But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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He Poured Water, Oil, And Syrup Into A Glass For A Really Cool Science Experiment

If you know anything about science, you’ve probably heard the term density floating around before. You may not fully understand how it works, and to be completely honest, neither do I (that’s why I got into the writing business, I wasn’t too good when it came to the periodic table).

Then again, if density had been explained with this experiment, which anyone can do in their own home, I might have been more interested. Grab some syrup, oil, and water and watch this video!

Pretty neat, right?

I think we all have a much clearer understanding of density now, right? No? Yeah, me either, but that experiment is cool regardless!

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Small business owners teach Obama something about who builds businesses


As Twitchy reported last night, President Obama uttered an infuriating and offensive remark, in a seemingly endless list of infuriating and offensive things, during his speech in Virginia yesterday. The President decided to slam small business owners and give credit for their successes to the government. Talk to the hand, small business owners!

No, really; sadly, it is not a joke. President Obama said “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Last night, some on Twitter gave him the business. His statement was infuriating enough on its face, but coming from a man who knows nothing about the real world outside of an Ivory Tower, it is downright maddening.

President Obama who never built anything tells small business-builders: "You didn't build it."

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) July 15, 2012

Obama is so clueless about private enterprise & business he apparently has no clue when he makes statements revealing what a socialist he is

— David Limbaugh (@DavidLimbaugh) July 14, 2012

Every business owner should be appalled about what Obama said yesterday. He literally has no idea what he's talking about.

— Kevin Eder (@keder) July 15, 2012

Beyond shake fist-y! Today, some business owners (and builders) are trying to teach him a little something about what it means to build a business and what it entails. Sure, they may not have the vast experience of community organizing on which to draw but they, unlike the president, know what they are talking about.

Sorry Obama, but I & MY husband BUILT our small business at night AFTER our full time day jobs in our basement…WE deserve ALL the credit!

— Pam Besteder (@pambesteder) July 15, 2012

I'm surprised Obama never went into business if it is this easy. Hey, everyone else does all the work! #BuiltItMyself

— Go Right With Jane (@janie_austin) July 15, 2012

Hey Obama, I built my business from scratch, sacrificing, sweat. Something you will never relate too. EVER. #TCOT

— They call me Bubba (@neilonthemoon) July 15, 2012

@barackobama I reject your assertion that others built my business and resent your cavalier attitude toward my efforts. #tcot

— Bradley Erickson (@bradleyerickson) July 15, 2012

@OrwellForce My husband and I built our business. Don't know who @BarackObama's mythical "somebody else" might be. Is he hearing voices?

— Belle Roberts (@BelleRobertsVA) July 14, 2012

@theblaze I built my business by myself. HE didn't help me. I lost my hosue struggling to build my business. How dare he say that!

— Republicandude (@republicandude) July 15, 2012

@Daggy1 so @BarackObama who exactly built MY business? You mean I could have just slept all those late nights while someone ELSE built it?

— RichardUSA (@RichardUSA) July 15, 2012

When Obama says someone else built my business, he's talking stone cold collectivism.

— Equality 7-2521 (@RSAmerica) July 15, 2012

@BarackObama I worked in my family's business & I know what my family did to build it. They built it, not someone else. Get a clue, Mr. Pres

— Douglas Paul Cox (@USSUtahFlattop) July 15, 2012

@JasonBWhitman Also, I am trying to build my own business, so i would LOVE if someone else came & built it for me while I get the profits.

— Maguire Fitzpatrick (@IslandGirl286) July 14, 2012

@capflowwatch Wow, can the IRS bill that other guy that built my business??

— The_Business (@The_Business) July 14, 2012

#WhatObamaTaughtMe That impenetrable maze of regs and those staggering taxes & fees built my business, certainly not my sacrifice or ideas.

— Closet Righty (@Closetrighty) July 14, 2012

@theblaze I think lots of hard work built it! We have a plumbing business-did not see President Obama pulling any sewer cables with my bro!

— Julie (@julmem) July 15, 2012

Obama I built my business and despite your efforts I'm still here. Hopefully longer than you ya ass.

— john kearney (@johnkearney5) July 15, 2012

Dear @BarackObama I built my business. Nobody did it for me. I would be successful in any free country. Our freedom here is decreasing

— Jeff Schroeffel (@capdc) July 15, 2012

If someone else built my business why am I the one who lays awake at night wondering how I am going to make payroll?

— Johnny Martinez (@jmjrpsja) July 15, 2012

Feel better now that I know the government built my business for me. I'll let them stay up nights worrying about it.

— Bobby Boucher (@MetricButtload) July 14, 2012

Bravo and brava!

I am a small business owner–& I don't owe Barack Obama or his command-n-control planners a damned thing==> http://t.co/pme5Opnw

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 15, 2012

That’s right. Michelle Malkin, once again, is creating or saving more jobs than President Obama ever has. Not bad for “just a blogger,” huh?

Perhaps President Obama should listen to people who actually function in the real world. Heck, maybe he should stop listening to Nancy Pelosi, who thinks unemployment is the biggest stimulus to the economy (yummy The State checks!) and instead listen to another fellow Democrat Blanche Lincoln? Remember when she rightly dissed his lack of payroll skills?

She also took a swipe at Obama’s White House, referencing a constituent who “fears that there’s no one in your administration that understands what it means to go to work on Monday and make a payroll on Friday.“

Bingo. But that isn’t the full extent; not only is he clueless, but he truly believes The State is paramount and should run all. Everyone must rely on The State for everything; no personal successes. It’s totally not fair if some businesses are more successful, through hard work and determination. The State will do a better job … handing out participation ribbons, at best, only.

To Obama, people can’t succeed on their own without being tethered to and enslaved by The State.

Update: More are speaking out using the hashtag #BuiltItMyself

Own a business #Obama #BuiltItMySelf, risked my own capital, not governments, quit taking credit for my success

— Diane N. (@LadyDi0723) July 15, 2012

The average small business owner works 60 hours a week. Over 50% work 7 days a week. Obama worked 12 hours last week. #BuiltItMyself #tcot

— Harry Larris (@HarryLarris) July 15, 2012

I want to thank all the little people who took care of my billing and accounting. OH WAIT, that was me #BuiltItMyself

— ن IllegallyChristian (@TalonsPoint) July 15, 2012

I would Like To Thank All The People Who Helped Me Pull Tires Off Cars. As A Kid In My Father's Junkyard. Building His Biz ! #BuiltItMyself

— Bobby Sands (@StarvingIrish) July 15, 2012

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‘Thanks, Obama’! POTUS’ efforts backfire; Smith & Wesson’s business is BOOMING

Interesting … and perfect:

More from Business Insider:

Management just announced it was raising its guidance because sales have been so strong.

For the three months ending January 31, it estimates it had $175 million to $180 million in sales, up from its earlier guidance of $150 million to $155 million. This new guidance is much higher than the $155 million expected by analysts.

Earnings per share are estimated to come in at $0.39 to $0.41 per share, which is way above the $0.27 to $0.29 it previously saw. Analysts were only expecting $0.29.

So at least one area of the economy is doing well!

No, really. Thank you. You’ve done more to boost gun sales than anyone.

By all means, Mr. President. Keep railing against guns and lawful gun owners. We love watching Smith & Wesson succeed.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/01/04/thanks-obama-potus-efforts-backfire-smith-wessons-business-is-booming/

Ash Carter admits using personal email for govt. business

We’re governed by hypocrites who continually show us that they don’t have to live by the rules that they put in place for the rest of us:

This is relevant because 1) he started as Secretary of Defense after Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account became an issue and 2) the Defense Department won’t say when Carter stopped. From the A.P.:

The Pentagon acknowledged Wednesday that Defense Secretary Ash Carter used a personal email account to do some of his government business during his first months on the job.

Carter’s press secretary, Peter Cook, released a statement saying Carter believes his use of personal email for work-related business was a mistake. Cook declined to say whether it was a violation of Pentagon email policies. Cook said Carter stopped the practice, but Cook did not say when.


Why did Carter think it was OK in the first place? From the New York Times:

In a written statement on Wednesday, a spokesman for Mr. Carter said that the defense secretary had determined that he had been wrong to use the personal account.

After reviewing his email practices earlier this year, the secretary believes that his previous, occasional use of personal email for work-related business, even for routine administrative issues and backed up to his official account, was a mistake, said the spokesman, Peter Cook. As a result, he stopped such use of his personal email and further limited his use of email altogether.

And why is the use of a government email account to conduct government business such a hurdle for those in the highest level of our government?


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Oh snap! CBS News’ Mark Knoller zings Obama’s book purchases


CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller took to Twitter to report on President Obama’s Small Business Saturday shopping trip.


Obama picked up over a dozen books, but Knoller noticed something glaringly absent from the list provided by the White House.


Funny ’cause it’s oh-so-true! Obama can always borrow “Web Sites for Dummies” from his pal Kathleen Sebelius, but he’s got other books to get to first.


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They Usually Call It Business

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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18 Of The Creepiest Billboards Ever Seen On People’s Drives To Work

Coming across strange and sometimes hilarious billboards has always been the best part of driving for me.

One of my favorites that I get to see every day in my city reads, “Real Christians Obey Jesus’ Teachings” in a completely threatening way. But trust me, that is nothing compared to the other strange and disturbing billboards people have driven past.

Whether they’re threatening you with going to Hell or using animal corpses to get their point across, the following billboards will seriously creep you out.

1. Meet your next president, America — Dollary Clump.

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2. These are the same people behind the “Real Christians Obey Jesus’ Teachings” billboard.

3. I’m really not sure what this is trying to promote.

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4. None of your damn business.

5. “Did I really die?”

6. I’m onto you, forest demons.

7. What exactly does this creep have to do with hair loss?

8. “Or you’ll swim in a pool of blood.”

9. You’d better hide, litterers. The hunt is on.

10. Well, this is completely disturbing.

11. Using a quote from Hitler on anything is a really bad idea.

12. Seriously, WTF?

13. Wait, what?

14. Here’s a great way to freak out everyone on the road.

15. For what?

16. There is a billboard that actually bleeds in New Zealand.

17. I know what my next nightmare is going to be about — and it’s not “The Grudge.”

18. That’s not intimidating at all…

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Well, I’ll give them this. They definitely aren’t boring. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, though.

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These Photos All Have One Thing In Common, And It’s So Chilling

When it comes to capitalizing on loss, 19th-century photographer William H. Mumler was an expert…for a while, anyway.

In 1861, he noticed that a second figure appeared in the background of a photograph he was developing. Although it was obviously a flaw in the process, he knew that he could cash in on that error by capturing basic portraits, superimposing additional faces in the background, and presenting them as spirits.

Fittingly enough, the phenomenon of spirit photography was born in a small, Boston-based studio.

Up to that point, Mumler had little to no known attachment to paranormal activity.

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And he didn’t even delve into photography until after he worked as a silver engraver for a few years.

Getty Images

As he was developing a self-portrait one day, he noticed that fateful second face in the image.

Quickly flipping the script on what was probably a rookie mistake, he claimed that the face belong to his deceased cousin. After that, “spirits” started showing up in more and more photos.

Getty Images

Conveniently enough, the receptionist at the studio moonlighted as a medium. With a little support on her part, Mumler’s technique turned into a full-fledged phenomenon in Boston.

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National acclaim soon followed. At that point in history, mysticism was on its way to being a prevailing school of thought over rationalism.

Getty Images

For that reason, spirit photography could not have come about at a more appropriate time.

Because objective truth was not held in high regard in mystic circles, people rode the waves of this bizarre phenomenon without a shred of evidence in sight.

When Mumler made his way to New York City in 1869, however, a legal wrench was thrown in the gears.

The mayor wasn’t exactly enthused about the situation, so he sent a reporter into Mumler’s shop disguised as a client.

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After the photo was taken and Mumler added an additional face, he released it and claimed that the figure was the subject’s late father-in-law. There was just one problem with that.

His father-in-law was very much alive at the time, which meant that Mr. Mayor received a detailed report of the photographer’s fraudulent ways.

That landed the artist in court, but he was eventually acquitted for lack of evidence and testimony.

Although that dealt a crushing blow to his New York business, he was still revered in mystic communities in Boston.

But after a while, the Spiritualist movement — the same one that accelerated Mumler’s rise to fame — folded. Needless to say, that wasn’t good for business.

William Mumler died completely destitute in 1884.

While he did go on to make contributions to the photography industry — most notably with the discovery of a wood-cut printing method then known as the Mumler Process — his career didn’t really survive (much less thrive) after the court revealed his true colors.

(via Mashable)

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