Club Penguin Money Maker 2014 [Free Coins]

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Club Penguin Money Maker 2014 [Free Coins]

¡Club Penguin Money Maker!: Enero 2014


  1. hda saal Ane says:

    it doesnt really works when i wait 1 min it restart the site… please help?

  2. Jaylyn Velez says:


  3. Hashem Serafi says:

    thanks! it works :D?

  4. thomas almassy wade says:

    omg it works ?

  5. Jimmy The Gamer says:

    Do this works… I think IT’S A TRAP?

  6. Christina L says:

    Works thanks a lot you really helped me out!!! ?????

  7. campangel123 says:

    This works 100% must try and is the best!

  8. 09999abc says:

    yep banned forever now glad it was my backup?

  9. Brandon De La Cruz says:

    Can you open several tabs of this website at once??

  10. 09999abc says:

    better not get banned trying on my back up first?

  11. Sam Potenza says:

    thanks for this bro?

  12. Jessica Bloxam says:


  13. nataly serrano says:

    Post this anywhere three times 2. Log into your penguin 3. Go to server
    Blizzard 4. Type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN 5. You will now achive
    1,000,00 coins, 50 items from treasure book, forever membership, and five
    rainbow puffles?

  14. Alaina Four Johnston says:

    Me sirvio de maravilla?

  15. Nightcored says:

    found another working one, feb 2014

  16. eric insa garcia says:

    yo tengo una pagina donde te dan 15.000 en 8 min club penguin money maker?

  17. Ethan Nammavong says:


  18. Lucia Pavon says:

    yo conozco un programa que hace lo mismo que esto pero es mejor xq es
    online y no es necesario descargarlo como este…. perdon diego1414 me
    parece muy bueno tu video pero podriamos ahorar mas tiempo emm si quieren
    les paso el link se los dejo : este es de dinero luego
    hay otro que es de ropa :) espero que les sirva?

  19. arturo miranda says:

    sabes tus videos son lo maximo?

  20. Perla Cp says:

    Sólo subió 100?

  21. Marco victor says:

    Chico no se pueden usar hacks ,se lo dire a los de cp?