She wasn’t interested, she said, but “he kept lobbying me. ‘If you want to marry a Chinese man, you would be a good woman because you can send money home to your family,'” he told her. When she relented, he introduced Khai to her traffickers.

Khai doesn’t know if money changed hands between them, and she kept her decision a secret from the rest of her family until mere hours before her departure for the airport. “My father,” she said, “was so angry.”

The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) says it’s common for the traffickers, who rely on networks of trust to win recruits, to pay the family member who introduces the idea.

Khai only knew her traffickers as Yeay Soeung (meaning “Grandma Soeung,” a prefix showing respect for elders) and Ming Mao (“Auntie Mao”). But she said she felt more at ease because they were Cambodian women. “If they were men, I would not have any trust in him. Girls trust women. That’s why they use women as ringleaders.”

The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, known by the acronym LICADHO, says in the cases it handles, women are most often the “brokers” who convince potential victims to make the move. Men, meanwhile, grease the bureaucratic wheels needed to get the proper paperwork, especially the passport. That document usually costs $135 and takes a month, according to the Cambodian government. But if you top it up by paying a bribe, things can more faster. “For $800 or $1,000, you can get it very quickly,” said Sem Chausok, who runs the anti-trafficking program at LICADHO.

Khai doesn’t know how much her traffickers paid for her passport, but she said only a week elapsed between her first meeting with them and the June 8, 2013, issue date of her passport. Two weeks later, she incurred the wrath of her father by deciding to leave over his objections, and she bid a tearful good-bye to her sister at the Phnom Penh Airport, more than an hour away.

At the airport in China, she and two other women, both younger than her, waved a Cambodian flag to identify themselves to their next set of traffickers, four Chinese men and a Cambodian woman, whom Khai called “the ringleader.” After an overnight drive to what felt to Khai like the middle of nowhere, they were kept in the woman’s house. “We belonged to the ringleader,” she said, “so we stayed at the ringleader’s house.” They relaxed for a day, and then they were told to primp and come downstairs, where Khai found a man and five or six of his female relatives.

“I thought they were visitors,” she said. “I didn’t know they were picking out a girl to marry.” But then the ringleader lined them up, and she realized what was happening. “The two other girls looked prettier than me, so they were chosen right away.”

As other men visited, Khai resisted. She wanted a job, she says, not a marriage. But her tourist visa was only good for 45 days, and the ringleader held her passport. “She told me I had to marry the next man who came, or she would abandon me on the street, and I would have nothing to prove I was there legally.”

Khai also didn’t speak the language, so she would have been helpless to find and explain her situation to the Chinese authorities. She didn’t know where she was, or how to find the Cambodian embassy. And she didn’t have the $3,000 the ringleader demanded when Khai said she wanted to go home.

Still she refused and begged to be sent home. She thought she’d made the ringleader crack at one point, but the four Chinese male traffickers hardened their stance. Khai counted the days left on her visa and then, finally, “forced myself to agree.”

Female garment factory workers on their way home. Women make up the majority of the labor in the garment sector, where minimum wage is $128 a month. Low wages and few jobs make women vulnerable to traffickers, experts say. Chhor Sokunthea/ World Bank / Via Flickr: breadfortheworld

The man Khai was forced to marry wasn’t handsome, she said, but he wasn’t ugly. “He was fine. He was like the other guys,” she said. She was more worried about whether he would be kind, but she couldn’t tell. She didn’t understand a word he was saying. She couldn’t even tell how old he was. “But whenever he turned his face to me, he smiled,” she said. So she had some hope.

It was short-lived. Just after they registered their marriage with Chinese officials — at least, that’s what she was told they were doing; she had no way to know, and no ceremony or other indication that she had, in fact, been married to him — she was turned into a domestic slave, waking up early to do all the housework. Though they lived with six other people, including his mother, no one helped her. Her husband also beat her.

And though this is not the word she uses, she was raped repeatedly by her husband. “He was always forcing me to sleep with him,” Khai said, “even though I don’t have feelings for this.” Sometimes she was able to resist, but the man called the ringleader to complain. “She said I have to sleep with him or I will be dumped on the street.” She also told Khai that if she wouldn’t do as he asked, no one could guarantee her safety inside his home.

So Khai negotiated. She said she’d agree to sex without complaints if the ringleader would bring her a phone with a Chinese SIM card, so that she could call her parents. The ringleader obliged, and Khai immediately called Beehive radio — the independent Cambodian station that had broadcast stories of women trapped in China, and whose number Khai had copied down and brought with her to China. The station told her it couldn’t help, but it gave her the telephone number for LICADHO, which gave her the contact number for the local Cambodian consulate.

Officials at the consulate asked her where she was, but she didn’t know. Instead, she gave them the name and telephone number of the ringleader. A few days later, the ringleader called Khai to complain.

“I got a call from some Cambodian official saying I have a business making good money selling Cambodian women!” the ringleader shouted. “If you want to complain, why don’t you come to me?”

Khai reminded her that she’d done just that. “And you just force me to sleep with this man who beats me up,” she said. The ringleader insisted Khai withdraw her complaint. Khai agreed — if the ringleader agreed to send her home, free of charge.

Khai said that on Aug. 11 she was given a piece of paper with a single sentence saying that she’d agreed to withdraw her complaint. The rest of the page was blank, and she was told to ink the bottom with her thumb. “I don’t know what they wrote on the rest of the paper,” she said. “It could be anything. I didn’t care.”

She got in the car for the long drive to the airport. This time, it was daylight, and as she moved through the rural Chinese countryside, she felt uneasy. “I just kept praying to the ancestors to help me, that I wasn’t being tricked again, that I was really on my way home.” Once she saw tall buildings and heard airplanes coming in to land, she knew it was true.

And that’s how Khai got back to Cambodia. Most repatriated women fly on tickets bought by donors or by their families, according to the Cambodian government. but Khai outsmarted her trafficker in China — and stuck the woman with the bill. “I’m proud of myself, that I figured out how to get back without paying,” she said. “My family is too poor, they could never have afforded to help me. I feel very proud of myself for that.”

Women selling in the market in Siem Reap, a tourist city in northwestern Cambodia. Magda Wojtyra / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: happy_sleepy

Khai knows her story is not typical. She says she’s “luckier” than most Cambodian women stuck in China. There were no other men in the house where she was trapped, although other repatriated women have reported being forced to sleep with the brothers, uncles, and even fathers of their husbands, according to local human rights organizations. Some women have told local human rights advocates that their husbands sent them to work in brothels, which seems to be more common with women who are found to be infertile.

Many of the women who are repatriated, with money from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), from the Christian nongovernmental organization World Vision, or from smaller NGOs or private donors, return home pregnant. Most stay silent, doubly stigmatized by the suspicion of neighbors that they’ve been raped or otherwise abused and by the “failure” of a marriage, still a sacred institution in Cambodia.

In 2013, the Cambodian government said it assisted in repatriating 21 women from China. In 2014, it repatriated 58, with costs covered either by the IOM, local or international NGOs, or the women’s own families, said Koy Kuong, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry. Three local NGOs, meanwhile, fielded complaints for more than 150 women whose families reported them victims of bride trafficking.

The Cambodian government’s latest tally represents a dramatic increase in repatriations. In August, the ministry released a statement saying it had repatriated only 18 women so far that year. Kuong’s just-released annual figures would mean the ministry repatriated 40 women between September and December — more than doubling its rate of assistance and return in the last third of 2014. But Kuong said the increase did not reflect any new or reinvigorated push, that he was aware of, by the ministry to work on the problem and that the issue is a year-round concern.

The Cambodian Foreign Ministry says it’s also taking steps to curb this new trafficking trend. It has pressured the Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh to restrict visas to young, single women, in particular by requiring them to deposit $10,000 in a Chinese bank prior to receiving a tourist visa, a change it announced last August. Visalo Long, the second-highest-ranking official in Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said the sum is meant to ensure a trafficked woman can be bought a ticket home. The United Nations and local rights groups say it’s unfair discrimination against women and question whether it will make much difference. (The Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh did not respond to repeated requests for comment.)

But Visalo admits corruption, which seems to aid this form of trafficking at every step, can creep in here: There aren’t necessarily controls in place to make sure the woman, herself, is depositing the cash, nor that the receipt is kept in the woman’s name. It may also be possible, with a few greenbacks, to use the same deposit slip for more than one application.

The Cambodian side of the trafficking process is susceptible to corruption too, Visalo said. From getting the passport to proving a woman is single and therefore eligible to marry, a lot can be done with a little bit of cash. “If they give money, it’s finished. The police stamp, ‘OK, ‘OK,'” he said.

Rights organizations say Cambodia’s embassy and consulates in China sometimes issue certificates of “marriagibility,” affirming the single status of the trafficked woman, prior to her marriage. Visalo denied that embassies or consulates do this. “Our consulates receive the instructions from me that they will not do [this paperwork for] anybody,” he said. The more difficult problem to tackle, he said, are traffickers arranging counterfeit documents in Cambodia and simply having them translated in China. (Khai’s documentation was issued under a fake name, after her traffickers bribed a local record-keeper to provide what amounts to a false birth certificate.)

Visalo also told BuzzFeed News that the Cambodian government, like local groups and even the United Nations, doesn’t have a clear picture of the scope of the problem. There simply aren’t any comprehensive statistics yet. But Visalo suspects there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women moving to China with the promise of marriages that will make their families wealthy — and that those that end in forced marriages or other forms of coercion are only a small percentage. “If there are no problems,” he said, “you never hear about the case.”

Political sensitivities may also be obscuring the problem. In China, bride-buying has been a long-term problem, and the country is sensitive about the topic, making it difficult to research or to discuss in official meetings.

IOM calls these cases “marriage migration,” eschewing the vocabulary of trafficking. Only one of the three local NGOs working on the issue classifies these cases as “sex trafficking,” and it does so because women so often end up forced into sexual exploitation, inside or outside their marriage. Others, including the Cambodian government, categorize it generally as trafficking.

Annette Lyth, regional project manager of the U.N.’s anti-trafficking program, told BuzzFeed News that the international protocol on trafficking says, essentially, it doesn’t matter. “It doesn’t matter what you consented to in the beginning. If you were tricked or lured into an exploitative situation … or given the wrong information … it’s still trafficking,” Lyth said.

Khai, meanwhile, wants to make sure other women don’t fall victim to the same bad information she received, even if that means neighbors and family friends judge her. When she came home, in one of the first groups of women to get repatriated, she told her family and her neighbors that she’d been forced to marry and had been abused. She has no patience for stigma, and she doesn’t know, or care, if her neighbors talk about her behind her back. “That kind of discrimination can be eliminated if we tell the truth,” she said. “I just want to help other women.”

These days, she doesn’t mind working alongside her aging father and some of her siblings, in the rice fields. Even under the sun in the hot season. “I just want to stay close to my family,” she said.

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‘That was fast'; After primary win, Lamar Alexander renews push for amnesty

The dust has barely settled since Sen. Lamar Alexander beat back a strong challenge from Joe Carr in Tennessee’s Republican primary. Yet here he is, once again, talking up the need for a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. In other words, amnesty.


“I don’t know how it will affect our politics in the near term,” Alexander told Politico of a comprehensive immigration bill. “I think it’s embarrassing for us not to deal with the problem, and I think we should do it in the next two years.”

And though Alexander claimed that he won the primary because he did not run away from his record, he aired a deceptive ad in the final week of the campaign that claimed he “voted to end amnesty.”

Those who support enforcement of America’s immigration laws are giving him (and his supporters in Tennessee) the business:!/dannykawzinski/status/499045301135896576

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49 Real Life Labor And Delivery Stories…If You Can Handle Them

Childbirth is no walk in the park. Unless you happen to be walking in the park when it happens.

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

The BuzzFeed Community asked readers to share their craziest memories from labor and delivery with us, and holy wow did they come through. If you’ve never given birth, proceed with caution. No, seriously.

1. “He delivered our baby on our bathroom floor.”

“As we were getting ready to leave for the hospital, I thought I was going to poop the turd of the century. I ran to the bathroom. My boyfriend was screaming, ‘What are you doing?! We have to go!’ And I yelled back, ‘I can’t stop it! I think I have to poop but this just doesn’t feel right!’

My eyes widened and I yelled ‘THIS BABY IS COMING NOW.’ My poor boyfriend delivered our baby boy on our bathroom floor at 4:50 a.m. So, to my precious, perfect babe, yes. I thought you were a giant, monstrous shit, not a 7 pound, 14 ounce squishy ball of cute.”

–Chantel Guidera, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

2. “Her water broke in the middle of a Burger King…”

“When my mom was pregnant with me her water broke in the middle of a Burger King, so she threw down her cup of soda to hide the evidence.”

–Catie LaGrasta, Facebook

3. “I taught him in med school.”

“I was in mid-labor when a shift change occurred and the OB on call asked if I minded some interns coming through. Not at all, until one of the interns looks up, mid-examination, and asks me whether I taught neuroanatomy at a local medical school. Yeppers. I had taught him in med school. All I could think to ask was whether he had passed my class as I sure as heck wasn’t in much of a position to remember him!”

–Jen Kulak, Facebook

4. “I’ll never understand how he moved that fast.”

“My husband was front and center of the action, and on my second push my water broke violently in a huge, forceful gush. Being a paramedic, my husband is really, really good at dodging bodily fluids. Immediately after my water broke, I heard him say, ‘What the hell was that?’ from the opposite end of the bed from where he had just been. Not a drop on him; I’ll never understand how he moved that fast.”

–Brittaney Gilmore, Facebook

5. “Whoa! Somebody pooped in the pool!”

“My baby had a BM [bowel movement] in utero, so the first thing I heard when the doctor opened me up for the C-section was, ‘Whoa! Somebody pooped in the pool!'”

–Rosanna Bigford, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

6. “It was a legendary story for the nurses there.”

“When my mom was in labor with my sister, her water broke and all of it splashed onto the wall, almost hitting the doctor.

A couple of years later my mom was in labor with my little brother and her water exploded in the waiting room all over the floor. She was horrified. The nurse tried to comfort her. ‘Don’t worry,’ she told her, ‘there was one woman whose fluids ended up all over the wall.’

‘Yeah,’ my mom said, ‘that was me.’ Apparently she was a legendary story for the nurses there.”

–Rachel Elizabeth Mabey, Facebook

7. “I was peeing all over myself.”

“I had gotten my epidural, and during one of the hourly checks, my nurse was discharging my bladder. I really have no idea how she did it, but it involved some sort of tube into my bladder and into one of those pink tubs. Well, she did the tube thing, was looking at my stats, and I felt something move between my legs. Basically the pee tube had popped out of the tub, and I was just peeing all over myself. Honestly, I wasn’t really that embarrassed. I mean, the woman had already had her hand up my vag how many times at this point?”

–Tiffany Adams, Facebook

8. “I had two choices: Wipe my face, or be a good sister.”

“My sister was in delivery and I was holding one leg as she was pushing. She had an epidural so she couldn’t feel a thing. As my niece’s head popped out, I got splattered in the face with juices. Decision time. Drop her leg and wipe my face or be a good sister and keep holding up that leg as the rest of the baby came out. I was a good sister. Have never washed my face so well in my life!”

–Meghan McGovern, Facebook

9. “You are scaring the moms in the other rooms.”

“I screamed bloody murder during my contractions. The nurse walked in and told me in the nicest voice, ‘You are scaring all the moms in the other rooms who aren’t as far along as you are.’ I didn’t care. I screamed until I got my shot.”

–Lorin Armstrong, Facebook

10. “Fuck! He knows I’ve got kids!”

“I was pretty loopy on gas while they were putting the epidural in for my emergency C-section. All I remember thinking was how gorgeous my anesthetist was, and that ‘fuck, he knows I’ve got kids!'”

–Sarah Kerby, Facebook

11. “Everything tasted blue.”

“I got really drunk on gas and air with my second daughter and said that I could smell melted vanilla ice cream and that everything tasted blue.”

–Maggie Moo Spiller, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

12. “Shut the hell up and stop being so supportive!”

“After about 30 hours in I yelled at my mother to ‘shut the hell up and stop being so supportive!'”

– Whitney Roy, Facebook

13. “My vagina feels drunk.”

“After trying to ‘breathe through the contractions’ for a few hours, I asked for an epidural. They gave it to me and it felt so good once it kicked in, I started to feel loopy because I was pain-free after so much pain. The anesthesiologist came in to check on me and asked me how I was doing. I looked at him and said ‘My vagina feels drunk’… He tried to keep a straight face and act professional but had to turn around because he was laughing so hard.”

–Erin Ann Johnson, Facebook

14. “My wife is high as a kite.”

“I kept asking my husband to call Colton so I could tell her I loved her and missed her. The nurse was so sweet — she asked me if I knew Colton’s phone number and I started to cry. She said she would lend me her phone so I could call her. As she pulls out her phone my husband comes in and asked what we were doing. She tells him we’re gonna call Colton ‘cause I obviously need her. He goes, ‘Colton is our dog. My wife is high as a kite.’ To which I started to cry again and asked him to bring her.”

–Nancy Jaimes-Soto, Facebook

15. “I sold a garage door during my C-section.”

“I was so doped up during my C-section that I spent the whole time slurring a sales speech to the anesthesiologist for a garage door and opener. LOL… He bought one a few weeks later though!”

–Angelica Halls, Facebook

16. “It’s a disaster down there.”

“Right after my daughter was born and they were sewing up my degree tear, my husband says: ‘Whatever you do, don’t look in the mirror. It’s a disaster down there.'”

–Karen Halker Miller, Facebook

17. “You can kiss her first if it makes you more comfortable.”

“We had a very sweet female nurse in training come in with another nurse. The experienced nurse checked for dilation and took note on it and told the student to take a try. It was very apparent she had never had her fingers in another female before and she looked terrified. My husband, who is NEVER serious and always tries to make others uncomfortable, says ‘You can kiss her first if it make you more comfortable’… *mortified*. She did NOT think it was funny…”

–Lauren Ashley Walton-McGee, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

18. “We maintained the most uncomfortable eye contact.”

“There I am, post-epidural, and the nurse comes to see if my water has broken. ‘I think so’ I say, not really knowing what I was supposed to be looking for. So she slides her gloved hand up in my business, and with the slightest of pokes proceeds to break my water. Unfortunately, the shock was such that I immediately contracted and trapped her hand in my vag. We maintained the most uncomfortable eye contact as her glove filled with fluid.”

–Madeleine Kaizer, Facebook


“So my doctor is an older guy and when he came in to break my water he says very professionally, ‘This won’t hurt at all, but you will feel a lot of pressure.’ So I sit back and prop up. He pulls out a massive torture device that looks like something from American Horror Story. He places it in me and I immediately arch my back and try to kick him away while screaming, ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME.’ He looked down ashamed and quietly laughed, ‘That’s the first time a woman has told me that.’ My husband beamed at my doctor with the potential friendship he saw blossoming.”

–Celeste Pitre, Facebook

20. “Wow, you need to wax.”

“When they put my legs up to start pushing my husband looked at my vag and said, ‘Wow. You need to wax.’ I’m not sure I have forgiven him yet.”

–Heather Drew, Facebook

21. “Are you flossing my vagina?”

“When my beautiful 10 pound 3 ounce baby girl was born my world changed, I was instantly in love. I was looking at her when my doctor started stitching me up. Now, I’ve never had stitches before so the sensation was new (and in my effing vagina, no less) so without thinking I just looked at my doctor and asked, ‘are you flossing my vagina?'”

– jacquelines4a31a66f9,

22. “I can’t do this!”

“I think my most glorious moment was when I grabbed my husband during transition and told him 100% seriously, ‘OK, this next contraction YOU have to push because I can’t do this.'”

–Amy Mansell, Facebook

23. “At least you didn’t head-butt me like the girl yesterday.”

“Once I hit a six I wanted my epidural, but the anesthesiologist took two hours to go from downstairs to the second floor. During that time I got ANGRY and yelled at my nurse. Once the epidural finally arrived and I’d calmed down, I told her I was so sorry that I yelled and I didn’t mean it. She said, ‘We are used to it. Don’t sweat it. At least you didn’t head-butt me like the girl yesterday.'”

–Callie Anne Crabtree, Facebook

24. “I suddenly started laughing and couldn’t stop.”

“With my third kiddo, I was well into active labor and overly exhausted (as lots of moms get to be at that point), when I suddenly started laughing…and I couldn’t stop. For 20–30 minutes. No joke. The nurses were both freaked out and laughing, too, as was my hubby. Needless to say, I was well known on that maternity ward for being the first mom to laugh uncontrollably during labor. *Note: If you end up in a similar situation, laughing through powerful, unmedicated contractions hurts like hell, but it makes the experience much more memorable. :)”

–Erin Wolf, Facebook

25. The Ultimate Potter Fan

“I was watching a Harry Potter marathon when the nurse checked to see how far dilated I was. I was 9 ¾. I was so ecstatic!!”

–Sarah Pike, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

26. “I was told I bit my father-in-law’s shoulder.”

“I was three days overdue, felt some consistent contractions, went to the hospital, and was hooked up to the monitors. After being there for three hours (we left at midnight), I wasn’t dilating anymore so they sent me home and told me to rest, that it would be in a day or two. I didn’t get any sleep that night, I tossed and turned and was in constant pain. I felt lots of pressure, went to the bathroom, held a mirror down there and could see my daughter’s head. I told my mother-in-law, she woke up her husband, we were all just in a panic and screaming at each other, the paramedics were called but she was born in front of the bathroom before they got there. I don’t remember a lot but I was told I bit my father-in-law’s shoulder.”

–Shea Posey, Facebook

27. “So I’m just hanging out on my hospital bed, legs wide open…”

“I had been pushing for about 15 minutes and my daughter was crowning, but apparently I was a little too numb because I was having a hard time pushing her past that point, so my doctor told me we were going to take a break and she’d be back in about five or 10 minutes. So I’m just hanging out in my hospital bed, legs wide open with my daughter’s head poking out, when, after 30 MINUTES, my doctor finally came back.”

–Carmen Breckenridge, Facebook

28. “Well, it happened.”

“I had my mom, my boyfriend, and two support people in the room, as well as my nurse, who was telling me to push (really to practice for when she was coming in the next few minutes). I was refusing since I had everyone in the room because I felt I was going to poop. I was screaming, ‘I can’t push, I can feel it. I’m gonna poop. I don’t want anyone to see that,’ and the nurse was assuring me I wasn’t, and everyone was trying to convince me to push because it’s OK. Well, it happened. Nobody said anything. But the nurse came and wiped me and all I said was ‘See, I told you so…'”

–Bethany Danielle Cooke, Facebook

Morgan Shanahan // BuzzFeed

29. “Nope, that was you.”

“I heard someone rip a big one… I looked over at my sister and asked, ‘Was that you?!’ She just laughed and said…’Nope, that was you.’ Everyone was cracking up, especially me since I was so doped up.”

–Mariah Irvin, Facebook

30. “The bed did a sort of ‘Tokyo drift’ into the delivery room…”

“Partway through my labor, I felt a sudden, much worse pain than I had ever felt before. I hit the nurse-call button shrieking for help. A second nurse came in as the first one lifted the sheet to check…and they both exclaimed: ‘STOP PUSHING!!’

They started wheeling me out of the room. They kept shouting: ‘STOP PUSHING!’ and I kept shouting back: ‘I’M NOT PUSHING!’

We slammed through the double doors of the delivery room and the bed sorta did a ‘Tokyo drift’ to a stop in the middle of the room. The momentum caused me to drop from my side onto my back and as soon as my back landed on the bed, the baby popped out (and the pain went away). The nurse standing at the foot of my bed was pulling on gloves, and she snapped the last glove on and exclaimed: ‘Tell the doctor he can take his time now.'”

–Patty Smith, Facebook

31. “He just kept pointing at the baby and shouting how cool it was.”

“Giving birth to my second baby, as he was coming out he stuck one arm out and grabbed the head doctor’s scrubs and pulled. The young intern was so excited he just kept pointing at the baby and shouting how cool it was. Even my seasoned doctor seemed amazed. All I could think of is the baby must want out as bad as I want him to be.”

–Cherish Fritts Newman, Facebook

32. “GET IT OUT!”

“When the doctor finally arrived in the delivery room mid-pushing, he checks me and tells me to reach between my legs and grab her head. By that point, though, I was so ready for it to be over, I just screamed at him. ‘Get it out!'”

–Cassi Osborn, Facebook

33. “It looked just like Heath Ledger’s fucked-up smile as the Joker.”

“I made the mistake of looking at my vagina in a mirror out of curiosity after being stitched up — it looked just like Heath Ledger’s fucked-up smile as the Joker.”

–Erin Day, Facebook

34. “Never touch the placenta.”

“After my son was finally out, in my epidural-high state, I asked to touch the placenta…and they let me. Ladies. Never touch the placenta.”

–Kirsten Strider, Facebook

35. “He’s still attached!”

“The nurse was so worried about getting my newborn son cleaned up and checking him that she tried taking him before they cut the cord. It hurt. I yelled, ‘He’s still attached!’ and she set him down real quick. I almost punched that lady.”

–Rashelle Koier, Facebook

36. “I have never seen no shit like that in my life.”

My grandmother was present at the delivery. After the final push as my daughter was born, I looked over to my grandmother to see if she was crying… She wasn’t.

She was standing in the corner, horrified at what she just witnessed. After the chaos died down I asked my her why she was so horrified, having given birth herself. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, ‘I have never seen no shit like that in my life. Don’t call me till after the baby’s born on the next one, OK Mija?’

–Janay Danica Alexandra Guevara, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

37. “Sorry doc, you missed the whole show.”

“While sleeping in the hospital, I woke up with a start, screaming at my husband that baby was coming. By the time the nurse finally got in to the room and checked me, my daughter was already crowning. The nurse grabs the nearest on call doctor who barely made into the room, literally at the last second to grab the baby.

Five minutes later my OBGYN walks in, and goes “ok, are we ready to have a baby?” Sorry doc, you missed the whole show.”

– Vanessa Schira, Facebook

38. “My husband and I made an agreement that he would not look down there…”

“Before my son was born, my husband and I made an agreement that he would not look down there… Well, after he was out and they were going about the after-business, I came to enough to see him making a weird face. I asked him if he looked, he nodded yes and said he saw the placenta. He then whispered that it looked like a meat toupee.”

–Sandra Walker, Facebook

39. “If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

My husband and I was just waiting for me to go No. 2 so we could be discharged when I had already been in there two days. I wanted to do the suppository because the nurse said it was faster. I felt the poor nurses had seen enough of everything so I offered to do it myself. The nurse left and here I am in the bathroom trying and failing miserably. Instead of calling the nurse back in, I had my husband do it. He was mortified but a champ (while wearing gloves lol). After everything was said and done he looked at me and said, ‘If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.'”

–Kara Kieffer, Facebook

40. My teeth!

“While in labor with my sister, my mom remembers her mom arriving and screaming with excitement. Her teeth flew out under the hospital bed, and she couldn’t get them until after the birth!”

–Angel Morrison, Facebook

41. “Oh my god, I birthed an alien!”

“I felt what I thought was a No. 2 slip out just as I got into the birthing pool. I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god, I pooped in the pool!!’ Just then, a big bubble floated to the surface and I said, ‘Oh my god, I birthed an alien!’ The midwife grabbed the ‘bubble’ and tore it open. My son was born inside of his amniotic sack.”

–Laura Downie, Facebook

42. “Hell no, I want to check my hair.”

“In the delivery room they had a giant mirror on wheels so if you wanted, you could watch the delivery. I asked my nurse to wheel it over to me and she said, ‘Aw, you want to watch the delivery??’

“‘Hell no, I want to check my hair.'”

–Sarah Fouquet, Facebook

43. “He SHOWED my poop to my husband…”

“I pooped and the doctor lifted up a blue tarp with my poo on it and showed it to my husband saying, ‘This is why I put that there.’ Yep. He SHOWED my poop to my husband while I was trying to bring our child into the world.”

–Kristin Tutt, Facebook

44. “It looked like a crime scene in there.”

“While I was in the final stages of labor (i.e., pushing) a nurse stepped on my IV cord and dislodged it. We had no idea, so with every push more and more blood sprayed out of the unattached cord. Nobody noticed blood spraying everywhere. When the doctor came in for the last few pushes she remarked that it looked like a crime scene in there. There was a pool of blood on the floor and the nurse was splattered with it.”

–Tracey Citron, Facebook

45. “He was crowning!”

“Craziest moment from labor? When I was told to stop pushing. My son was crowning and they said to stop because the doctor wasn’t there yet. The nurse didn’t want to deliver him on her own. Stop pushing??? HE WAS CROWNING!”

–Alycia M. Smith, Facebook

Morgan Shanahan // BuzzFeed

46. “He was tasked with scooping my poop nuggets out of the birthing pool with a fishing net.”

“I had a planned home-water birth, and when I was pushing I guess little bits of poop were coming out. What I didn’t learn until later was that every time one would float to the surface my incredibly dedicated husband was tasked with fishing my poop nuggets out of the water with one of those green aquarium nets.”

–Jana Silver, Facebook

47. GOAL!

“When my mom delivered my older sister, she was in Nigeria during the World Cup and the doctor made her wait till the match was over.”

–John Alex Nieboer, Facebook

48. Word to the wise…


–Marla Czechowski, Facebook

49. “He put the placenta under his foot and stretched it up to his head.”

“After the exciting part was said and done, the doctor motioned for my boyfriend to join him and the foot of my bed. He said, ‘Watch this!’ and put the placenta under his foot and stretched it all the way up to his head. Boys….”

–Liz Boeche, Facebook

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