How I Make Money On eBay : Tips on how to get started

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How I Make Money On eBay : Tips on how to get started


  1. simplyshama says:

    in the UK if you haven’t paid off your student loan in 21 years they write
    it off. You also don’t start paying it back until you make over £21,000

  2. EpiicDanza says:

    There is a really good Step-To-Step guide on how to make money one eBay! No
    wholesale directory, no risk and profit guaranteed! Yes it costs £9.95 but
    that’s it! only 25 on sale for now so hurry fast!!?

  3. ManMadeToons says:

    I plan to make 10k in 2 months on ebay.?

  4. Ryan Larson says:

    $130,000 is just what he made in gross sales, and is not his profit. If you
    buy something for $10 and sell it for $15, You make $15 in sales, but only
    $5 profit. His sales do not include his actual cost of the item, the eBay
    fees, the PayPal fees, shipping fees etc so he is making far less than he
    portrays in this video. ?

  5. Ben Tyreman says:

    I agree with everything said here BUT you have to get items for wholesale
    prices WAY below normal prices to expect to make a profit on anything,
    otherwise setting up the business is pointless. ?

  6. shea_ 29 says:

    just do what i do to make money

  7. Diane Big says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your videos.?

  8. David Madison says:

    You set yourself apart in ANY business by your integrity.
    An example is this: One of my partners had to take off for vacation and he
    he stopped all the listings. A friend of mine who wanted to help me with
    Ebay simply re-listed stuff. Now, we found out after the buyer had already
    bought, that he was getting 16 things of software; that were EACH worth
    what he was paying for the whole lot. I thought about it quite a bit;
    because the ad my partner crafted was really confusing. At first, we
    thought that we were only selling 1. Come to find out when we asked, “Were
    you expecting 1 or 6?”, he replied back, “Exactly as the listing said, 6 +
    11 of the Basic.” We had destroyed one box, having to rip it open and
    repackage the six. Then come to find out that there were 11 MORE needing
    to be shipped. We knew that the guy had realized that we had screwed
    ourselves and my friend wanted to re-neg on the whole thing; and give the
    buyer his money back; but he had already spent time conversing back and
    forth. I decided to go ahead and send him the merchandise and package it
    nicely; as I would with our best clients.

    This means that I freely gave away about $600 of merchandise because WE
    made a mistake. I feel that how you re-act when things are small points to
    how you will re-act when things get bigger. What if it were a million
    dollar deal? I would do the same thing; because I believe that a person
    creates relationships with their clients or creates a reputation that
    people can trust. People buy coke and pepsi because they know what they
    are going to get. People deal with people who they trust. I will be that
    guy. My business will be known for its integrity. So many businesses –
    probably 95% will not do the right thing. That’s my edge.?

  9. RobProductions says:

    I’m gonna dig through everything in my house now lol thanks and so many
    spam comments ?

  10. MasterBudono says:

    Man, I’m starting my own eBay clothing business and I don’t think I can
    even make a fraction of that amount. 6 figures in under a year? That’s
    insane! I mean, I know car parts have a great market, but that’s some
    killer cash right there! I’m gonna try to start selling on eBay and do my
    research, hopefully I’ll succeed doing it. If I do, I’ll do my best to
    think of new ideas and expand. Thanks for the motivation Mike!?

  11. Ben Gamer says:

    O MY GOD!!! There are SO many scams here!!!! AHHHHHH!!! P.S. Gr8 vid?

  12. scott bounds says:

    I thought this was an instructional video, 4 minutes and still blah blah

  13. wahhmann123 says:

    Hi, how much of that was profit though??

  14. luckyone says:

    thanks mike this is very useful. ?

  15. Mary Frances Carlton says:

    was that 138k what you sold on ebay or the profit from what you sold on
    ebay? Just curious, I am in the insurance industry and make very close to
    six figures but am trying to find a way to work without the overhead. In my
    current job even though I am self employed I go through cars like water and
    tons of gas money and food/clothing expenses. It would be much more
    efficient to get close to six figures working from home…not to mention
    the hours of driving time that I am not with my family. I am looking at DS
    Domination now. Are you affiliated with that source of ebay/amazon selling?
    Thanks, diymike, nice video too :)?

  16. David Madison says:

    Want to start off by saying that I really dig your hat!

    I promised myself that I would learn Ebay so that I could drum up enough
    capital to invest in assets such as candy machines and rental properties.
    Your video inspired me. You came off as down to earth with sound advice.
    Your back story was a nice touch.

    I, myself, came up off the streets, not due to Ebay; but the kindness of
    the CIRT foundation in Denver. I now live in an apartment in Boulder, CO;
    and I am on my way to becoming wealthy and creating a positive difference
    in this world.

    I subscribed to your channel because you seem to be the real deal; and I
    can usually tell. I’ve just started my own Ebay journey – a friend was
    doing most of the work and I was making 10% by taking the risk with my
    accounts and storing the stuff in my apartment. But now, that he had to
    take off; I’m stepping up my side of things. I set myself this goal of
    watching 3 videos on Ebay every night. Yours is the first video since I
    made that goal!

    Keep up the great videos and thanks!?

  17. theuser1045 says:

    I make good money doing this. I went from a box of football cards in my
    garage to a new computer in a little less than a month or so.?

  18. NizzTv says:

    i list a item and the money get in credit card or anything else. how many
    hours you wait for the money??

  19. Nykia Galicia says:

    Yo ima trust you cause ni55a can get cAzy so if I forget~one v one so not
    me silly rabbit gta gta?

  20. burnout623 says:

    Did you file taxes? do you have to file taxes? if so what form do i do?

  21. Hi I'm Frazer says:

    I would love to kick it for a week with you… It would be so great to be
    able to make that kind of money. I know a lot about football boots lol is
    that too specific… Maybe sporting goods.?

  22. Kay Cee says:

    Glad to be on board. I enjoyed the information. Thanks much!?

  23. SosaMusik says:

    You are literally………..The Man.?

  24. Lloyd Weathersby says:

    My motivation, my brother from another mother. Thanks man.?

  25. MasterOfAwsome says:

    thanx bro, this’ll help me start?