You’ll Never Believe The Incredibly Awesome Things On Kickstarter Right Now.

If you’re not familiar with it already, Kickstarter is a website that helps people crowdfund their projects. Gadgets, games and even movies (like Veronica Mars) have been funded on Kickstarter. It’s simply genius. 

Even more genius than the site itself are the projects that are attempting to become a reality on it. These items are all brilliant and, if the campaigns raise enough money, you’ll be able to buy one of your very own!

1.) swivelCard: A Paper USB Business Card.

A swivelCard is a premium paper business card that includes a USB drive, i.e., a smart business card. It includes built-in analytics and can be updated even after giving it out.

2.) Sense: The smart alarm clock that wakes you up at just the right time.

It even records the data and sends audio clips of what woke you up three times last night!

3.) Emberlight.

Want to dim your lights with your phone..or just when you leave/enter the room? Here you go!

4.) The Colfax Smart Pack.

This smart backpack allows you to get wireless internet access on the go…and charge your stuff!

5.) GripSnap.

Tired of taking selfies on vacation just using your arm? Here’s the genius voice activated solution!

6.) The Coolest.

With a built-in ice-crushing blender, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to blast music, a USB charger to recharge your electronics, and other cool features, this is the cooler for the 21st century.

7.) Violet.

Wonder just how long you’ve been in the sun? This device does…and even warns you when to reapply sunscreen.

8.) Aquabot.

Turn any water bottle into a squirt gun. YES!

9.) OmieBox.

This wannabe lunch pail has a built-in insulated bowl for hot food, and compartments around it for cold food. It’s also easy to open so even little kids can use it.

10.) Solarpod Pyxis.

Able to charge two devices at a time, this solar charger only needs an hour and half in the sun to have enough juice to be able to fully charge a phone.

11.) Smash Cup.

Ideal for the coffee drinker on the go who wants to eliminate wasteful disposable cups.

12.) Bunch-o-Balloons.

Hate MAKING the water balloons for the fight? This is the million dollar solution.

13.) OwnPhones.

Wireless, stylish headphones. What else do I need to say?

14.) Hoverbike.

Currently only at 1/3 ideal size, they’re hoping to eventually one day move you around, Jetson-style!

15.) Noke: World’s First Bluetooth Padlock.

End the frustration of losing keys and forgetting combinations forever. Noke is the world’s first bluetooth padlock you can share with others!

16.) SQueo.

Bluetooth speaker in the shower. BOOM.

(via Kickstarter/BuzzFeed)

It’s okay if you have a little less money now than you did at the start of the post. These campaigns are all brilliant and are deserving of your donations!

Be sure to share with your friends using the buttons below. Let’s make sure together these cool products get funded!

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Matt Yglesias: Ownership is a myth, property belongs to The State!/mattyglesias/status/248208092918067200

A 1998 audio clip of President Obama singing the praises of wealth redistribution is making the rounds today.

For conservatives, Obama’s attitude doesn’t come as much of a shock, but it’s certainly worth spotlighting. For liberals, the concept of wealth redistribution is one that should be embraced. That’s certainly the case for Slate “real reporter” Matt Yglesias, who argues that ownership is just a myth.

In Matt’s universe, your business? Your life? You didn’t build that. Your property? You didn’t own that. Ever. Matt’s credibility as a “real journalist”? He didn’t earn that.

Anti-statist Twitterers were more than happy to dish out the business to Yglesias. Hard:

I can't wait for Obama to make this argument in the debate.

— James Taranto (@jamestaranto) September 18, 2012

This might be the most ridiculously ignorant tweet on Twitter. The fail is strong. –>

— Justin Thompson (@jltho) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias In other words you're a communist. @iowahawkblog

— David Paul (@PowerElement) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias wow good thing you’re not in charge of ANYTHING. Sheesh.

— Shaun McDonnell (@McShauno) September 19, 2012

.@mattyglesias So nobody respected anyone's claim to exclusively use and dispose of things before states started enforcing it?

— Bryan Pick (@BryanPick) September 19, 2012

The concept of property predates government. It's the product of one's work. @mattyglesias

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) September 19, 2012

Maybe if @mattyglesias didn't have to steal his book titles he'd have a more philosophically robust view of ownership….

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) September 19, 2012

I guess us pale faces are off the hook for "stealing" all that non-property from the Indians then.

— Colin Duffy (@TheRightDuff) September 19, 2012

In short, you didn't build that, you don't own that. You owe all to the merciful, life giving state.

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 19, 2012

Special repost for state-worshipping @mattyglesias: In the beginning Govt created the Heavens and the Earth

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias Your statement falsely implies property only exists because the state exists. Are you really this fucking stupid?

— Brian Cates (@drawandstrike) September 19, 2012

Hey, @mattyglesias – where do you live? I'd like to check over your furniture and see if there's anything I like. #mythofownership

— Katewerk (@katewerk) September 19, 2012

Oh, snap.

Yglesias is free to hand off all his worldly possessions to The State. Elizabeth Warren and Chairman Mao would be ever so pleased. Meanwhile, we’ll hold on to what’s rightfully ours. We rather enjoy our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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She Quit Her Job To Spread Love To Abandoned Greyhounds In The Best Way Possible

In 2008, a 52-year-old mother in Seaburn, U.K., began knitting sweaters. However, Jan Brown wasn’t doing it just to keep herself busy. Instead, she was making the adorable pieces of clothing for abandoned greyhounds and whippets.

Ms. Brown began hand-knitting dog coats to raise money and awareness for a greyhound rescue…but now, her business has taken off and she is helping dogs all over the globe.

Although she began her work in 2008, in 2012 she was inundated with orders for coats, hats, and neck warmers for all kinds of dogs. She has since quit her day job to keep knitting.

The Greyhound Rescue Northeast shelter in Tyne & Wear benefited from her charitable work…but now her business, Knitted With Love, is helping shelters across the U.K.

She has stopped taking orders for Christmas 2015, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place an order later!

Not only do these doggie sweaters keep your pooch fashionable during the winter, but all of the profits go towards a good cause.

It doesn’t hurt that these outfits are beyond adorable.

Plus, greyhounds and whippets have a difficult time generating/retaining enough body heat on their own (and in the winter, especially). So the cute jumpers serve a great purpose!

If you’d like to learn more about Jan’s work (or place an order for your own doggie sweater), visit the Knitted With Love website!

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New tone? Despicable lefties fantasize about ‘hate f**king’ Paul Ryan!/jbootyb/status/256566103000621058

Remember all that liberal talk about new tone and civility? As always, it doesn’t apply when the Left develops a new derangement syndrome.

Since last night’s debate, we’ve seen twisted libs wish rape on Paul Ryan’s wife, make abortion jokes about his daughter and fantasize about his mother aborting him.

Others are OK with the fact that Ryan was born, but only so they can indulge in sick dreams of “hate f**king” him. Since it’s unimaginable that Ryan would be a willing participant, let’s call these tweets what they are: rape fantasies.

Even tho Ryan is a Republican, I’d hate fuck the shit out of him. Damn republican fuckin up the economy

— Stephon (@steephooon) October 12, 2012

I’d totally bang Paul Ryan in a hate-fuck sort of way

— Lynsie Lee (@LynsieLee) October 12, 2012

Dear Twitter, don’t cry but I am unable to live tweet the VP debate tonight. I promise my desire to hate-fuck Paul Ryan hasn’t subsided.

— Just Jahnavi (@JahnaviG) October 11, 2012

I’m not watching the debates but I’d still hatefuck the shit out of Paul Ryan

— Official Aly Seegs (@alyfornia) October 12, 2012

I’d hatefuck Paul Ryan like nobody’s business.

— Sister Indica (@SisterIndica) October 11, 2012

Is it bad that I want to hate fuck Paul Ryan?

— Brandi (@brandi___leigh) October 12, 2012

I’d still hate fuck Paul Ryan

— Reilly T. Bates (@riggitybiggity) October 12, 2012

I would hate fuck Paul Ryan.

— Kara Rice (@KayJoanRice) October 12, 2012

Def would hate fuck Paul Ryan whatever

— hannnnnnah (@hannahuppz) October 12, 2012

Said it once, I’ll say it again. I would hate fuck the shit out of Paul Ryan. #vpdebate

— Audrey Lockstone (@TawdryAud) October 12, 2012

I’d hate fuck the shit out of paul ryan

— fabian (@fabisass) October 12, 2012

Let the record show at 9:18pm I admitted to wanting to hate-fuck Paul Ryan #damnyoureyes #heisstillasexisthomophobicass

— AHHHHHHHHHHlison(@VaGentlenerd) October 12, 2012

i just wanna see paul ryan try to talk his way into my uterus. and i don’t mean when i finally hate-fuck him.

— boo! vighosta (@alysonkshave) October 12, 2012

i would hate-fuck paul ryan

— Alex/Olesia Lewyckyj (@alewyckyj) October 12, 2012

Not gonna lie, I would probably hate fuck Paul Ryan. But I’m a horrible person, so…

— Amber (@whateveramber) October 12, 2012

Yeah, we noticed that you’re a horrible person. And you’ve got plenty of company.

We’re sure Paul Ryan will get a call from President Obama any minute now apologizing for his supporters’ vile words. Any minute now.

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Lapdog priorities! David Gregory tweets baseball during Libya hearing!/redsteeze/status/256076350660673536

Wow. Rep. Cummings disgracefully couldn’t remember Ambassador Stevens’ name during the House Oversight Committee hearing on Libya today and “real journalist” David Gregory thinks it’s not even worth mentioning. Might be time to revive #DavidGregoryQuestions!

You see, while the hearing was going on, Mr. Gregory prattled on about sporty thingies. Baseball, in particular.

Great day for Nationals playoff baseball. First time in DC in 79 years! I wish 1pm start time didn't prevent kids from seeing history.

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

My twins are seven. Same age I was when I first saw Dodgers win the pennant. Can the Nationals do it for them? #Nats

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

He retweeted these tweets.

"This is home, our guys are comfortable here," – Davey on why the #Nats hit well in D.C.

— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) October 10, 2012

NBC's @davidgregory is moonlighting for us today as Washington hosts its first #postseason game in 79 years:

— MLB (@MLB) October 10, 2012

And continued with the most pressing issue of our time. SQUIRREL!

Pent up playoff energy since 2005 Nationals fans ready to provide an explosive home field advantage today. #Postseason

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

Game on!

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

Rally towels!

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

Nationals playoff lineup!

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

With the man who started it all in DC Frank Robinson!

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

Not Stras not Gio but Jackson getting the nod for first Nationals postseason home game. "Biggest moment" WashPost calls it.

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

First pitch!

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

It's a sea of red in Washington and @davidgregory is part of it:

— MLB (@MLB) October 10, 2012

Lament of the beer man: "team losin, shade, and out of Stella. Sales are flat" #postseason #Nats

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) October 10, 2012

Twitter users give Mr. Gregory,and his skewed priorities, the business.

@davidgregory I don’t begrudge a guy a baseball game, but there is a big Libya coverup hearing today. NBC covering it? Seems important.

— Mary Fernandez (@MaryFernandez) October 10, 2012

Indeed, it does. But, evidently, it doesn’t even warrant a passing mention.

@davidgregory FYI: Huge scandal is unraveling over Libya. You may want to have a look-see.

— KatieNewCanaan (@KatieNewCanaan) October 10, 2012

@redsteeze @davidgregory one word: pathetic! We know where their priorities are now.

— Jessica bartlett (@bellamom9) October 10, 2012

@davidgregory nice to see that you are tweeting about a baseball game while there are hearings about the white house lies and cover up.

— phil nigronovich (@philvich) October 10, 2012

@davidgregory Why are you so bad at your job?

— John W.McCarthy (@Jwmcc09) October 10, 2012

@davidgregory Guess you'll just catch up on Libya later?

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 10, 2012

@davidgregory So you're not watching CSPAN right now then huh?

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 10, 2012

@redsteeze @davidgregory S.M. – if not, shows once again where the MSM priorities are -rather talk trash than get the imp news to the folks.

— BMoran (@BMoran4) October 10, 2012

Lapdog priorities! Maybe he’ll get a “good boy” and some extra kibble in his bowl tonight.

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‘GROW UP': Kirsten Powers rips Dem women crying ‘sexism’ about Susan Rice!/kirstenpowers10/status/269505666224377856

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers ripped into a group of Democratic congresswomen this afternoon for holding a presser about the “sexist, racist” GOP criticism of delicate flower Amb. Susan Rice.

The tiresome, loathsome and always demeaning “lady parts” card — femme-a-gogues never leave home without it.

House Women Defend Rice Over Libya Comments (by ‘defend’ they mean ‘infantalize’) claiming she is being ‘battered’…

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) November 16, 2012

Dear House Ladies: a) it’s not 1970 b) If Rice can’t handle being criticized by a few Sens she can’t be Sec of State…

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) November 16, 2012

Powers’ tweets followed on the heels of Rachel Campos-Duffy thanking the same Dem women for “setting us back 60 years.”

Powers also retweeted these thoughts on the Dem women’s treatment of Amb. Rice as a fragile child in need of rescue from the big, bad GOP menfolk.

@kirstenpowers10 If she can’t handle the pressure from senators and a few reporters, clearly, she has no business being SecState

— Amy Hendrix (@amymhendrix) November 16, 2012

@kirstenpowers10 Just want to say as a young woman & minority, I’m embarrassed at the comments our Congresswomen made. Just embarrassed.

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 16, 2012

@kirstenpowers10 The soft misogyny of feigned chivalry?

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) November 16, 2012


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Some Twitter users side with Steubenville rapists!/HellaTatts/status/313435051868164096

Two high school football players — Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond — were convicted today in a Steubenville, Ohio, rape case that garnered worldwide attention.

Most Twitter users applauded the verdicts, but not all:

#p2 #Steubenville SAME -> @emilyighnat RT @daniielle__x0: I don’t give a fuuuuck Malik is innocent & I’ll support my baby through it allllll

— ✰✰TrAcEy❤SoUnDsOfF✰✰ (@Here_ISound_Off) March 17, 2013

@matt88collins I don’t give a fuck. I’m supporting who I want

— Dani (@DaNiiEllE__x0) March 18, 2013

Mfs done told me the lil bitch that got ma cuzin locked up be fuckin suckin an swallowin shit thot opp bop ass lil bitch

— LIL_JAY_GOT_MOEBAN$$ (@_Juwan12) March 17, 2013

I feel sorry for everyone involved in the Steubenville case, even the boys, I guess I’m one of the few who believes in mistakes/ forgiveness

— Buffalo Soldier(@SipofMarcMerlot) March 17, 2013

I feel so sorry for those 16 year old boys found guilty in Steubenville. I really do, idc what nobody else thinks, that was SAD. 😢

— JasaMae B.(@iCantStandJasaB) March 17, 2013

Some Tweeters who posted support for the rapists subsequently protected their Twitter accounts. We were able to obtain these screenshots:

None yo business

Pot of Gold


A few tweeters assigned blame to the rape victim, who was drunk when the rape occurred.

Those kids didnt rape that girl.the stupid drunk slut got everything she deserved.Her reputation got fucked up so she took it to the courts

— Tyler (@Big_May717) March 17, 2013

Verdicts can be appealed. I am hopeful/confident that will happen in Steubenville.IMHO, the girl should be the one held accountable.

— Michael Crook (@Michael_Crook) March 17, 2013

Is Steubenville rape victim sorry for being drunk off her ass?Is that someone else’s fault too?Take SOME responsibility for your poor choice

— truthwatcher (@truthwatcher) March 17, 2013

One Twitter user went so far as to argue that under the circumstances “most people” would have done what the rapists did.

Steubenville : Guilty. I feel bad for the two young guys, Mays and Richmond, they did what most people in their situation would have done.

— Josiah (@zJosiah) March 17, 2013

We at Twitchy feel sorry, too. For the rape victim.

As for the rapists, they got what they deserved.

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NYPD looking into Twitter death threats; ‘People are gonna die’!/EyeOnPolitics/status/232856645070385152

Twitchy previously has brought you the story of Twitter Gulag and the preponderance of conservatives trapped within its virtual walls. According to Twitter’s terms of service, the account @obamasmistress would seem to be the perfect candidate for a padded cell there, as threats continue to pour in despite a police subpoena into the user’s identity.

The New York Police Department is reportedly trying to force Twitter to reveal the identity of the user, who last week tweeted a threat referencing the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting.

The user name on the account has since been changed to Casey Anthony (and back to Anonymous Celebrity), and as of this afternoon, death threats are still the order of business (although directed in this instance to a fake celebrity account belonging to “KiimKardshan”).

The user profile now reads, “Hacker of the real obamas mistress account and i am the one making the threats she can’t even get into her account anymore. Aint i a stinker.”

Update: Twitter finally suspended the account around 1:40 this afternoon.

The account has a bizarre history, which raises the question, just what does it take for a non-conservative’s account to be suspended? Consider this handy compilation of Twitter death threats, as well as this post from @obamasmistress in January:

It’s not every day we get to welcome the First Lady of the United States to Twitter—happy to have you, @MichelleObama!

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 12, 2012

@EyeOnPolitics Wait, we get suspended for disagreeing with lefties and twitter allows that lunatic to remain?!

— Heather (@hboulware) August 7, 2012

@hboulware Appears so. Crazy, huh?

— Eye on Politics (@EyeOnPolitics) August 7, 2012

@EyeOnPolitics This is insane. Almost every tweet is a death threat and yet she is still tweeting. It's awful.

— Heather (@hboulware) August 7, 2012

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Air India offers Sakshi Malik free business class flight between any two of its destinations – Times of India

Air India’s Chairman and MD has offered Olympic bronze-medallist Sakshi Malik’s a fabulous offer on behalf of his company. She can now take a trip to any one of the international destinations the airline serves sometime in the next twelve months.

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Dem treatment of black conservatives summed up in pic; Racist libs prove it!/NewsNinja2012/status/367201137629618176

It’s not funny, but it is true. As Twitchy readers know, black conservatives are on the receiving end of some of the most vile hate imaginable. Time and time again. Here are just a few despicable examples:

Twitter libs are continuing to show their true racist colors as well.!/sleepdoctorjoe/status/366382978416381953

Good grief, indeed. But she wasn’t done with her sickening display:!/Cuban_Sugar/status/367201391212634112!/Cuban_Sugar/status/367202155003785216!/Cuban_Sugar/status/367203295661531136!/Cuban_Sugar/status/367204039710093312

Of course she will ignore “as usual.” They are to be relegated to the back of the bus. Some of her best friends are black! But only if they shaddup and make her a sammich.

Scratch a liberal, find a racist. Every. Time.

Twitter user and brave veteran Wayne Dupree has had enough.!/NewsNinja2012/status/367191672515727360!/NewsNinja2012/status/367211144458809344!/NewsNinja2012/status/367216975594151936!/NewsNinja2012/status/367229821493198848!/Scottywheels123/status/367259640662614016

Thank you, sirs. Our gratitude is endless.

Hi Wayne. My name is Kim. I am Catholic, a wife and mother. I love my country too.

I appreciate your tweets!— Kim_D (@_kim37) August 13, 2013!/pavelgregory/status/367239130729553921!/KCintheOC/status/367266066411429888


A key point that racist libs will never understand. They see only color and foully believe “all you people” must think alike. The most insidious form of racism.!/NewsNinja2012/status/367259256447586304!/NewsNinja2012/status/367264038147084289


Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin also gave racist libs the business recently.!/LikeitornotMike/status/367100148700020737

There’s the difference right there. Conservatives stand up for everyone as individuals. Libs seek to enslave people in identity lock-boxes for their own end only.

An an exit video: Watch Michelle Malkin destroy the race card. It’s glorious:!/michellemalkin/status/367238559025360896


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