But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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Bountygate players fighting back, grievance filed against NFL


The players involved in Bountygate aren’t cooperating well with the discipline they received from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. On Friday morning the NFL players association filed a grievance against the league.

According to ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt, here are the NFLPA’s claims.

NFLPA grievance appears to take 3 tacts: (1) conduct prior to new CBA – August 4, 2011 – not subject to discipline by NFL.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

(2) That only the CBA "System Arbitrator", not the Commissioner, should be able to punish the players for these actions.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

(3) That even if the first two are somehow not controlling, the appeals should be handled by Art Shell/Ted Cottrell, not Goodell.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

Nobody knows for sure how their claims are going to hold up, but it seems doubtful that any suspensions get reduced.

@adbrandt If I were a QB, I'd be really ticked off at the NFLPA. They're defending intent to injure own membership.

— Michael (@STLMetsFan5) May 4, 2012

The NFLPA is arguing with the commissioner's decision to suspend the coach players. They are lucky that's all they did.

— Fatniss Neverlean (@Sofooo) May 4, 2012

NFLPA couldn't challenge suspension of players for kill shots, then turn around and pimp player safety protocol. So, challenge system.

— Travis Yost (@TravisHeHateMe) May 4, 2012

Less than a year later, it feels like NFL, NFLPA getting ready to battle again. Oh, wait a minute, they're already there.

— Clark Judge (@ClarkJudgeCBS) May 4, 2012


NFLPA is appealing the Saints* bounty suspensions. Ass-hats are trying to protect the wrong players. Lobby for tougher suspensions instead.

— Ryan Colley (@geekyink) May 4, 2012

What I dont get is the @NFLPA wants players safety Then when some1 violates that safety they get mad when they are punished. Double standard

— Chris Cabrera (@themexicant24) May 4, 2012

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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Some things NEVER change! CBS News’ Mark Knoller calls Obama event ‘campaign style’

President Obama is in Omaha today on very important business:

And while his White House tenure isnearly over, he’s still living each day like he wants to win Americans’ hearts all over again:

“Campaign style”? You don’t say!


Sounds like Knoller was on to something:

Of course.

But don’t worry:

Oh, OK.

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Covered California has some advice for enrollees who haven’t been invoiced


Covered California’s high enrollment is being touted by some on the Left as evidence that Obamacare is working just fine.

It is unclear, however, how many of those “enrollees” have actually paid for their first months’ coverage.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many people who signed up for Covered California say that “insurers are telling them they still have no record of their enrollment.” Here’s one of them:


With January 1st rapidly approaching, what are these people supposed to do? Covered California reportedly told one woman that she should simply send a check to her insurer, even though she still has not been invoiced.

Russ Furie said his Aetna policy for his two children runs out at year’s end because the company is leaving the state’s individual insurance market. The Santa Clarita father enrolled his two children, ages 12 and 15, in Medi-Cal at the end of October.

But he says he still doesn’t have proof of their insurance. Furie is covered by Medicare because of a disability.

“It seems to me they had three years to get their act together, but confirmation and verification of the insurance has been a nightmare,” Furie said. “I’m scared out of my mind because I don’t want my kids to go without insurance.”

Costa Mesa tutor Krista Wilson has run into a similar problem. She said she signed up for a Bronze plan from Anthem Blue Cross Nov. 15. But she still hasn’t received a bill from the insurer, and Covered California told her last week to mail a check to a company post office box.

[Emphasis added.]

So send your check to an insurer that has no record of your enrollment. Sounds like a great plan!

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Obama stimulus: Gun buyers nationwide report long lines, empty shelves


The scene above is a phenomenon sweeping across the heartland. The White House is finally responsible for a stimulus that works.  The nationwide gun-buying frenzy? Gun buyers say President Obama built that:

OMG, went out today to look at buying a rifle for Christmas.Every gun store in North Idaho was packed!Guess they watched O’s press conf.

— Janet Adams (@JABfor24) December 19, 2012

Obama is the greatest gun dealer there ever has been…everyone is buying up all the assault rifles in every store around here…#ProGun

— BibleBeltBlackSheep (@rgonzales48) December 19, 2012

Just saw a line to get in a gun store! Congrats #Obama for stimulating the economy #tcot #DNC #tlot #p2 #teaparty twitter.com/AverageJoe1776…

— Average Joe (@AverageJoe1776) December 19, 2012

#Obama 2012 gun industry Man of the Year. Gun store inventories havesold out in 3 days. When will they learn its them we fear. #foxnews

— The Horny Monk (@TheHornyMonk) December 19, 2012

just spoke with a gun store owner in CT: “It’s a pretty well known fact that Obama is the best gun salesman we’ve ever had”

— Versha Sharma (@versharma) December 18, 2012

Never thought id find myself waiting outside a gun store for them to open black friday style. Hahaha whatever thanks @barackobama

— FofoMcflowjoe (@Mini_Fofo) December 19, 2012

The shelves are emptying fast:

One of the display shelves at my stepdad’s gun store.. And the camo one was sold right after I took this. twitter.com/allison_davis5…

— Allison Davis (@allison_davis5) December 18, 2012

I just left my local gun store this is what’s left now… instagr.am/p/TcJh3VDqeR/

— Dmitri (@TheFPShow) December 20, 2012

Our son went looking for a gun today. Virtually every single store is empty as the Hostess Twinke shelves. Bullets? Shelves are bare as….

— Barbie Lee (@UF2) December 20, 2012

After waiting 2hrs at the #gun #store I was able to buy the last 4 they had! #ar15 #red #white and #blue#2 instagr.am/p/Tcsb5cimsk/

— Ankur (@AnkurMusic) December 20, 2012

Ray’s gun store in Dallas. AR section. Officially sold out. We bought the last S&W .223. instagr.am/p/TbhXgJLaGN/

— Will Bush (@wbbush) December 19, 2012

The lines are long and out the door:

Friend reports long lines at local Miami gun store. There were 30 people ahead of him in line. $RGR $SWHC twitter.com/aacostavmgfl/s…

— Angel Acosta (@aacostavmgfl) December 17, 2012

Waiting in line to get into a #gun #store only in #Texas #love this state #overcapac @ Independence Firearms instagr.am/p/TbfB3nTTWC/

— Richard Crouch (@RichardCrouch13) December 19, 2012

Parking lots are overflowing:

Hoffmann gun store on the pike is so packed #staystrapped #bangbang 🔫🔫 twitter.com/saudinkuljanci…

— Saudin Kuljancic (@saudinkuljancic) December 18, 2012

The local gun shop parking lot was full with a line on the road for people to drive in. #2ndAmendment #WakeUp

— Michelle Ripley (@Maybecrzy) December 19, 2012

From Pennsylvania to Florida to Illinois to Texas to Utah and all points in between and beyond, gun stores are packed:

Monroe co. Store packed with gun customers. We talk to shoppers and the store mgr. @wbretv twitter.com/Lonniemiller1/…

— Lonnie Miller (@Lonniemiller1) December 18, 2012

Welcome to the gun store…I’ve NEVER seen it this busy! #standingroomonly #guns #ammo #stockingup #everyone instagr.am/p/TcH4LdGWqi/

— Nikki H (@Nikki1156) December 20, 2012

Went in a gun store today. Store was packed! Long line all the way outside door.Was the only black person. Was completely ignored.

— LadyGlenChicagoStyle (@ladyglenChicago) December 20, 2012

My husband is the manager at a local gun store/shooting range. Today was another recordbreaking sales day for them.

— RG (@rhigirl) December 20, 2012

It appears my local gun store sold 300 AR-15’s, yesterday. Get your guns now folks. My c&c instructors classes are filling. So surprised.

— Rachel B (@theanswerwoman) December 20, 2012

Today,I stopped in at a mom and pop gun store just south of Chicago. There has been a run on the place! They were out of everything!

— uriel trejo (@urieleschingon) December 20, 2012

If you want to see what a grocery store looks like prior to a hurricane, drop by your local gun store today. Bare walls and lines.

— Jon Stokes (@jonst0kes) December 19, 2012

There are LINES at the gun store in Birmingham, Alabama.

— ChristineBrandt (@LavishTantrums) December 17, 2012

At a local gun store…and there is literally a line out the door.

— Missak Tokhmanian (@followMissak) December 20, 2012

@libertylynx was at a gun store in Franklin, TN today. Line at the door waiting for opening. Lots of clips and ARs purchased. Was a frenzy

— Gator (@gatorairforce) December 19, 2012

I was off work for 3 days from 12/14 and came back to the gun store to find nearly empty shelves. We are nearly out of guns!.

— HANDGUNSAFETY (@handgunsafety) December 19, 2012

Went into my favorite gun store today and rifle shelves for ARs and AKs were completely empty. Discount ammo store wiped out. #nobama

— treasure_pug1 (@treasure_pug1) December 19, 2012

@trish_regan just left a gun store in Salt Lake City and I couldn’t move it was so crowded! Everything was gone and helped we’re empty!

— Taylor Napierski (@TaylorNapierski) December 19, 2012

Soo this gun store in Dallas is crowded as fuuuudge

— Stewart Shrauner (@StewartShrauner) December 17, 2012

At the gun store today, and man, was it packed in there. I guess everyone’s gotta get there’s before it becomes illegal. #guncontrol

— Jesse Bustos (@jessebustos) December 19, 2012

I just left my local gun store 2pm on a wed and it was packed! This anti-gun hysteria is just the boost local family owned business needed!

— Jeremy Lee Green (@JeremyjleeGreen) December 19, 2012

Why is the neighborhood gun store packed as hell??????????

—skano (@SK4NO) December 19, 2012

Just got back from a local gun store. IT WAS PACKED.You couldn’t move in there. They still had half a dozen AR-15’s but no .308’s

— Jeff Frederiksen (@JeffFrederiksen) December 20, 2012

I have never seen so many moms in a gun store before. It’s packed during lunch break.

— mwbowler (@mwbowler) December 18, 2012

At Vances Gun Supply Store and not only is the place packed, but there are no less than 10 Cops here buying fire arms….#interesting

— Joseph F Miller III (@joemillerwired) December 18, 2012

Bottom line: Americans are serious about self-defense and unapologetic about exercising their Second Amendment rights while they still have them.

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Sarah Silverman draws parallel between gay Americans and slaves


We’re not completely sure, but it seems like Sarah Silverman is suggesting that being gay in the U.S. nowadays is a lot like being a slave back in the 1860s.

And a Republican politician like Mitt Romney, in Silverman’s view, is apparently a lot like Confederate leader Jefferson Davis.

Some Twitter users agreed with Silverman’s point, whatever it is:

@SarahKSilverman. Great point!!! He's no Lincoln for sure.

— Donna Olsen (@donnaolsen) June 18, 2012


@SarahKSilverman I think he would have recognized what a tough job the slavemasters had and how hard they worked for their money.

— Jane Barton (@bollbar) June 18, 2012

@SarahKSilverman: If Romney was pres in 1863 would he have freed the slaves in the face of fear&adversity?” free labor is key for business

— Brandon Wolf (@whitehouse2020) June 18, 2012


Others thought the comparison was completely absurd:

@SarahKSilverman yeah gays are living in modern day slavery….dumbest thing I've read in a while

— Frank Riggs (@HardRightFrank) June 18, 2012

@SarahKSilverman gay Americans aren't slaves last time I heard , did Obama free the gays? An free them from What?

— stubby (@stubbymcgee21) June 18, 2012

@kbalfe @sarahksilverman lol gay Americans and slaves are the same thing?

— squatchy squatch (@UtopiaForced) June 18, 2012

And still others used her tweet as an excuse to comment on Silverman’s oft-discussed body parts:

@SarahKSilverman show more side boob, or more front boob.

— Brian F (@brianflink) June 18, 2012

@SarahKSilverman You should play Abraham Lincoln and liberate that huge bush you sport in Take This Waltz

— kingdaddy (@kingdaddy) June 18, 2012

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Arab Spring: Police in Egypt reportedly accuse Dutch journo of ‘attempting to spread Western culture’

This is despicable. The whole citizen arrests and spy business is back to State Security days. #FreeRena

— Wael Eskandar (@weskandar) April 9, 2013

Instead of citizen arrests in Cairo of journalists, maybe somebody should detain Pres Morsi for incompetence? #FreeRena

— Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) April 9, 2013

Dutch journalist Rena Netjes is reportedly free after her arrest in Egypt on Monday. The #FreeRena hashtag took off on Tuesday after the Twitterverse learned she had been detained “under allegations of espionage.”

Netjes was working on a story involving youth unemployment and according to a phone interview with the Dutch news outlet Een Vandaag she was apprehended by the owner of a coffee shop who had asked to see her press card and passport before taking it to the police.

After the citizen’s arrest, Netjes was reportedly charged with not carrying her press ID. Daily News Egypt reports, “According to Netjes, the police did not want her writing stories which revolve around negative events in the country.”

.@renanetjes said she was shopping, stopped to interview kids, coffee shop owner & his mates citizen arrested her. http://t.co/pEb4D0h6cH

— Evan Hill (@evanchill) April 9, 2013

Rena Netjes told colleague on phone the report filed against her says she was "attempting to spread Western culture" http://t.co/y4OBqyRTGo

— Erin Cunningham (@erinmcunningham) April 9, 2013

Netjes was released on Tuesday.

Good news, @RenaNetjes released now frm New Cairo Prosecutiob via lawyer Fady Wagdy. She was charged wth not having evidence that she cont

— Ragia Omran (@rago_legal) April 9, 2013

2. That she did not have evidence to prove she is licensed to work as a journalist in Egypt. She had forgotten her Press ID at home.

— Ragia Omran (@rago_legal) April 9, 2013

After talk w pg Talaat Abdallah he agreed to release Rena Netjes. But she will have to update her Egyptian press card. I just picked her up.

— NL Ambassador Egypt (@Gerard_Steeghs) April 9, 2013

Just spoke to @RenaNetjes she has left New Cairo Court and the Dutch Ambassador has come to take her home.

— Ragia Omran (@rago_legal) April 9, 2013

How do you like that Arab Spring now, Nick Kristof?

@NickKristof #FreeRena you are feeling the bite of this arab spring you guys were so delighted about? Blame yourselves – it was predictable

— Twe toto (@twetoto) April 9, 2013

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.


Rena Netjes confirmed on Twitter that she is no longer in custody.

Free free free :) a big hugg to all of you for your noise and support, it worked! And a special thanks to a great ambassador: @NLAmbCairo !

— Rena Netjes (@RenaNetjes) April 9, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/09/arab-spring-police-in-egypt-reportedly-accuse-dutch-journo-of-attempting-to-spread-western-culture/

Occupy San Francisco occupies unoccupied building; did Catholic property owners enable?


The Occupy San Francisco movement, overshadowed by its more violent and militant counterpart in Oakland, was dead. Now, activists proclaim that OSF has been “reborn.”

Their rallying cry: Resistance!

What, exactly, are they resisting? An empty building owned by the local Catholic archdiocese, which apparently is in cahoots with OSF:

OccupySF Inhabits Vacant Turk St. Building http://t.co/9R9Ksezx #osf

— #OccupySF News (@OccupySFNews) April 2, 2012

#occupysf has occupied 888 Turk st owned by the Archdiocese of SF & vacant for 5 yrs #osf #oo #ows #a1 not #AprilFools

— Steve Rhodes (@tigerbeat) April 2, 2012

The Occupiers’ staunchest nemesis? Enemy pipes:

Woo Hoo, we have WATER!! Someone got the plumbing to work! #osf #oo #osc #ows

— OccupySF (@sf99er) April 2, 2012

Vital needs of the revolutionaries: Beer. Hurry!

Scene at 888 Turk #SFCommune is mellow, no vandalism. It feels like a party w/o beer…bring us some beer! #osf #oo#osc

— OccupySF (@sf99er) April 2, 2012

And pizza:

#OccupySF #SFCommune also needs food support (send pizza to #888Turk) @pixplz streaming at http://t.co/4xOG7kyY #occupyoakland #ows #occupy

— Occupy Oakland (@OccupyOakland) April 2, 2012

Fortunately, the rest of the ample menu is covered:

PBJ, h2o, cajun rice, 3bean chili, ground turkey bouliaise baked pasta, assorted chips, fruit and Kitchen Mike's generous personality #osf

— OccupySF (@sf99er) April 2, 2012

Cut the ribbon. OSF is open for “business.” Er, communing:

We are in! Turk & Gough, the #SFCommune grand opening! #OccupySF's new home. #osf #oo #occupysf #occupyoakland #ows #occupywallst

— Occupy San Francisco (@OccupySFAction) April 2, 2012

Look forward to a month-long siege:

Congrats OSF! for starting the countdown to May 1st with a victory!! #oo #occupyoakland

— OccCavalry (@Occcavalry) April 2, 2012

Fight back Today #mayday everyday #888Turk banner #a1 #occupysf #oo #ows #m1gs http://t.co/Ij0fvNmR

— Steve Rhodes (@tigerbeat) April 2, 2012


Meanwhile, in Oakland

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Prepare To Fall In Love With These Naughty Animals That Were Caught Red-Handed

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t do it.”

This is the response I’ve used over the years after being caught red-handed doing something I shouldn’t have been doing at all. I really can’t help myself. I’m just a curious person. Okay, maybe I’m a little bit mischievous. Telling me not to do something just makes me want to do it more.

The same can be said for many of our animal friends. Most of the time, we have no idea what’s running through their heads. But based on the reactions on their faces after being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can be inferred that our furry friends know the difference between right and wrong. For all my troublemakers out there, here are 23 hilarious reactions of animals that were caught in the act.

1. “I plead the fifth.”

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBM_BTF’); });

2. No matter where you hide, I still know what you did last summer.

3. “I pooped on the floor but she hasn’t seen it yet, so let’s pretend it never happened.”

4. He learned the hard way that his mother is always right.

5. “If I hide, the humans will not find me when they see what I did to the couch.”

6. This cat burglar is too cute to send to jail.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’); });

7. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

8. Stop, drop, and pretend nothing happened.

9. You know a cat’s feeling guilty when it hides in its least favorite place: the sink.

10. I think we just solved the case of the sock bandit.

11. “No, humans. I am not on the counter for more treats. I just wanted a better view.”

12. “We were practicing our wrestling moves.”

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI2_BTF’); });

13. “Maybe if I close my eyes, you won’t see me.”

14. When in doubt, smile it out.

15. “I was looking for some lipstick.”

16. The dog won’t stand for this mouse’s thieving ways!

Reddit / Vioji

17. “The cat made me do it!”

18. This pup isn’t one for monkey business.

19. Bonnie and Clyde strike again!

20. “She came on to me.”

21. “Oh, that guy trying to break out? I don’t even know him.”

Caught sneaking in

Reddit / Calcd_Uncertainty


23. “I was trying to help you clip coupons, I swear.”

It’s really unfortunate that everyone accuses me of things I haven’t done. Can’t you see my halo? I’m sure these pets feel me.

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