how to earn money through internet by Sai Satish at Hyderabad IMPACT 2014

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how to earn money through internet by Sai Satish at Hyderabad IMPACT 2014


  1. Neil Singh says:

    sir i do have skills in Photo Editing basically in Photoshop.Can You
    suggest me some websites where i can really find a real job for me online??

  2. vamshi darreddy says:

    satish garu free lancer lo skills unte exam rayale kada a exam lo select
    aythene manaku project vastundi kada but exam rayalante endulo money pay
    cheyavantadu satish garu will i have to pay money for writing the exam?
    please tell me satish garu?

  3. savory icon says:

    This video is worth a million dollars, thanks to Sai and million thanks to
    gampa Garu for uploading this video. Extremely valuable content?

  4. MAD Graphics Studio says:

    Good morning .. and Good Evining .. loolz ok vampires ?

  5. Acertht10 says:

    Sai, one of the wonderful video which i saw in youtube. your earning & at
    the same time ur making aware of it to all of them. Really Appreciated. A
    big hatsoff to U.?

  6. suman manigamu says:

    Sir to create a social website which domain and host will be better? And
    after getting it online who we will get payed for visitors? ?

  7. sunny roy says:

    it an awesome useful video that i have ever seen ,please convey my best
    regards to satish,Also thank you Nag sir for uploading video.?

  8. Jampala Laxminarayana says:

    he is the real indian.every one be an indian,not as begger. i wish your
    nature mr,sai satish.?

  9. Mayank Patel says:

    I can’t understand this ?

  10. ABHISHEK KASI says:

    Awesome sir tq fr uah valuble information.sir I visited ocwmit but there is
    no any signup options n they mentioned no certificates issued in ocw, then
    hw can we mention that cource in a resume sir

  11. Vigneshwar Balay says:

    can i also record some levels of some games (played by me) and upload it to
    youtube to earn??

  12. Anvith Raj says:

    good work and thank you very much for clearing my doubts about online
    money earning..?

  13. Ram Kumar says:


  14. vallabhaneni Madhu Kumar says:

    Its good song………….?

  15. Prof. Catastrophe says:

    It’s not that difficult to make money on the web. I make money reselling
    I buy them for $5 here
    and then I sell them on or So far I made
    about $300 in 2 weeks.?

  16. p v satish says:

    chaala chaala baagundhi vedio sir thanks of lot…………….?

  17. Tech book says:

    i am started to flowing your instructions today after one month i will
    post my results…based on your instructions..?

  18. ABHISHEK KASI says:

    Plzzz sir let me knw.?

  19. Nnadu .S says:

    is english version of this video available?

  20. chinnu15227 says:

    sir, i would like to know how many people from andhra or telangana have
    earned by following the above video i.e., steps elaborated in the video. i
    want an honest answer from the people. because i would like to spend much
    of my time to earn online.?

  21. sanjay gupta says:
    click on this link….u will recieve income on this…true story…?

  22. violeta coroianu says:

    hey ,if anyone else trying to find out dog obedience training try *Balarno
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  23. Palla Raghavendran says:

    babooooooooi thanks ammmmmmmmmmmmoommmmmmmmmmmm namaskaram?

  24. ahmed sk says:
    this one of the best free wepage to earn money?

  25. Rokon zaman says:

    This video is really good. I appreciate for your video about make money
    online. thanks for sharing with us.?