Sally Kohn shows lib desperation on Ebola in one hacktastic tweet!/BabyGirlHarlow/status/528192057769480192

Sally Kohn, no stranger to the pages of Twitchy, is at it again. Check out her latest, this time a “desperate” attempt to link Ebola to one of the favorite lib talking points that decries those darn MALE politicians who keep making medical decisions:

Yes, Sally. Do blame the males. Those stupid, stupid males! But is it really just a male problem as you say?

For example Sen. Mary Landrieu, as we reported, is for the same Ebola travel restrictions as her male counterparts. Why doesn’t Sen. Landrieu’s opinion count?

Or what about Sen. Kay Hagan?

She is most definitely a woman, too. Also the latest polling shows that 80 percent of all Americans are in favor of Ebola quarantines. You don’t have to have a degree in Common-Core math to know that women make up a sizable portion of that 80 percent. So, what’s really going on here?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes, this is about Sally Kohn and other self-righteous libs telling us what’s best, because they think we can’t figure it out for ourselves.

No, silly. That’s not the same.

A good question.

Kohn has no real answers for this. Because male politicians who she agrees with are totally cool; it’s just the male politicians who should doesn’t agree with who are the problem.

Don’t give Sally any ideas, Angry Baldiwn. You just know that racism is the next Ebola-infected shoe to drop.


Full Twitchy coverage of Sally Kohn here.




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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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This Is Why You Hire Professionals When You Need To Raze A Structure

There’s nothing more defeating than when you have to call a handyman to take care of business, but when it comes to demolition, you should definitely leave it to the professionals.

This guy was tired of his old silo, so he decided to take a sledge hammer to it himself. I’m sure he just wanted to put a dent in it, but wait until you see what happened.

Warning: language is definitely NSFW.

I’m not even sure what happened here. Is this guy really that strong, or was his silo built out of graham crackers? Either way, I’m glad he got out of there before gravity could punish him for following through with such a horrible idea.

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Lindsey Graham optimistic about prospects of Shamnesty!/GrahamBlog/status/320910313107095552

On NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and via his Twitter account, Sen. Lindsey Graham cheerfully reports that progress on “immigration reform” (aka amnesty) legislation is coming along.

The agreement between labor and business regarding high skill and low skill labor program is essential for the bill. #immigration

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

I’m confident the agreement we have today will hold unless we continually revisit issues relating to temporary workers. #immigration

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

And we are confident that compromising core principles could easily lead to the downfall of the Republican Party.

This is our best chance for comprehensive #immigration reform and I’m optimistic we will be able to soon produce a bill.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

He also declared that, “the politics of self-deportation are behind us.”

@politics24x7 Lindsey Graham is a RINO Progressive! South Carolina, he needs to be Voted OUT!!

— james day (@jamesda57) April 7, 2013

Lindsey Graham is encouraged by the leadership Obama is showing? Pull your head out of your ass buddy. #tcot #mtp

— aGinTexas (@ag_texas) April 7, 2013

Why don’t we just forget all of the immigrants who are legally and patiently waiting in line for citizenship?

@lindseygrahamscDo not cave! Do not reward CRIMINALS with path to U.S. Citizenship,Do not punish people waiting to legally immigrate!

— Obama Lied (@AmericaDied) April 7, 2013

@lindseygrahamsc said U.S. Economy cannot grow without legalizing criminals BS!Americans will grow economy if government gets out of the way

— Obama Lied (@AmericaDied) April 7, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham: “Self deportation is a thing if the past.” “Grand bargain including additional revenues is possible.” Stunning!

— Chip Sayre (@acsayre) April 7, 2013

.@grahamblog and the borders will stay open and you can do it all over again in 10 yrs. BTW the 11 million number is bogus. Its closer to 40

— Alan Levesque (@DailyPamphlet) April 7, 2013

Where was the discussion about border security?

Hey #marcorubio, Lindsey Graham happily invoked ur name on #meetthepress but no mention of border security until the last second.#tcot

— Thomas Blom (@BlomTom) April 7, 2013

Many just want to know why Graham is such a frequent guest on Sunday shows.

Question: Would it be too much to ask Sunday show bookers to give us a week off from South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham? Kthx.

— Jeff Poor (@jeff_poor) April 7, 2013

Once again, @meetthepress mistakes the fact that Lindsey Graham is always willing to talk with the idea that anyone is willing to listen…

— J P (@RileyRebel129) April 7, 2013

I am really bored with the media pretending that John McCain or Lindsey Graham are somehow spokespeople for the @gop .

— Marc T Grove (@mtgrove) April 7, 2013

Editor’s note: This post was edited to correct a typo in the headline. We apologize for the error.


Schooling with truth and civil discourse: Michelle Malkin, Jose Vargas tweet-talk illegal immigration

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Karl Rove makes Howard Kurtz wonder if cable news networks are too partisan!/HowardKurtz/status/267756697156734976

So, it took Karl Rove’s on-air performance on Election Day to inspire Newsweek’s Howard Kurtz to ask if television news networks should “drop partisans” from their lineups? Not only does Kurtz write for Newsweek — the magazine this week featuring President Obama dressed as Napoleon on its cover — he also hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” so we assume he owns a TV and gets CNN and some of those other networks.

Twitter tries to clue him in to what’s been going on in network newsrooms for the past, oh, 50 years.

@howardkurtz You mean like @gstephanopoulos@joetrippi I mean, really. They’re still entrenched Democrat operatives.Please.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz You mean like James Carville on CNN?

— Randy Johnson (@RandyJohnsonLA) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz how about George Stephaneous and Joe Trippi?

— lindapetrou (@lindapetrou) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz Yes, party operatives need to go. CNN should ditch Begala, Castellanos They’re savvy, but they’re shills.

— Edward St. Clair (@EdwardAloysius) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz WTF? Has Matthews or O’Donnell or Bashir or others at most biased network ever gone 2 far? You just hate that Fox rules.

— Depoguy (@depoguy) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz If all networks dropped partisans, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC would all go out of business.

— Wes Stephens (@RockyTop_VA) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz STILL on that Howie?You really do get hung up on goofy things Rs do.Matthews and Bashir comments so much worse than Rove

— JUDY STAHL-REYNOLDS (@judyastahl) November 12, 2012

Will Kurtz approach CNN management and demand to be let go?

@howardkurtz Then they should drop you…correct?

— john giglio (@lilium479) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz The Question is Should YOU be on Television or CNN!

— Chitown2424 (@chitown2424) November 11, 2012


Howard Kurtz, Rick Klein, other media squee: Obama is ‘rising above,’ totally meant to give lame DNC speech

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‘Masterful trolling’! Attn. media covering the GOP debate: Here’s your WiFi password

Tomorrow night at the Milwaukee Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the fourth Republican debate will take place. It will be broadcast on Fox Business Channel.

Media in attendance will have WiFi access provided they have the password:

Well played!

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10 Engagement Ring Alternatives You Should Consider

Do you really need to put a ring on it?

Alice Mongkongllite for BuzzFeed Design

If you’re thinking of getting married soon, you’re probably thinking about your engagement ring.

Filckr: mastababa/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mastababa

Hey, even if you aren’t getting married soon, you’ve probably thought about the ring. Who could blame you? Diamond rings are the norm nowadays.

Here’s the thing: Diamond rings are actually pretty arbitrary.

Flickr: Jdickert/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jdickert

Are they hella beautiful? Sure. Are they a necessary token of your marriage-to-be? Not so much.

The tradition of diamond engagement rings is still relatively new.

Flickr: Clotho98/Creative Commons / Via

They weren’t even around (or popular!) before the 1930s. That’s only 85(ish) years of diamonds.

Plus, they can get pretty expensive. As of 2013, the average engagement ring costs about $4,000.

Flicker: Austin Uphoff/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 123379727@N03

Add to that the fact that the average wedding ring costs $1,000 for women and $500 for men, and on average, women are wearing about $5,000 on their ring fingers for the rest of their lives.

And that’s just the average. Engagement rings at Zales range from $41–$52,229.

Zales / Via

Fifty-two thousand, two hundred and twenty-nine dollars.

And what if you don’t even like wearing jewelry?

Flickr: rashdan/Creative Commons / Via

Maybe you’re more of an earrings person. Or a necklace person. Or a nothing person because you don’t want to wear anything.

Do you need to spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring, especially when you’ll likely also be wearing a wedding ring for the duration of your marriage? Or is there another, equally valid, way to spend this money instead?

Tim Will / Via

Engagement rings are a beautiful tradition, but when you’re making this big of a financial decision, it’s important to weigh your options.

Before you make up your mind on a diamond, consider these alternatives.

Carl Zoch / Via

You may just end up with something you’d never considered before!

1. Start an “adventure fund” savings account and use the money throughout your relationship.

David Campbell Imagery / Via

Sit down with your significant other and think about shared experiences you want to have. Then, set up a new savings account so the money’s purpose is clearly marked. Your adventures can be anything that feels exciting to you, whether that’s taking cooking classes together, climbing Machu Picchu, or going to as many concerts as possible. You don’t need to figure out the exact adventure right away, but knowing that you’ve got a separate stash of cash to fund your exploit will allow you to share a really fun experience on a whim.

2. Buy several bottles of the most expensive wine you can find. Together, choose specific milestones on which you’ll open each bottle in celebration.

iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

Do you want to travel to all seven continents? Do you want to have children? Are you in a successful business together? Label each bottle of wine with your chosen milestones, then put them away, only bringing them out on these special occasions. Whatever kind of life you see yourselves having, make time to celebrate happy moments of success by indulging in some engagement vino together.

3. Buy two Round the World tickets and travel to your heart’s content.

Terra Lange / Via

Booked through an airline alliance, Round the World tickets can cost anywhere from $2,700 to $10,000 depending on how many stops you book, the route you take, and the mileage you already have with airlines. A ticket is valid for one year from the start date of your trip, and you must start and finish the trip in the same country. Like most travel, it takes quite a bit of planning, but traveling to new places with your partner creates an incredible bond unlike any other. Get an idea for your trip at

4. Put the money toward a down payment on a house and lessen the financial burden of being a homeowner.

Flickr: Bambe1964/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bambe1964

The average down payment on a house is about 20% of the cost. As of November 2014, the average cost of a house was $321,800, meaning that the average down payment is $64,360, according to the U.S. Census. No matter how much money you’d be spending on a ring, that’s a hefty percentage of money you can use to buy a house instead.

5. Or, if you’ve already got a place, furnish it into your dream home.

Homepolish / Via

Home is where you’ll spend the majority of your time together, so make your shared space as warm and welcoming as possible. Get that ridiculously comfortable couch, or a bed you’d want to stay in for days, or every kitchen appliance you could ever need to cook amazing food. If you’ve got a bigger budget, buy them all!

6. Adopt a pet together and start nurturing another life.

Lauren Whitticom (Swooned) / Via

Adopted dogs can cost anywhere from $1,300–$1,900 for the first year of their lives. Surprisingly, cats aren’t that much cheaper, as they cost around $1,050 in their first year, according to the ASPCA. Co-parenting a pet can be a huge teamwork builder, which is an incredibly valuable experience for couples who are starting the rest of their lives together.

7. Pay your partner’s student loans and free yourselves of debt before beginning life together.

Simon Cunningham / Via

Money can be a huge cause for tension in a relationship, which means getting rid of financial debt before marriage can alleviate a lot of stress. The average student graduates college with about $30,000 in loan debt, and interest only builds on top of that debt. The standard repayment plan is about 10 years from the time someone graduates school to get out of debt. Pair this with the average marriage age in the U.S. being 27 for women and 29 for men, and you’ve got a whole lot of people getting married with a whole lot of debt.

8. Get season tickets to your favorite kind of event and have built-in date time.

Flickr: ratkobozovic/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ratkobozovic

If there’s a recurring activity you enjoy doing together and there’s a season ticket option, it’s worth investing in. One NFL season ticket can range from $480–$1,700, ski lift season passes can go from $350–$600 each, and annual passes for Disney start at $634 per person. Explore season options for your favorite kinds of dates and you’ll likely be able to buy a few seasons’ worth of passes for the amount of money you’d have spent on an engagement ring.

9. Invest in [insert activity you’re both passionate about here] equipment and be prepared for all kinds of bonding time.

Flicker: Joe Thorn/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: joethorn

You know what can get expensive? Camping equipment for backpacking, which can run you up to $2,200 per person. You know what else is pretty costly? Instruments, like a digital piano that can cost around $1,100. Some interests are more expensive than others, but whatever you’re interested in, being able to afford the equipment you need to really pursue your passion together can make you and your partner all kinds of happy.

10. Buy a timeshare in a vacation spot you love and have a getaway every year.

Tim Will / Via

The average one-week timeshare costs about $19,000 up front with annual fees of $660. Here’s the beauty: You can either have a weeklong vacation booked every year, or rent it out during the years you’re not using it so you don’t lose out on your money. You’ll create a tradition the two of you can enjoy together, and if you can get the week of your anniversary or the day you met, it’ll be even more sentimental.

Whichever you decide, remember the most important part: love.

Flickr: Jackie Nell/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nelljd

You’re getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love! That’s what matters most.

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Rand Paul zings Obama: PowerPoint presentations are not due process!/SenRandPaul/status/337662401132511234

The world turned fully upside down today when Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin heckled President Obama during a national security speech, completing the 360-degree turn begun when Code Pink presented Republican Sen. Rand Paul with a hand-made thank-you valentine. Paul had won appreciation from both sides of the political aisle for his filibuster demanding Attorney General Eric Holder clarify the Obama administration’s policy on targeting American citizens with drones. As much as the president likes to stay above the dirty business of the war on terror, Paul and others insist he display leadership on the issue of targeting American citizens.

Paul posted a brief press release in response to the president’s speech:!/SenRandPaul/status/337662117148766208!/SenRandPaul/status/337662500155834368

Paul’s stance on due process continues to flabbergast liberals who find themselves defending a rather “hawkish” President Obama and, by extension, George W. Bush. Much as MSNBC host Touré did, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis has come out of the closet as a drone program supporter, even under Bush.!/owillis/status/337665658764525569!/owillis/status/337665929192275970!/owillis/status/337666240912973825!/dmataconis/status/337666434798858240!/dmataconis/status/337666656593653760

Whatever it might have accomplished aside from allowing him to spike the Osama bin Laden football one more time, the president’s speech failed to settle the issue.!/JayJoyce/status/337664293682180096!/Rob_N_SoCal/status/337662672407494656!/Gavin_Sub/status/337662789072089088!/supergabriella/status/337662474495082496

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Deep thought of the day from Obama: ‘I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.’!/BarackObama/status/250394413258391553

President Barack Obama, a community organizer who denigrated small-business owners and presided over 43 months of 8+ percent unemployment, is telling America how to increase economic growth. Some, however, are taking Obama’s trite slogan with a heavy grain of salt:

@guerilla_monkey Says guy who blew $500M on #Solyndra scam @BarackObama “I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.”

— shimauma (@shimauma2) September 25, 2012

Says guy who's never even ran a lemonade stand: MT @BarackObama: “I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.” #tcot

— Dr. Milton Wolf (@miltonwolfmd) September 25, 2012

Like hearing sobriety advice from @lindsaylohan: MT @BarackObama: “I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.” #tcot

— Dr. Milton Wolf (@miltonwolfmd) September 25, 2012

You're thinking of beer bellies. RT @BarackObama: "I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.”

— Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) September 25, 2012

How is Obama going to grow the economy with 40,000 new regulations on business Jan 1, he's not its just another lie!

— Christopher Hand (@Handcd) September 25, 2012

What exactly does this blather about “growing the economy from the middle out” mean anyway? Does President Obama really expect Americans to believe that successful innovators like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos didn’t create American jobs or improve the U.S. economy? Who knows? The media aren’t exactly pressing him for details:

By the way, Obama sort of threw the 47% under the bus:

"from the middle out, not the top down" gee, what's NOT getting mentioned there?

— Scott Madin (@ScottMadin) September 25, 2012

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Not so fast: Bette Midler thrilled Calif. ‘JUST BANNED PLASTIC BAGS!!’!/BetteMidler/status/505698043732451328

California has banned plastic bags? Count singer, actress and climate change alarmist Bette Midler among the giddy.

Not to remove any of the wind from beneath Midler’s wings, but her celebration is, for now, premature:!/MicheleBerkowi1/status/505698794508267520

It’s not quite there:!/CapitolAlert/status/505604096187826178

The bill could sit on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for a while:

The measure could be politically difficult for Brown, a longtime champion of environmental causes but a relatively moderate Democrat, especially on issues of concern to business.
The plastic bag ban is one of hundreds of bills the governor will act on in coming weeks. His office typically does not comment on pending legislation, and it declined to comment Friday on the bag bill.

In other words, the science is not yet settled on Midler’s tweet.



‘I know how to fill a bustier': Bette Midler asks if she should give Congress a go

Bette Midler offers definitive proof of global warming; Deniers suffer ‘extreme stupidity’

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