Social media star Hayes Grier sics army of Twitter followers on US Airways!/becky_m99/status/516349673737842689

At 14, social media phenomenon Hayes Grier has more than 1.8 million Twitter followers and 3 million subscribers on Vine. What he didn’t have Sunday was a seat on his plane, leading his army of followers to send #usairwayssucks trending.

Hey so Ive been in the BNA airport for 2 hours walk up to my gate and see that @USAirways gave our seats away to people right in front of us

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

Thank you for HORRIBLE service. @USAirways are you gonna give me another auto response?

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

Your employees are rude,disrespectful and act like they hate their job. @USAirways

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

RT for a follow!! #usaairwayssucks

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

Telling me to DM you and then not respond? Wow very professional @USAirways

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

The more you guys tweet #usairwayssucks the more likely it is for me to follow you 😘 goo!

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

I just went on a rage.

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

Woah 😳😂

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

The airport just called me over the intercom. Suspense

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

This is great

— Hayes Grier (@HayesGrier) September 28, 2014

Grier’s apparently going to leave us in suspense; that was his last tweet on the subject. His followers wanted their promised follows, though, as well as to prove that they had Grier’s back.

#usairwayssucks fuck you

— married to cam (@cashvouge) September 28, 2014

#usairwayssucks thats why i always fly w delta

— bella TYSM HAYES (@snowconegrier) September 28, 2014

#usairwayssucks stop being a pussy and directly contact hayes

— married to cam (@cashvouge) September 28, 2014

#usairwayssucks get your shit together

— THANJ YOU HAYES (@wtfhayesx) September 28, 2014

What a great day to be the social media manager for US Airways.

#usairwayssucks I'm going to America next summer and let's just say, I won't by flying with you.

— KATIE (@katiexespinosa) September 28, 2014

@USAirways never ever fly US airways #usairwayssucks @HayesGrier

— Bella Claire (@BellaBauer13) September 28, 2014

@jordanneumann1 @HayesGrier @chelseaxxx_ HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! @USAirways YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES #usaairwayssucks

— ∞ B R I A N N E ∞ (@mebrianne) September 28, 2014

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW US AIRWAYS EXISTED UNTIL TODAY ✈️😳✈️😳✈️😳✈️😳✈️😳✈️ #usaairwayssucks #usaairwayssucks @HayesGrier x15

— HAYES PLEASE ♡ (@becausecamm) September 28, 2014

#usaairwayssucks @HayesGrier WE GOT YOUR BACK HAYES #usaairwayssucks @HayesGrier Get better service @HayesGrier X13

— FOLLOW ME HAYES? (@wakinghayes) September 28, 2014

hey guys! hey guys! guess what? US Airways sucks! 😂 #usaairwayssucks @HayesGrier

— Kay Ostberg (@ksostberg) September 28, 2014

#usaairwayssucks YOU GUYS SUCK ASS LET HAYES FLY HES BETTER THAN YOULL EVER BE @HayesGrier #usaairwayssucks x

— daniella (@scutejohnson) September 28, 2014

Grier retweeted that one, so it must be true.

But we could honestly put them out of business we are a pretty powerful fandom 😂 @HayesGrier #usairwayssucks

— taylor/ PLEASE HAYES (@MagicallyCam) September 28, 2014

Um, no.

hayes stop being a god damn pussy and starting a hashtag while throwing a fit bc you didnt get your way #usairwayssucks

— lana (@iIlestcabello) September 28, 2014

#usairwayssucks @HayesGrier making a bunch of 12 year olds annoy an airline, that's cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

— seth bishop (@thesethbishop) September 28, 2014

idfc if its for a hayes follow its rude to tweet shit like this no matter how "sucky" something is. #usairwayssucks

— ♛haylee♛ (@jxstinftaxstin) September 28, 2014

Are you guys seriously going to ruin an airways reputation FOR A FOLLOW???? 😒 Thats low….. #usairwayssucks

— jacobdaily3 (@JacobDaily3) September 28, 2014



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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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28 Celebrities Who Made 2014 The Year Of The Bob

Just try to make it through this without wanting to cut your hair.

1. Lauren Conrad

Just after her wedding, Lauren said good-bye to her Pinterest-perfect long locks in favor of this ridiculously stylish non-mom bob.

2. Lucy Hale

Aria Montgomery has never looked better.

3. Gabrielle Union

All hail Mrs. Dwyane Wade and her perfect hair.

4. Emma Stone

Really though, Emma can do no wrong.

5. Lily Collins

Between the brows and the bob, Lily Collins is the picture of perfection.

6. Lala Anthony

Side fringe goes a long way with a bob.

7. Vanessa Hudgens

A bob and bangs!

8. Brooke Burke-Charvet

A bob so pretty it could make a grown man weep.

9. Halle Berry

Kevin Mazur For Getty Images


10. Lo Bosworth

Because best friends get bobs together. LC and Lo forever.

11. Kristin Cavallari

Basically every girl from Laguna Beach now has short hair.

12. Whitney Port

Plus, every girl from The Hills (besides Audrina).

13. Kate Mara

This beauty pulled a double whammy going short AND blonde.

14. Emma Roberts

Going from long and blonde to short and brunette isn’t easy, but Emma made it look like a breeze.

15. Beyoncé


16. Kylie Jenner

The only member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan ballsy enough to say good-bye to her long hair.

17. Hilary Duff

Just call it part of her comeback.

18. Mandy Moore

Pure beauty.

19. Jenna Dewan-Tatum

How can you not want this haircut?

20. Kelly Rowland

Super short bob with bangs, anyone?

21. Britney Spears

Her bob means business.

22. Rita Ora

Blonde bobs for the win.

23. Taylor Swift

She shook the length right off.

24. Jourdan Dunn

If this doesn’t make you want a bob, nothing will.

25. Ashley Benson

China’s Largest Tech Company Throws Its Weight Behind Marriage Equality

Ten couples were chosen by the public to be flown to California to marry this summer in a contest run by the online retailer Alibaba.

Elsie Liao, right, and Mayu Yu kiss in an alley outside the registry office where they asked to be married, before being turned away, in Beijing on Feb. 25, 2013. ED JONES / Getty Images / Via

China’s largest online commerce company has thrown its weight behind marriage equality with its latest PR campaign, which invited the public to vote for 10 same-sex couples who will be flown to California to marry this summer.

The campaign is a publicity stunt for TaoBao, a subsidiary of Alibaba, the company that controls 80% of China’s online retail and does more business than eBay and Amazon combined. More than 75,000 votes were cast to pick 10 couples out of 200 who were shortlisted with the help of four LGBT rights organizations, Reuters reported. The couples will receive a weeklong honeymoon package along with the flight to California. Alibaba spokesperson Melanie Lee told Reuters that it intended the contest to be “a symbolic kind of gesture” that it “hopes to evoke respect and understanding of homosexuality and support the realisation of dreams.”

The contest may have been aimed as much at audiences in California’s tech hubs as in China itself. Alibaba is increasingly positioning itself as a global tech giant, raising $25 billion in the world’s largest IPO ever when it went public on the New York Stock Exchange in September. But this is the latest sign that there are substantial openings to promote LGBT rights in China — where although sodomy was decriminalized around 20 years ago, the couples chosen for this promotion would be unable to marry legally — even as the government keeps a close watch on overtly political activities.

Nine activists were arrested last May in Beijing and ordered to cancel a seminar teaching organizations how to register with the government, which would give them formal permission to operate in the country. The arrests were unusual and part of a larger clampdown on civil society ahead of the 25th anniversary of the 1989 massacre of democracy activists in Tiananmen Square.

Generally, Chinese authorities have tolerated a broad range of LGBT events as long as they were not portrayed as political protests, so there has been a bright line against organizing pride marches. Last May’s arrests were triggered in part because of the participation of a 20-year-old named Xiang Xiaohan, who was arrested the year before for organizing a pride parade in his province of Hunan. A march he’d planned for a short time after the arrests was instead converted into a group hike billed as a social outing.

But authorities have not prevented events that organizers describe as “performance art,” such as staging same-sex weddings on the street or going to government offices to attempt to register unions. LGBT activists have also found some opportunities in the courts. In December, a 30-year-old named Yang Teng won a judgment against a clinic that used electroshock therapy to try to “cure” him of homosexuality and was awarded modest damages equivalent to about $560. In late January, a court in the southern city of Shenzhen heard the country’s first nondiscrimination case brought by a gay man, who said he was fired after posting a coming out video online.

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This Artist Creates Realistic, Emotive Sculptures With Felt, Nylon, And Wire

Over the course of her illustrious career, artist Lisa Lichtenfels has perfectly illustrated what it means to work with boundless scope. After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, she scored every budding artist’s dream gig of working as an apprentice animator with Disney.

While working with some of the best creators in the business, Lichtenfels developed a keen interest in creating stop-motion figures, which is arguably one of the most meticulous methods of all. From there, her fascination grew into a sculptural career of epic (and life-sized) proportions.

With heavy felt, nylon, and wire, this artist brings realistic sculptures to life.

Realism collides with fantasy in her Massachusetts-based studio. She continually experiments with form and function by breathing life into impressively varied subjects. Many of her creations are life-sized models.

The process begins with the creation of a movable wire skeleton.

Yarn is then wrapped tightly around each figure, and the entire model is shaped with heavy layers of white felt.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251602_56eb95cab94f5″, auid: “537251602” });

“I try to use materials that are similar in density and character to the corresponding parts of the human body,” she writes.

“Where muscles need to be flexible, I will use elastic fabric, but for all other areas I use batting. . . . When sewn onto the bones [batting] has much the same feeling as muscle tissue.”

Lichtenfels uses a material called fiberfill to build fatty tissues, since it behaves similarly.

To mimic the texture and behavior of skin, she uses nylon.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251604_56eb95cab9667″, auid: “537251604” });

Features like folds and wrinkles are sewn in with clear thread.

Noses, eyelids, and lips are supported by copper scaffolding. The resulting sculptures are emotive, relatable, identifiable, and full of life.

(via Amusing Planet)

When she started exploring this technique, Lichtenfels thought that she’d return to animation after a year or so. Over two decades later, she’s still at it, and the artist believes that she has so much more to learn about the craft.

To learn more about Lisa Lichtenfels, be sure to check out her website.

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‘Ouch': Polish defense officials rip ‘chickensh*t’ Obama a new one!/michaeldweiss/status/529277268833890304

The people of Poland are worried that they may soon have to defend against aggression from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Some of them are not very confident that NATO will have their back, especially with Barack Obama in the White House.

The article they are referring to was posted to Business Insider earlier this week: Poland Is Preparing For A Potential Russian Invasion

The reporter spoke to an official in the Polish Ministry of Defense who was very blunt about how the Poles view President Obama.

Poles understand that without American leadership there is no NATO in any military sense. Since the onset of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, those fears have multiplied and there are now many in Warsaw who wonder if Obama would really honor Article 5 in a crisis.

Yesterday I spoke with a top Polish MoD official, a man of sober and strongly pro-American views whom I’ve known for years. Referring to this week’s needless White House crisis with Israel, another American ally who has doubts about the current administration, he noted, “I didn’t need the Beltway media to tell me who the real chickens— is.”

“They really have no idea what they are doing,” he opined about Obama and his national security staff, “and we know it. You have no idea how many promises we’ve been given, even by the President himself, but there’s never any follow-up, it’s all talk. He thinks he’s on Oprah.”

A senior Polish Intelligence official also expressed his opinion.

In a similar vein, a senior Polish intelligence official, another veteran of long collaboration with Washington, DC, expressed his skepticism to me.

“Is it 1939 again? I don’t know,” he explained, “but I think Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain,” citing the British prime minister who left Poland in the lurch at the beginning of World War Two.

Well he did tell the Russians he’d have a lot more flexibility after he got reelected.


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Jay Z Is Spending $56 Million To Compete With Spotify… And Dr. Dre

The hip-hop mogul’s most ambitious business move is a big-ticket bid on a hi-fi streaming service.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Dr. Dre became the richest man in music last year in part by successfully building a digital streaming platform, Beats Music, and now Jay Z wants a piece of the action. The hip-hop superstar made waves in the music industry this morning with the announcement of his $56 million bid (464 million Swedish Krona) for Aspiro AB, the Swedish parent company of two streaming services, WiMP and TIDAL.

Pending shareholder and regulatory approval, Project Panther Bidco, a subsidiary of Jay Z’s S. Carter Enterprises, will acquire all shares of Aspiro in an all-cash deal. Aspiro’s board has recommended that shareholders accept the offer.

WiMP and TIDAL are marketed differently, but are essentially the same service. TIDAL, which launched last fall, is the U.S. version of WiMP, a four-year-old Spotify competitor that’s only available in Scandinavia. Much like Spotify, TIDAL offers a large catalog of music — 25 million songs — for on-demand streaming.

But unlike Spotify, and most popular streaming services in the U.S., TIDAL uses a high-fidelity 16-bit streaming protocol, making it a leader in the growing trend of premium audio. It also doesn’t offer a free tier. A subscription to TIDAL costs $19.99 a month, twice the cost of the most expensive version of Spotify.

Apple’s $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics last year included slightly less than $500 million for its Beats Music subsidiary, with many predicting that the streaming service will play a critical role in revitalizing Apple’s own iTunes. The deal earned Dre, a co-owner of Beats Electronics with Jimmy Iovine, a reported $620 million — the most money a musician has ever earned in a single year.

Jay Z, who is a longtime friend and collaborator of Dre’s, most notably on his 2006 comeback album Kingdom Come, has his own history of big ticket business moves. In addition to his clothing company, Rocawear, and full-service music company Roc Nation, he famously bought (and later sold) a share in the New Jersey Nets, helping to move the professional basketball team to Brooklyn in 2012. In 2013, he launched the sports agency Roc Nation Sports in partnership with the Creative Artists Agency.

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Bountygate players fighting back, grievance filed against NFL!/adbrandt/status/198384894613790720

The players involved in Bountygate aren’t cooperating well with the discipline they received from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. On Friday morning the NFL players association filed a grievance against the league.

According to ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt, here are the NFLPA’s claims.

NFLPA grievance appears to take 3 tacts: (1) conduct prior to new CBA – August 4, 2011 – not subject to discipline by NFL.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

(2) That only the CBA "System Arbitrator", not the Commissioner, should be able to punish the players for these actions.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

(3) That even if the first two are somehow not controlling, the appeals should be handled by Art Shell/Ted Cottrell, not Goodell.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 4, 2012

Nobody knows for sure how their claims are going to hold up, but it seems doubtful that any suspensions get reduced.

@adbrandt If I were a QB, I'd be really ticked off at the NFLPA. They're defending intent to injure own membership.

— Michael (@STLMetsFan5) May 4, 2012

The NFLPA is arguing with the commissioner's decision to suspend the coach players. They are lucky that's all they did.

— Fatniss Neverlean (@Sofooo) May 4, 2012

NFLPA couldn't challenge suspension of players for kill shots, then turn around and pimp player safety protocol. So, challenge system.

— Travis Yost (@TravisHeHateMe) May 4, 2012

Less than a year later, it feels like NFL, NFLPA getting ready to battle again. Oh, wait a minute, they're already there.

— Clark Judge (@ClarkJudgeCBS) May 4, 2012!/EzraWard/status/198427355847467008

NFLPA is appealing the Saints* bounty suspensions. Ass-hats are trying to protect the wrong players. Lobby for tougher suspensions instead.

— Ryan Colley (@geekyink) May 4, 2012

What I dont get is the @NFLPA wants players safety Then when some1 violates that safety they get mad when they are punished. Double standard

— Chris Cabrera (@themexicant24) May 4, 2012

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After Saving His Money For Two Years, This Kid Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Some kids sell lemonade to make extra money, but Sebastian Lucas took his apple juice business to a whole new level to achieve his dream of owning a horse. Look at how legit those bottles are!

Sebastian and his little brother had even been taking riding lessons in preparation to purchase a four-legged friend of their own!

After saving up more than $3,000 over the course of two years, Sebastian’s parents decided he had more than earned the right to fulfill that dream. Watch their heartwarming surprise below.

Read More: This Island Is Home To More Ponies Than Humans, So It’s Basically Heaven On Earth

Overcome with emotion about his new equine friend, Sebastian learned that hard work really does pay off. He’s more than happy to share the wealth with his little bro. Congrats, guys! We hope you two have fun galloping off into the sunset.

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But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business

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