#ConservativeFastFood shows liberal bigotry; Freedom-lovers teach lesson

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As Twitchy reported earlier, #LiberalFastFood was trending this morning. Lefties got their knickers in a twist, as usual, and tried to start a hashtag of their own: #ConservativeFastFood.

Oh silly liberals upset over #liberalfastfood and started #conservativefastfood, stick to being angry libs, humor isn't your strong suit.

— GOP Girl (@TheRightGurl) August 2, 2012


#ConservativeFastFood uncle tom's chicken

— Black Hippy™ (@papillon_HB) August 2, 2012

Ah, bigotry! Always on the leftist menu. Scratch a leftist, find a racist. African-Americans can’t be conservative; how dare they stray from the leftist plantation?

Christie's Big Boy #ConservativeFastFood

— hardknoxfirst (@hardknoxfirst) August 2, 2012

As always, they can’t beat Governor Christie with ideas, so they must mock his weight.

#ConservativeFastFood – Would you like lies with that? #GetItCauseTheyYuckPoliticsSuck

— opie radio (@OpieRadio) August 2, 2012

#ConservativeFastFood … Burger KKKing

— Beavis H. Presley (@snarkbox) August 2, 2012


Sigh. Seriously, get some new “jokes,” Left. And lose the disgusting bigotry and gay-bashing. It’s always leftists who use being gay as an insult.

Freedom-loving Americans decided to teach a lesson, and took over the hashtag with some truth.



#conservativefastfood The vast majority of successful burger places. They were all built by conservatives (e.g. Carl Karcher)

— The Political Hat (@ThePoliticalHat) August 2, 2012

#ConservativeFastFood some conservative farmer from flyover country that liberals hate produced the beef in the liberal hypocrites burger

— The People's Cube (@ThePeoplesCube) August 2, 2012


Real food instead of composite food #ConservativeFastFood

— Stuart (@Ringo6) August 2, 2012

Latinos allowed to use forks #ConservativeFastFood

— Stuart (@Ringo6) August 2, 2012

i hate how everyones hatin on chikfila. #conservativefastfood? really? grow up. people have different opinions and theyre entitled to it.

— Olivia Perham (@olivepearham) August 2, 2012

Not to the Left. Anyone who thinks for himself is guilty of CrimeThink.

Here’s another one for you: Five Guys, who built their business themselves.

Keep them coming, freedom-lovers.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/02/hashtag-hijack-conservativefastfood-brings-out-liberal-bigotry-freedom-lovers-teach-lesson/