But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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L&T bags orders worth Rs 1,458 crore

Infrastructure major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has said that its construction arm has bagged orders worth Rs 1,458 crore across business verticals. “The construction arm of L&T has won orde

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Empowerment? Cosmo editor: Self-defense for women is ‘icky’


Hey “crazies,” don’t you dare hold Cosmopolitan social media editor Elisa Benson responsible for her own words! What did she say? Well, as Twitchy reported, the winner of the Miss USA pageant was asked a question about sexual assault on college campuses. She suggested women learn how to defend themselves. The horror! Cue feminist freak-out, natch.

Cosmo’s Ms. Benson enlightened everyone with her thoughts about Miss Nevada’s answer: Oh so “icky.”


Icky old guns and stuff. That’s for boys, huh Ms. Benson? Wow, you’ve come a long way baby.


And their forgetfulness:



Twitter users rightly gave Ms. Benson the business.


Bingo. Empowerment? Not so much.


Yep. Once again, it is feminists and the Left who have a war on women. Defend yourselves? Heaven forfend. Just let them pat you on the head while you scurry to make them some sammiches.

And an exit question for Cosmopolitan:



‘Rape culture wins’: Feminist freakout after Miss Nevada dares suggest self defense training for women

Fight like girls: Conservative women explain how gun ban zealots wage real war on women

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Half America’s RadioShacks May Become Sprint Stores, In Saddest Retail Transformation Ever

Bloomberg News is reporting RadioShack is in talks for a bankruptcy deal that would result in closing half its stores and selling the rest to Sprint.

AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

RadioShack has been circling the drain for what seems like an eternity. But the saga could get even sadder if a new report about a store sell-off to Sprint is true.

RadioShack is reportedly pursuing a bankruptcy deal under which it would close half of its more than 4,000 stores and sell the rest of its leases to Sprint, killing the RadioShack brand name, Bloomberg News reported today. The two chains have discussed co-branding the stores into some kind of Sprint-RadioShack entity, Bloomberg reported, citing two anonymous people familiar with the discussions.

RadioShack’s continued survival has been something of a running joke in the business world for the past decade, despite creative stabs at turnaround and a revolving door of CEOs. The Onion, way back in 2007, wrote an article titled “Even CEO Can’t Figure Out How RadioShack Still in Business.” Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart have only grown since then, beating RadioShack in assortment, price, and convenience.

Mass store closures at the company would be a disaster for potentially tens of thousands of retail workers. The chain said in its most recent annual filing that it employed about 27,500 people as of Dec. 31, 2013, though it has conducted some layoffs since then. On Jan. 22, RadioShack said it received a notice from the New York Stock Exchange saying it would be delisted from the market due to its low valuation, which had slumped to below $50 million. The company, whose shares were down by about 13% on Monday afternoon, currently has a market cap of just $28 million.

RadioShack declined to comment for this article.

Beyond the heavy job losses, the notion of RadioShack stores evolving into Sprint locations is somewhat heartbreaking, akin to watching a a sad, struggling caterpillar metamorphose into an equally sad, struggling butterfly. Sprint, the third largest U.S. mobile operator, recently reported that it lost subscribers for an 11th straight quarter, and would cut 2,000 jobs. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all continue to gain customers.

The chairman of Sprint, Masayoshi Son, has reportedly been seeking to fix what he refers to as a “loser” mentality at the Overland Park, Kansas–based company.

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Sick death-wish Dem triples down on the depraved; He’s a martyr, you guys


He wasn’t forced to resign because he is depraved and unhinged. No, no! Totally his choice and he did it because he’s such a caring giver. All about the party, baby! He’s like a martyr and stuff.

As Twitchy reported, Allan Brauer, the foul former communications chair for the Sacramento Dems, wished death on the children of Amanda Carpenter, Ted Cruz’s speech writer. Twitchy then exposed his history of revolting hate and misogynist attacks. Brauer was then forced to resign. But, did he learn any lessons? Is he even the slightest bit remorseful?

Evidently not, as his Twitter feed proved on Sunday. Take a gander:


Wow. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more shameless or shameful.


Ding, ding, ding!


Look at him, look at HIM!


Didn’t you hear him, guys? Move on. It was just mean words or something.


Just “mean words!”

Those with a moral compass continued to rightly give the cretinous Brauer the business.



And some exit words of wisdom:


Yes. Please do.

By the way, Brauer also retweeted this post, which knocks Amanda Carpenter.


But, you know, he’s totally altruistic and stuff. Sorry? HA!

Once a hate-filled misogynist, always a hate-filled misogynist.


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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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What This Guy Came Home To Would Be An Absolute Nightmare. And ‘Who’ Did It Is Even Worse.

Leaving your home to go on a vacation or business trip can be stressful. You may worry about leaving the lights on, locking the door or setting the alarm. Lots of people avoid going on trips just because of the stresses that are waiting at home. Thankfully, most people will never have to experience what happened to this guy. He left his home to go on a very short trip. When he returned… it was a disaster.

No, there wasn’t a party. A drunk teen didn’t come crashing through the ceiling.

This was all the work of a raccoon family.

A crazy, crazy raccoon family.

Cupboards and shelves were emptied out by the hungry little critters.

And the creatures left their adorable, thieving pawprints everywhere.

It’s frankly amazing that they knew how to disassemble a coffee maker.

Over. Whelming. Mess.

Unfortunately, a box of fun-sized candies were left over from an event and stored in the living room. The racoons had something to say about that.

See that? This is a bedroom floor. It was entirely covered in trash. The raccoons burst open (and spread) the bedroom’s trash bag. With flair.

And just to rub salt in his wounds, the raccoons found his Christmas ornaments in a different closet. They made sure to send him a message.

They may not seem like much, but raccoons are some of the cleverest pests on earth. Not only that, but they’re fierce and travel in packs. If you ever come across some raccoons in a dark alley, you might want to go the other way… or else they may follow you home and wreck your house. (Well, maybe not.) Source: Reddit

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky explains why conservative women are so dumb


That’s the least he could do.

Yesterday, Kirsten Kukowski, an RNC press secretary, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the so-called gender wage gap. The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky got a big kick out of it, because conservative woman:


According to Tomasky, conservative women are better off being seen and not heard:


Here are some highlights:

OK, on reflection, I do feel a little sorry for her. That she had only gibberish to spout in response to that question isn’t really her fault. It’s the fault of her party, all those men in her party, all those Southern men and their Southern beliefs and ways. One is tempted to believe that Republicans vote against things like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because of the demands of their corporate contributors, and that’s undoubtedly true, to some extent. But it isn’t corporate benefactors who make Todd Akin and some of these other men say the batshit crazy things about women they say. That’s culture.

Kukowski had nothing to say because George W. Bush sat in the White House for eight years, six of them with a compliant Republican Congress, and never passed or that I can recall even introduced or even talked about one bill aimed at workplace gender fairness. She had nothing to say because since Barack Obama became president, the Republicans have voted no no no on any measure of this sort. Four Senate Republicans did vote aye on Lilly Ledbetter back in 2009. Yep, you guessed it: the “girls”—Collins, Hutchison, Murkowski, Snowe. Not a single man. In the House, Ledbetter got three.

It’s partly a corporate thing, a business thing. But mostly it’s cultural. Women just aren’t supposed to be that pushy. “All Republicans support equal pay for equal work,” claimed the first sentence of the memo Kukowski and two colleagues released Tuesday. Of course, they have to say that. But obviously, all Republicans do not, or they’d have done something, on their terms, during those six years Bush and Denny Hastert and Bill Frist were running things. Very few Republicans do. Especially the Southern ones, who by and large run the party, or at least provide its cultural ballast. It isn’t how they were raised, and it doesn’t feel right to them. They think the Paycheck Fairness Act has its origins in that night when a likkered-up Mickey Gilley slashed Johnny Paycheck’s tires.

Shorter Tomasky: Damn sexist southern Republicans … Also, can you believe conservative women are so stupid?


Very impressive.


Michael’s quite a catch.


Guess he got shot down one too many times. Color us surprised.

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They Claimed Their Little Girl Went Missing But Police Found Her Hidden In Their Restaurant

79.3 percent of reported accounts of child abuse involve one or both of the child’s parents.

A couple in Jackson, Ohio, recently contributed to this statistic. With two children and their own business to look after, their plate was certainly full. From the outside, the family seemed to be happy, but that facade crumbled once the couple’s five-year-old daughter was found dead.

The parents of Ashley Zhao told police that she was missing earlier this month. According to them, when her mother went to check on her after a nap, she was nowhere to be found.

A child advisory was issued for the area, as police suspected that the little girl had wandered out the back door of the couple’s restaurant.

More than 70 police officers, the FBI, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations were all looking for Ashley. The search finally ended when the girl’s dead body was discovered in the back of the restaurant.

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