5 Stupidly Simple Steps To Make Money With Adsense!

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5 Stupidly Simple Steps To Make Money With Adsense!

How to Make Money with Google Adsense – Step By Step Guide


  1. Lazy Ass Stoner says:

    5 STUPIDLY simple steps to making money with adsense…?

  2. mQtek says:

    Brush. Your. Teeth.?

  3. Ultra PM says:

    Funny how people are trying to suggest websites to make money, but they are

  4. Amy Smith says:

    Your website doesn’t work anymore. By the way you need a shower!?

  5. OxygenBeats says:

    I CALL DIBS ON “NETBALL DRILLS”!!!!… lol jk?

  6. Luis Rosales says:

    More informative than most videos about adsense. LOL how ironic isnt it.
    stoners ftw!?

  7. mydragon62 says:

    Adsense is the simply and easy to make money with it so the amount you are
    going to get is %70 avg $50 to 2000 month but if ur rank and high keywords
    , 1 Millon View a Day you make a income of $1500 to $20000 I been making a
    lifetime income in high school but many ways but this was my starting idea?

  8. Keira Smith says:

    You really need a shower man.?

  9. radenko d says:

    Can you tel me, where to put these keywords(with low level of search, like
    most luxury suvs) that are not my major key word like for example 2016
    Bentley SUV? To put them in my text or meta description? Why I ask these,
    because my first keyword(2016 Bentley SUV) is in metad. Greeting.?

  10. Readers Deluxe says:

    Awesome vid man! Your other vids also helped a lot but how did you get
    approved on adsense with just 6 pages. I have a website that has 29 posts
    and I don’t have adsense yet. They say that Google requires 30-50 posts for
    them to approve it. Can you teach us how to get approved with just a few
    posts? Thanks man and I’m looking forward for your reply and your vid… :)?

  11. Stella Müller says:

    What about different niches like a side just for real-life-hacks?
    Would you recommend that? ?

  12. Peasant WolfGang says:

    I signed up, but the googleads setup page is way different then from this

  13. PAoutdoorhunters says:

    Comb your hair and brush ur teeth ?

  14. Stella Müller says:

    At first I was like : “What the hel?! over 20 minutes?”
    But everything you said was relevant.
    Great video! ?

  15. saadhak shriman says:

    Affiliate Marketing is fine but you no longer can earn through Adsense
    because of Adblock softwares that block all ads on any website, videos and
    all over the internet. So, it is no longer feasible to just create sites
    and videos and earn from ads, unless you’re promoting some product on your

  16. How To Sand A Floor says:

    Why don’t you contact a netball coach and pay him/her a grand to write a 20
    page book. Easy as fk. good video thanks?

  17. kylekiller150 says:

    I have a feeling this will nich my money?

  18. MrJamesBond007 says:

    Hi LAS, Dave from Adelaide here :)
    Great video. I have about 12 websites most with Adsense ads…some for a
    few years but getting traffic (15k+ uniques over month overall) but only
    cents or a couple of dollars a day. Obvisouly I need to do more backlinking
    even though the sites have been around for a few years. Do you create a new
    social media account (eg Tumblr, Reddit) for each new niche, or do you link
    several related sites from one social account? (eg netball site, running
    site, exercise site all linked from a fitness/sport social account)?

  19. Brittany Perez says:

    Does the waywaycheap code still work??

  20. The Video Game Nut says:

    I have a question about adsense and CPC. Let’s say I get 5 clicks at £0.06
    and then 10 clicks at £0.03, Adsense will tell me that my total/average for
    the day is £0.03, but does it still pay those first 5 clicks at that £0.06
    rate or does it total up the 15 clicks at the £0.03 rate??

  21. Stephanie Dittrich says:

    I’m probably making a stupid mistake but google isn’t letting me use the
    keyword planner unless I pay for an ad campaign. A few months ago, it
    allowed me to use the planner for free. Has something changed on googles
    end or am I doing something wrong??

  22. JG1FIFA says:

    great vid mate, subbed, anyone wanna sub back to my fifa channel, I will
    greatly appreciate it!?

  23. Drew Grow says:

    Like your channel name. You do and run your strategies similar to me .
    Only difference is you have double my subscribers lol?

  24. Las Monjas Raperas says:

    Nice vid. BUT… Take the shower.?

  25. alkis papageo says:

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  26. christina Cover says:

    >> how to make money with google >>?

  27. Barbara Veasley says:

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  28. marc mayen says:

    >> How to Make Money with Google>>?

  29. Raffah Abuelaish says:

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  31. Shubham Kejriwal says:

    +Ryan Ruttan hey,, I wondered that my blog didn’t had any ads,, are they
    supposed to appear after sometime? ?

  32. Chad Staples says:

    hey ry, couple questions regarding adsense and blogger.com
    i have an adsense account associated with my youtube channel but as i
    signed up for blogger it says i don’t qualify for an adsense account, is it
    just a 24 hour wait once you sign up or is there another method i should be
    going about? i was thinking making a new adsense account strictly for
    blogger, is that something that would make it more convenient? any help
    would be appreciated! :)?

  33. riaaaa says:

    Why they ask for resubmitting profile details?

    Account Not Active An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as
    your application is currently in review. Within a week of your application
    date, we’ll review your application and follow-up with you via email. Once
    you are approved to join AdSense, you’ll be able to log in to your account
    and get started.

    Please help..?

  34. G Stillwell says:

    There are steps left out.

    Such as, and Maybe I missed it, but it makes no sense to have blog articles
    on blogger.com and then have the same articles also on your own website.
    Why would one what to have their articles on two places??

  35. Kamlesh Pandey says:

    google will pay some money but how we will get it..i mean how it will come
    to our account??

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  45. Joleen Mariotti says:

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  46. winG Digan says:

    Thanks for the awesome video Mr. Ryan Ruttan. Do we have any updates for
    this? I mean, how do we link our bank account or paypal to get paid for it?
    My apologies, I just think of starting this adsense to my account. Thank

  47. abul bashar says:

    its compulsory to be 18 years to open website or its for every ages ?????

  48. Itsbrittany lajoyce says:

    Can you please do an updated video about this? Is this way still the same??

  49. ahmed rizwan says:

    hello sir, i dont own a website but i want to earn money by posting blogs,
    i ve got a blogger account too but it is not getting monetized.
    could you please assist me regarding this???

  50. Niks Channel says:

    My Adsense acc is deactivated, what should i do to again activate ??