5 Ways to Make Money FAST as a Teen!

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5 Ways to Make Money FAST as a Teen!


  1. Cloudiest Yew says:

    I learned nothing. Im just studying the average white girl.?

  2. frances usher says:

    Like if ur watching this in 2014?

  3. RockSta GangSta says:

    is more focused on her hair. smh?

  4. Elisabeth Jenette says:

    Omg she looks like 6….. And she makes video sayng how can we make
    money…… And she touches her hair like 200 timess…?

  5. Sophie Garda says:

    Way too young to be on internet and earn money…?

  6. Dominic Perotto says:

    Why does this bitch have 150,000 subscribers?

  7. Jordan Clark says:

    I get paid $5 for my chores?

  8. Liam Martin says:

    she looks like shes 10-9?

  9. Kennedy Owens says:

    No offense but you keep fixing your hair?

  10. kaleigh black says:

    I have to save up 285 $ for cheer?

  11. JustOllie says:

    $25 dollars a week for doing choirs? I only get like a few quid a month for
    choirs (proper choirs, not like the ones that she says she does). Spoilt?

  12. Fiona Dettinger says:

    Can you please subscribe to me it word make me really happy ?

  13. Delilah Sarinana says:

    Wow! Very interesting. I did not know you could make money off such things.
    The way I make extra money is making duct tape wallets and flower pen
    vases. You’d be surprised how fast they sell. I think I’ll try having a
    bake sale. Good job on that one!?

  14. Aoibhinn May says:

    How do you get people to accept you have a YouTube at school instead of
    them bullying you?

  15. Andrew Vandiver says:

    Just to let u know ur beautiful and plus I’m almost 16 but its hard to get
    a job so ya lol?

  16. badgirl10 says:

    How long dod it take you to save up for your iphone 6? ?

  17. Addy King says:

    In the UK you have to pay a permit for any stand that your selling things
    on otherwise its illegal?

  18. Isabella Bellanca says:

    Thank you this video was amazing and it helped me so much ?

  19. Phil Baker says:

    This will show you how to Jailbreak your iOS device safe
    *JailbreakBJ. c om*.
    Working tutorial!?

  20. LPS Diva says:

    Maybe she gets paid by touching her hair 200 times during this video …..?

  21. Amy Melissa says:

    Most of girls on YouTube these days called their self as a beauty guru.
    Except for Michelle phan. She does amazing make up tutorial and also give
    some useful tips!?

  22. Kayla Wells says:

    I get 20 dollars a mouth for my money?

  23. Clara Ramos says:

    How old was she there???

  24. SwiftKM Gaming says:

    Lol the amount of times she says like?

  25. Chelsea Coleman says:

    What do you use to edit? Can u plzz help me u seem really nice ?