Sen. Ted Cruz pulling no punches on amnesty, Sandy pork!/watsonwfaa/status/296036552633638913

As Twitchy reported, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wasted no time putting his new @SenTedCruz Twitter account to work, coming out of the gate to accuse President Obama of scaring people with talk of a default on the nation’s debt. Don’t think that Cruz is reserving the tough talk for the president only; tonight’s tweets take on his Senate colleagues.

Appreciate efforts to fix broken immigration system. However, I have deep concerns w/ proposed path to citizenship:

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) January 28, 2013

I appreciate the good work that senators in both parties have put into trying to fix our broken immigration system. There are some good elements in this proposal, especially increasing the resources and manpower to secure our border and also improving and streamlining legal immigration. However, I have deep concerns with the proposed path to citizenship. To allow those who came here illegally to be placed on such a path is both inconsistent with rule of law and profoundly unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited years, if not decades, to come to America legally.

Hold the line, @sentedcruz. Thank you. #shamnesty

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 28, 2013

Just last weekend, Cruz had reporters clutching their pearls after he appeared on “Meet the Press” and accused Obama of exploiting the Sandy Hook massacre within minutes to push for stronger gun control. Will the blowback from that comment have a chilling effect on the freshman senator? Don’t count on it — Cruz defended his vote tonight against the pork-laden Sandy relief package by accusing senators of “exploiting victims of natural disasters.”

Emergency relief for Hurricane Sandy victims should not be used as a Christmas tree for billions in unrelated spending:

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) January 29, 2013

Hurricane Sandy inflicted devastating damage on the East Coast, and Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief. Unfortunately, cynical politicians in Washington could not resist loading up this relief bill with billions in new spending utterly unrelated to Sandy.

Emergency relief for the families who are suffering from this natural disaster should not be used as a Christmas tree for billions in unrelated spending, including projects such as Smithsonian repairs, upgrades to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration airplanes, and more funding for Head Start.

Two thirds of this spending is not remotely “emergency”; the Congressional Budget Office estimates that only 30% of the authorized funds would be spent in the next 20 months, and over a billion dollars will be spent as late as 2021.

This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington – an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.

There’s no way Cruz is going to get a big bear hug from Gov. Chris Christie if he keeps talking like that.

@sentedcruz Keep talking Ted.I like what I am hearing!!!

— Ohio Conservative (@43202guy) January 29, 2013

Hey, is Sen. McCain still using that “Maverick” nickname? If not, it might be time to pass it on.

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Unconfirmed rumor: Gaga, Beyonce, Jessie J to appear in next Bruno Mars album!/HabbGaga/status/224437394257100800

The rumor is being attributed to OK Magazine, but there is no mention of it on OK Magazine’s Twitter feed.

Is it true? its it false? Is it the best thing since sliced bread? The most horrible news since The Sing-Off was canceled? Everyone, it seems, has an opinion:

One thing’s for sure: Bruno Mars is one of the most talented male singer-songwriters in the business. With or without Gaga et al.,  his next album will be playing on repeat at Twitchy HQ.

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: Don’t you worry about the owner in China!/BuzzFeedBen/status/255310175777484800

There’s a reason it’s called BenSmithing when lapdogs pretending to be journalists spin wildly to protect President Eye Candy.

@BuzzFeedBen Yeah because nothing speaks transparency like fraudulent foreign donations…

— JamesKirkLives (@JamesKirkLives) October 8, 2012

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith, a “real journalist,” thinks it’s totally no biggie that the shady website, owned by an American Obama bundler in China, exists to forward foreign visitors to an official Obama donation page.

Since web metrics is the raison d'etre for BuzzFeed, you'd think the #ObamaDotCom story would be square in their wheelhouse. You'd be wrong.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 8, 2012

He did journalism and stuff and figured out there’s nothing going on here.

What? China might be funding Obama's re-election? Yeah, but Big Bird.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 8, 2012

The Government Accountability Institute’s exhaustive investigation into President Obama’s online fundraising (PDF) revealed that 43 percent of traffic to the campaign’s primary website comes from foreign countries. But that astonishing number is dwarfed by the foreign traffic to — a whopping 68 percent of visits.

BREAKING: 68% of internet traffic to comes from foreigners, TIP OF THE ICEBURG > #ohio #virginia

— Precious Liberty (@preciousliberty) October 8, 2012

And it’s not that Team Obama doesn’t know this is going on. The campaign is able to identify the traffic from the major donor’s website through a unique affiliate number.

Fun fact about company behind Owned by an Obama bundler, located in China, and (waitforit) registered in the Caymans.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 8, 2012

Oh, and the bundler, Robert Roche, has extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party government.

Obama bundler tied to China govt – foreign donation website Doodad Pro II: Chinese Boogaloo

— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) October 8, 2012

From the GAI report, excerpted at Hot Air:

In 2008, was purchased by an Obama fundraiser living in Shanghai, China, whose business is heavily dependent on relationships with Chinese state-run television and other state-owned entities.

Roche is a politically connected Democratic Party contributor whose nineteen visits to the White House since 2009 included a private meeting with Obama in the Oval Office. And just for fun, his company is called Acorn International.

Icing on the cake? Company's name is "Acorn."

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 8, 2012

So why should Ben Smith and BuzzFeed have some inkling this is a huge story?

@jeffemanuel implication is that since 68% of the traffic to is non-US, then there are foreign donations occurring.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 8, 2012

But no. The BenSmithing has begun. Nothing to see here. Move along.

If Obama was a republican, @buzzfeedben wouldn't be dismissing it.

— Against Obama (@against_obama) October 8, 2012

A real journalist would be interested in the story. But of course, that's not you, is it… #lapdogmedia @BuzzFeedBen

— Moira Fitzgerald ن (@Moira1987) October 8, 2012

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Memo: Corzine approved $200 million transfer during MF Global’s collapse!/JonahNRO/status/183304402021531648


Jon S. Corzine, MF Global Holding Ltd. (MFGLQ)’s chief executive officer, gave “direct instructions” to transfer $200 million from a customer fund account to meet an overdraft in one of the brokerage’s JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) accounts in London, according to an e-mail sent by a firm executive.

Edith O’Brien, a treasurer for the firm, said in an e-mail sent the afternoon of Oct. 28, three days before the company collapsed, that the transfer of the funds was “Per JC’s direct instructions,” according to a copy of a memo drafted by congressional investigators and obtained by Bloomberg News.

O’Brien’s internal e-mail came as the New York-based broker found intraday credit lines limited by JPMorgan, the firm’s clearing bank as well as one of its custodian banks for segregated customer funds, according to the memo, which was prepared for a March 28 House Financial Services subcommittee hearing on the firm’s collapse. O’Brien is scheduled to testify after being subpoenaed this week.

“Over the course of that week, MF Global (MFGLQ)’s financial position deteriorated, but the firm represented to its regulators and self-regulatory organizations that its customers’ segregated funds were safe,” said the memo, written by Financial Services Committee staff and sent to lawmakers.

Vinay Mahajan, global treasurer of MF Global Holdings, wrote an e-mail on Oct. 28 that said JPMorgan was “holding up vital business in the U.S. as a result” of the overdrawn account, which had to be “fully funded ASAP,” according to the memo.

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‘Should we tell her’? This Kendall Jenner confession seems highly problematic

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Bette Midler says increase in soybean seed prices has been ‘deadly.’ Or something.!/BetteMidler/status/334116691170697216

The referenced article is primarily about a unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding Monsanto’s patent rights. Here is the final paragraph of the article that has Bette Midler so upset:

The report noted that three big companies now control more than half of the global seed market — a position that has sent prices soaring. The report said the average cost of planting an acre of soybeans had risen 325% between 1995 and 2011.

Yes, prices of soybean seeds have soared as genetically-modified seeds, which are more expensive than traditional seeds, have come to dominate the market.

Guess what? No farmer was forced to buy the newer, genetically-modified seeds. According to the New York Times, the farmers chose to do so because they think the new seeds are better than the old ones:

Many farmers have been willing to pay a premium price because the genetically engineered seeds that make up most of the market come with advantages. Genetic modifications for both corn and soybeans make the crops resistant to herbicides, simplifying weed control and saving labor, fuel and machinery costs. Many genetically engineered corn and cotton seeds also resist insect pests, which cuts down on chemical spraying.

That’s right. Farmers have been buying the new, more expensive seeds in order to reduce the amount they spend on weed control and chemical spraying. The horror!

In any case, the price of soybeans themselves (as opposed to the price of soybean seeds) has increased only 7.25 percent during the last 5 years.

That’s lower than the rate of inflation in the economy as a whole.

How, exactly, is any of this “deadly”?  Who exactly has died as a result of rising soybean seed prices?

Or is Midler’s point that genetically-modified soybeans themselves are deadly? If so, where is the evidence for that and what does it have to do with the last paragraph of the article she cited?

Well, it’s Bette Midler. It isn’t supposed to make sense.

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In India, There Is A Gigantic Tree That Is Bigger Than A Walmart Store.

In India, there is a species of tree known as a banyan. These trees have a unique root system that can take up a lot of space. The roots grow out horizontally, spreading the tree out. Near Kolkata, there is a giant banyan tree that uses its roots to stretch out across the land. In fact, it’s so big, it actually takes up more space than an average Walmart store. It’s hard to believe, but when you see the tree for yourself, you’ll understand.

This may look like a forest, but it’s just one tree.

business insider

And that tree is about the size of a Walmart.

business insider

Its aerial roots cover 3.5 square acres.

business insider

That’s about 156,000 square feet.

business insider

Your average Walmart? It is 105,000 square feet.

business insider

That is a LOT of tree to handle.

business insider

(H/T Business Insider) Imagine building a treehouse in a banyan like this. It wouldn’t just be a house, it would be a city. This tree is still alive, with healthy roots. It’s amazing such a large tree could withstand the test of time and not receive too much damage. There is no other tree quite like this one. Click below to share it with your friends.

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This Professor Was Just Doing His Job On Live TV But The Kids Had Other Plans

If you’re a parent and you work from home, you know how hard it can be to get the job done with little ones running around.

Fortunately for you, however, you probably don’t have to deal with any of the fallout on live television. That wasn’t the case for this guy who’s probably too embarrassed to go outside at this point. It all started during a live interview with the BBC as Professor Robert Kelly was outlining the intricacies of South Korea’s current presidential problem. You know, easy stuff.

But these kids? They didn’t give a damn about his nonsense. If he got to be on TV, why shouldn’t they? Wanting to get that promo, an older kiddo sashayed right into the frame and because Murphy’s Law is a thing, a baby quickly followed suit. Watching it all unfold is top-notch comic relief now that it feels like the world is falling apart and whatever.

Prof: “I just want to live my life and do my job.” Kids: “OH HELL NAW.”

Read More: 18 Kids That Prove It’s Dangerous Business Raising Tiny Humans

Be sure to share this with the parents in your life to let them know that the next time their kid embarrasses them at soccer practice, they’ve still got nothing on this. And to Professor Kelly, I’m so sorry the internet exists.

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America rejoices as Twinkies head back to store shelves!/ibeasmart1/status/311594963379040256

If all goes well, Twinkies and Ho-Hos will return to store shelves by summer, as private equity firm Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. submitted a $410 million bid to buy the bankrupt Hostess Brands. The news might disappoint Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama and anyone who had stashed boxes of Twinkies in the freezer as an investment, but for the most part, Americans are thrilled that Twinkie-pocalypse wasn’t necessarily the end.

Just heard a rumor floating around #SXSW that Twinkies are going to be back by summer!!!

— SiteGoals Web Design (@SiteGoals) March 12, 2013

Hopefully they aren’t playing with my emotions….but the twinkies are making a comeback?!!!? #Yes!!

— Rachel McKoy (@MzMcKoy) March 12, 2013

Twinkies are returning.All is well in the world.

— Alan (@cuppingmaster) March 12, 2013

First, the soda ban was overturned. Now, Twinkies are returning.

— EMP_Waldangerous (@waldangerous) March 12, 2013

HALLELUJAH! I may get to finish the Twinkie stash in my office.

— Jigbie Aguirre (@CMPLICATD) March 12, 2013

Twinkies are coming back this summer!!! I repeat, TWINKIES ARE COMIN BACK!!! Lol

— Mr. 100 Bottles (@boobiegotti2) March 12, 2013

So I can start eating my stash? RT @kfyi Twinkies may be back on store shelves by this summer. That’s the word from the new owner of Hostess

— Kristen Jarnagin (@krisjar) March 12, 2013

Twinkies are coming back!!! Thank the good Lord above! :)

— Erik Lyons (@3ML21) March 12, 2013

@moviepastor We serve a great and powerful God…Twinkies are coming back!!!!

— Chris Elrod (@ChrisElrod) March 12, 2013

Hah told my mom twinkies are coming back she felt pretty dumb for freezing 40+ twinkies in our freezer

— Sam Moreno (@Sam_iAM12) March 12, 2013

The news isn’t good for unions either. The New York Post reports that Apollo will outsource production to existing bakeries and distribution to third-party drivers rather than reopen shuttered Hostess plants.

Twinkies are back! The market got rid of one set of entrepreneurs and replaced them with no government bailout!…

— Mark Thornton (@DrMarkThornton) March 12, 2013

Billionaire buys Twinkies; will restart production. Won’t rehire union workers who drove company out of business.

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) March 12, 2013

Twinkies are back, dude.But the unions lost big. Apollo will use third-party groups to bake and…

— Dustin Tate (@dustintate) March 12, 2013

Will Twinkies taste better when they are NOT made by union thugs with pensions that outlast the product? via @nypost

— Georgette Orwell (@Orwell_2012) March 12, 2013

Hostess gets $410M for Twinkies brand and union thugs get pink slips. I love America #p2…

— Nathan Hale (@NathanHale1775) March 12, 2013

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