Exclusive! Has Ted Cruz found damning footage of IRS, FEC misconduct? [pic]

Despite the Dems’ insistence that there’s no shirty business going on in government agencies, we know better. And Sen. Ted Cruz may have found all the evidence we need to prove we’re right:

Messing with equipment? Blaming outdated technology? That pic is pretty dead-on.


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North Korea Bans Foreigners From Pyongyang Marathon Over Ebola Fears

The country shut its doors to foreign tourists over fears of the virus in October, even though there are no cases near the isolated nation.

Authorities in North Korea have barred foreigners from competing in the annual Pyongyang marathon — one of the reclusive nation’s most popular tourist events — because of ongoing fears about the spread of the Ebola virus, according to travel agencies.

Marathon runners pass by a North Korean soldier in in April 2013. David Guttenfelder / AP

Despite no cases of Ebola emerging near the country, foreigners were restricted from entering North Korean territory in October 2014 due to fears they may be carrying the virus, the Associated Press reported. The North Korean government has suggested that the outbreak of the virus was caused by the U.S. military and is being used as a biological agent.

However, companies running tours of the country have said that the ban means that no foreigners will be allowed to compete when the Pyongyang marathon — known as the Mangyongdae Prize — takes place in April this year.

The marathon is a bronze-label event sanctioned by International Association of Athletics Federations. Nick Bonner, who runs trips to the country through his Beijing-based business Koryo Tours, told AP that 400 foreigners had signed up for the marathon through his agency alone.

Another travel operator — Troy Collings of Young Pioneer Tours — said foreigners had been barred from the race, according to the NK News website. “No foreigners — professional or amateur — will be able to attend,” he said. “It’s likely there may still be a marathon held in Pyongyang but no international runners will be allowed to compete.”

Collings said he wasn’t told anything more, other than that the move was due to the country’s Ebola measures.

Spectators watch the marathon start in 2014. David Guttenfelder / AP

Young runners rest after racing in the 2013 event. David Guttenfelder / AP

Koryo Tours’ Bonner said he was informed by officials of the decision on Monday.

He told AP he was hopeful that restrictions would be lifted by the end of next month, but even if they are, it will be too late for organizers to ready themselves to deal with the arrival of foreign runners, who had been allotted 500 slots in the race.

North Korea had already canceled other 2015 events likely to attract visitors from abroad for similar reasons, including two taekwando competitions and the famous Arirang Mass Games, NK News reported.

The marathon has been held annually in Pyongyang for 27 years, and is part of a series of sporting events and art competitions held in honor of the birth of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung.

Last year was the first time the event, which also features a 10 kilometer (6 mile) race and a half marathon, was opened up to foreign recreational runners. International elite runners are usually brought in for the main race, but don’t look likely to be allowed in this year, Bonner told AP.

The lead pack are cheered on in 2014. David Guttenfelder / AP

Runners rest inside the Kim Il Sung Stadium during the 2013 race. David Guttenfelder / AP

The Ebola restrictions have been a disaster for the handful of companies running trips to North Korea for foreigners, AP reported.

Since the October restrictions, all nonessential travel visas have been stopped and all foreigners are officially subject to be quarantined under medical observation for 21 days, including diplomats, aid workers, and even senior North Korean officials.

Despite widespread international condemnation for their human rights record, the North Korean government has been keen to increase tourism to its reclusive country in recent years, and set up special tourist zones and scenic recreational areas. Koryo Tours told AP that tens of thousands of Chinese tourists visit North Korea each year, but visitors from further afield are much less common.

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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Alabama Supreme Court Orders Temporary Stop To New Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” the Alabama Supreme Court states, reaching its own conclusion about the constitutionality of the state’s marriage ban.

Angela Channell, right, and Dawn Hicks, left, display their marriage license on Feb. 13, 2015. Robert Sutton / AP

WASHINGTON — The Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges throughout the state to stop issuing marriage licenses temporarily to same-sex couples.

A growing number of probate judges had begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples ever since the U.S Supreme Court let a federal district court’s rulings that the state’s bans on such marriages are unconstitutional go into effect.

The Tuesday night order — to which only one justice of the state’s high court dissented — is the result of an emergency request brought to the court by two conservative nonprofit organizations, the Alabama Policy Institute and the Alabama Citizens Action Program.

In addition to ordering all probate judges to halt the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples temporarily, the Alabama Supreme Court directs any probate judges who wish to do so to file a response in the next five business days as to why they should not be bound by the Alabama Supreme Court’s order.

Because there is no ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on whether bans on same-sex couples’ marriages are constitutional, the Alabama Supreme Court stated that it is free to reach its own conclusion about the constitutionality of Alabama’s bans.

The Alabama Supreme Court then decided that the marriage ban in Alabama is constitutional.

Then, because the federal district court injunctions only apply to a couple officials, the Alabama Supreme Court ordered all probate judges who are not specifically covered by those injunctions to stop issuing licenses.

So, how did the Alabama Supreme Court get there?

In the opinion, the court states that the request from the conservative groups claims that “Alabama probate judges are flouting a duty imposed upon them by the [laws and amendment banning same-sex couples’ marriages] and that we should direct the respondent probate judges to perform that duty.”

The court then goes through the process by which same-sex couples began marrying in many counties in Alabama, concluding that “uncertainty has become the order of the day” and that “©onfusion reigns.”

As such, the court held, “There is a need for immediate, uniform relief among all the probate judges of this State” — particularly given the “‘magnitude and importance’ of the issue.”

The court then goes on to decide whether the groups can, in effect, stand in for the state in the action — called “public standing” — and concludes that they can.

“The final procedural issue we consider is whether the federal court’s order prevents this Court from acting with respect to probate judges of this State who … are not bound by the order of the federal district court in [the marriage case],” the court states. “The answer is no.”

The Alabama Supreme Court goes on: “[S]tate courts may interpret the United States Constitution independently from, and even contrary to, federal courts.”

Then, it did exactly that. “After careful consideration of the reasoning employed by the federal district court in [the marriage recognition case],” the court ruled, “we find that the provisions of Alabama law contemplating the issuance of marriage licenses only to opposite-sex couples do not violate the United States Constitution and that the Constitution does not alter or override the ministerial duties of the respondents under Alabama law.”

As such, the court concluded: “Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman. Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty.”

Elmore County Probate Judge John Enslen, originally named as a respondent to the matter, was “realigned” to join the proceeding with the conservative groups because he, essentially, agreed with the groups.

Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis, because he was subject to the federal court’s order, asked to be dismissed from this action. The Alabama Supreme Court asked Davis whether he is bound by the federal court order to grant licenses to all same-sex couples or just the named plaintiffs in the federal case. It was not immediately clear whether he is bound by the Alabama Supreme Court’s temporary halt on same-sex couples’ marriages.

Here is the Alabama Supreme Court’s order:

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19 Small Moments All Parents Look Forward To

“She didn’t finish her mac ‘n’ cheese!”

1. Sticking the straw into a juice box.

“I can do it myself, Mom!”
“No, sweetie, you’re, uh, not old enough yet.”

2. When you clean your kid’s room and for a second it actually looks good.

3. Waking up and realizing your kids are still asleep.


Up to nine minutes of peace are yours! Quick! Brew the coffee!

4. Completing the arduous task of bringing in all of your family’s things from the car after a long road trip.

Aris Messinis / Getty Images

5. When you think you forgot to bring diapers and then find one at the bottom of your bag.


Disaster averted.

6. Washing marker stains off your kid’s hands.

Flickr: projector / Via Creative Commons

Marker stains are really on there, man. Actually getting them off feels like a bonafide accomplishment.

7. Having to buy a few boxes of cookies to help out your girl scout.

Flickr: cosmic_bandita / Via Creative Commons

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

8. Pre-boarding a plane.

Buena Vista

9. Figuring out who a voice actor is in an animated movie or TV show.

Disney / Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Nespresso

“I swear I know that voice!”
“Why don’t you just Google it?”
“Because that would be cheating. Gah, it’s on the tip of my tongue.”
“Why do you even have the Internet if you won’t -”
“Tim Gunn! It’s Tim Gunn of Project Runway!”

10. Putting your kid down after carrying them a long time.

Marvel / Paramount

11. Getting a booger out of your kid’s nose.

Stacey Newman / Getty Images

It may be nasty, but it’s also strangely satisfying.

12. Buckling your kid into a high chair.

Flickr: tompagenet / Via Creative Commons

You’re not going anywhere now, kid.

13. Finding something your kid lost.

Paramount Pictures

“My glasses! Where did you find them?”
“In a trash bag hidden in a backpack under Timmy’s bed!”

14. When your kid blasts that one kid-friendly song you dig.

Warner Bros.

“Mom! Stop singing along!”

15. Polishing off your kid’s unfinished grilled cheese.


16. Matching all of the tiny socks when you’re folding the laundry.

It’s challenging AND adorable.

17. Doing voices when you read bedtime stories.

This is your chance to be a thespian with a capital “T.” Go on and chew the scenery!

18. Going to the bathroom without anyone getting all up in your business.

19. When your kid falls asleep for the night.

Flickr: nolasknab / Via Creative Commons

Time to break out the wine/chamomile tea/Nutella and watch some TV shows without talking animals!

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Here Are 14 Eye-Popping Facts About Americans You Won’t Believe. The Last One Surprised Me.

They say Americans can’t agree on anything. Well maybe “they” are just mad they’re in the minority. Because according to these studies, Americans have pretty solid views and opinions on many “controversial” things you won’t believe. Don’t believe us? Check them out:

61 percent of Americans believe there were more people involved in the JFK assassination.

61 percent of American adults have an immediate family member who served in the military.

53 percent of Americans believe the war in Iraq was a mistake.

93 percent of Americans lack confidence in Congress.

50.5 percent of U.S. adults are married, down from 72 percent in 1960.

92 percent of American adults may believe in God or a universal spirit.

85 percent of Americans over 25 are high school graduates. This percentage has surged over the past century.

80 percent of Americans speak only English at home.

69 percent of Americans are in favor of euthanasia.

79 percent live in an urban area. Population density is higher in the east.

64 percent of Americans are white, though “minority” populations have become majorities in some areas.

64 percent of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life.

58 percent of Americans support legalizing weed.

79 percent of US adults believe abortion should be legal under some circumstances.

(H/T: Business Insider) If these shocked you then share with your friends below. They won’t believe them either.

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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Hair, Makeup, Yoda: An Oscars-Night Tribute From The Wife Of Disney’s CEO

Make franchise blockbusters or do not make franchise blockbusters, there is no try. And Willow Bay, wife of Bob Iger, gave a fitting tribute last night to what really makes Hollywood tick.

1. Disney might be the world’s biggest entertainment company, but its only Oscar wins this year were for Big Hero 6 and Feast, two animated film awards.

Walt Disney Studios


2. But that didn’t stop Disney CEO Bob Iger and his wife, Willow Bay, from showing up to the industry’s biggest night.

Mark Ralston / Getty Images

3. Hang on a second. Let’s back things up.

Mark Ralston / Getty Images

4. Yes, an elderly Jedi master that is. Willow Bay, former model and TV reporter and current director of the USC Annenberg School of Journalism, rocked Yoda at the Oscars.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

5. While the entire Star Wars series has gotten plenty of Oscar love — 22 nominations, seven wins, and three special technical awards — big-budget franchise films tend to win more in box offices than in Best Picture or Best Directing Oscars.


6. Those kind of “tentpole” smash hits, which have become Disney’s bread and butter, were even mocked in the opening act of the Oscars ceremony, with Jack Black scorning studios “pitching tents for tentpoles and chasing Chinese bucks.”

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Jack Black, on stage at the Oscars on Sunday night.

8. But the entire Star Wars franchise — the old movies, the rights to make new ones, the TV shows, video games — is worth far more than a few statues. Disney bought Lucasfilm, the home of Star Wars, in 2012 for $4 billion.

The Walt Disney Company / Via thewaltdisneycompany.com

9. Just for comparison, Lucasfilm’s $4.05 billion pricetag is just a bit less than the $4.5 billion market capitalization of the independent studio Lionsgate.

10. And now Disney is making a whole new Star Wars trilogy along with several stand-alone films. Episode VII is scheduled to be released later this year.


11. So despite the Academy success of Birdman, which was based on an original screenplay and is not part of widely beloved franchise or comic book series, it’s the franchises and sequels that dominate the business of Hollywood.

Box Office Mojo / Via boxofficemojo.com

12. And nobody knows the importance of franchises better than Bob Iger and Willow Bay. As far as Iger’s shareholders are concerned, the Force is strong with this one. Do or do not…

Mark Ralston / Getty Images

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Reporter asks Obama about fiscal cliff; Answer: ‘We’re doing Christmas shopping’

President Obama marked Small Business Saturday by visiting One More Page Books, an independent bookseller in Arlington, Va.

President Obama and his 2 daughters just left our store!!

— eileen mcgervey (@justonemorepage) November 24, 2012

POTUS shopping in Arlington, Va., at a bookstore today for Small Business Saturday with Sasha and Malia. twitter.com/jfritze/status…

— John Fritze (@jfritze) November 24, 2012

Per the pool report, the president was asked a question about the looming fiscal cliff. His answer? More Eastwooding:

“@zekejmiller: “We’re doing Christmas shopping,” POTUS said to a question from the pool about the fiscal cliff.” Spend, spend, spend!

— Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) November 24, 2012

Can’t you reporters just let him eat his waffles, er, pretend to care about small business? Or is buying 15 books his answer to the fiscal cliff?

Pres Obama goes Christmas shopping at One More Page Books in Arlington, Va., buys 15 children’s books.

— Peter Baker (@peterbakernyt) November 24, 2012

Now if only he’d really show his support for small businesses by not forcing them to comply with crippling Obamacare mandates.

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Conservatives use #deargovernment to push back against the Nanny State

With leaders like President Obama and New York City Mayor Bloomberg dishing out life lessons and parental guidance from the comfort of their taxpayer-funded offices, it’s no surprise that people are beginning to feel as though they’re constantly being peppered with governmental instructions and regulations telling them what they can and can’t do, say, eat, or build, and where they can and can’t do each of those things.

Now, the people are pushing back and letting the government (who, wouldn’t you know it, is supposed to work for the people) know just what they think about it. Unsurprisingly, the tips being offered by the people are far better and more practical than the decrees being pronounced upon them by their elected officials.

Taxes, the size of government (which the president has complained is too small), and skyrocketing debt were popular topics:



#deargovernment get back in the cage the Constitution created specifically for you!

— Ed Baker (@EdBaker3000) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment You need to shrink tremendously

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) June 13, 2012

#DearGovernment When you take my money from me against my will and give it to a union, you are stealing from me. Stop it.

— Jimmie (@jimmiebjr) June 13, 2012

#DearGovernment, we live within our means. It's called a budget. You should too.

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) June 13, 2012

The excessive advice and regulations of the creeping nanny state, the growing intrusiveness of government agencies like the TSA, and the Obama administration’s insistence on picking corporate winners and losers were also popular targets, with the common theme being, “stop wasting my money and leave me alone!”

#DearGovernment, you should let me travel using airports without your sexual assaults.

— Razor (@hale_razor) June 13, 2012


#DearGovernment If I need your help, I'll call a Conservative. But thank you anyway.

— Robert Ruff (@ARuffLife) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment if I want to build a fence, erect a tool shed, or paint my house pink, it's NONE of YOUR business.

— Warner Todd Huston (@warnerthuston) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment quit treating the economy like its some kind of college course/lab

— Sarahtonin (@Sarahtonin0) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment I know what is best for my family. Butt out.

— Kristina Ribali (@KristinaRibali) June 13, 2012


#deargovernment Monopolies don't work. Two examples: Post office and Public schools. #failures

— Kristina Ribali (@KristinaRibali) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment stop infringing on my right to eat whatever I damn well want to eat.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) June 13, 2012

#deargovernment – we don't need a nanny.

— MadAxeMan (@madaxxman) June 13, 2012

Finally, the most resounding tip of all: a reminder that the people who make up government are replaceable, and that the people plan to do some serious replacing this November:

#deargovernment We'll be making some drastic changes come Nov. Hope you take well to the adjustment

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) June 13, 2012

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