How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager!

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How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager!


  1. FashionbyYuyi says:

    *Thumbs up if you’re in the under 301+ club!! :) it’s special* Would A N Y
    O N E like to be YouTube besties?? I sub back and am hosting a giveaway if
    anyone’s interested! <33?

  2. Maya McFarlane says:

    Seems like everybodys talking about opinion outpost; i might just have to
    check it out! :) x?

  3. Anime+MarkiplierLife says:

    You get payed for doing chores? Seriously? My mom expects me to clean the
    dishes or whatever else I have to clean that day and I don’t get payed for
    it .?

  4. Lilly Wayne says:

    *>>>Make Money With Google Sniper System<<<* *2 Hours to Setup and $6,000 a Month Online. No Experience Needed!*?

  5. christina Cover says:

    >>>I had to see what all the fuss was and after seeing with real money how
    he made so much from using his top secret binary software >>?

  6. crafter107 says:

    all these videos are the same, but some things in this video helped a
    little, im 13 and us 13 year olds dont wanna just buy candy, we want
    iPhones and tablets and etc.?

  7. Ashley Twerd says:

    Make Money With Google Sniper System 2 Hours to Setup and $6,000 a Month
    Online No Experience Needed !?

  8. Kabuki says:

    Most of my neighbours walk their own dogs and are having fun that way, one
    of the parent watches the kid and stays home with it or they are with their
    grandparents. I can’t ask my mom for money because we are poor and I hate
    it when I hear that one of ny classmates got a new video game or a PS4. I
    want to make money because I am upgrading a gaming pc and I now a lot about
    computer based stuff.?

  9. Michael Pap says:

    Why didn’t you put make a YouTube channel like yours? U probably don’t do
    any of those things for money, you just make money off YouTube…?

  10. Lyla Revilla says:

    okay what’s an allowance ? seriously… ?

  11. fisbazcan says:

    *>>>>I had to see what all the fuss was and after seeing with with REAL
    money how he made so much from using his TOP secret binary software*?

  12. Lyss says:

    Or you could just get a job…..?

  13. Ikrah Shakoof says:

    I’m 13 and I want to make money. But I want to do something my parents will
    allow which rules out babysitting neighbours kids/pets etc. I am in the UK
    so will the survey site still work? Please reply ASAP!! ?

  14. marisol moreno says:

    I never win anything I sighn up for I guess I just am an unlcky peson:(((((?

  15. queen bella says:

    I wanted to do Opinion Outpost so bad but my parents said no and I have no
    clue why. Does anyone know if there is something bad about it??

  16. ToontownInfiniteGaming says:

    Allowance? I wish that was a thing in my life lol. No matter what I do for
    my mom NO MATTER WHAT, we still can’t afford to pay me even ONE CENT per

  17. Tevin Miles says:

    nice that kids coming out are getting money a good way i remember being
    like 15 selling weed and pills to buy some foams lol good job yall stay
    positive make a difference?

  18. chris green Philly says:

    I know alot of Youtubers promote Opinion Outpost, & I’ve been on that site
    & I have a hard time believing that they actually do it. Often times in
    order to actually do a survey, you have to take a qualifying survey. So you
    often spend 15 minutes on a survey just to be told you don’t qualify for
    the ‘real’ survey. And then you have to do a ton of them just to make a few
    bucks, & like I said, it’s hard to even qualify. Generally also, they’re
    not looking for teens, because most of the surveys seem to be about things
    that the majority of teens aren’t going to be involved in, like for
    example, TONS of them have to do with the home-home repair, home buying,
    appliances, renovations. Tons of them are about insurance, finance,
    banking, mortgages, loans, etc. It’s really not very often you get ones
    that are straight up about things that teens are involved in.?

  19. Michelle Aye says:

    I am 10 ( I don’t mind sharing my age) years old and I really wanna make my
    own money!! I want to try out the site opinion outpost and I haven’t asked
    my parents yet but do you think it is a good idea for a ten year old to do
    that?! HELP HERE! I am in Singapore so will it work?!?

  20. Vaishnavi Sharma says:

    She literally just copied her friends video Sarae I don’t know how to spell
    it but ya ?

  21. Manuel Feijoo says:

    I tried selling my lunch and they gave me $15?

  22. Justice Stewart says:


  23. joel Ramirez says:

    Thing about the dealer ship one wher do i get choclate with no money ? Lol

  24. CyberMC says:

    Who gets an allowance now a days??

  25. Jordan Yarnell says:

    I am in the process of trying to learn to see on ebayfor a little extra
    cash… I also have made a little extra using It is not a lot of money but every bit