Johnny Marr – Easy Money [Official Music Video]

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Johnny Marr – Easy Money [Official Music Video]


  1. Stephanie Lovecat says:

    Haha. He uses his song lyrics like Morrissey does though…
    Listen to Smiths songs and how they repeat phrases frequently or put
    emphasis on certain stylistic drops and highs…the parallels are funny.
    You just can’t separate yourself from your past.
    This is still technically Smiths music. Mozz and Marr try to do things
    without each other but they still reflect the other.

  2. sharrison586 says:

    If you dislike this song I suspect you are deaf, or dead.?

  3. terry fookwitt says:

    This kid’s got potential, how comes he hasn’t done anything else??

  4. SoaringMuse says:

    is it me or did he improve A LOT as a vocalist? good song, hope it’ll grow
    on me more! ?

  5. TheUKJoconna says:

    Whoever he is, he’s going to be BIG!!!!!?

  6. Tim Button says:

    There’s something slightly depressing about hearing a new song on the radio
    you like, getting excited about liking something from the 21st century, and
    then finding out it’s Johnny Marr.?

  7. sam bergstein says:

    Happy Birthday Johnny! Hope someday to meet/ collab with you. I wrote a
    tune that I perform on my channel that I hope someday to have Johnny
    consider playing on and recording. Its worth a shot! Check it out please!?

  8. williella franklin says:

    I love his music. his so adorable.?

  9. Ernesto P says:

    Johnny Marr – Easy Money – ??????????????????????

  10. Mike Yoshida says:

    Johnny so underrated, what took him so long to become solo??

  11. George Doscher says:

    Tuesday Morning, I wake up in my hotel in Oxford and tune in to one of the
    BBC channels. they where airing music sessions with +Johnny Marr so I left
    it on as I was packing for my trip to Glasgow. Loved the music and thought
    to myself I must remember to go and buy this album. Wednesday morning I was
    listening to the regional radio here in Glasgow and what comes on but this
    song, to remind me to go and pick this cd up.

    FYI: I was listening to Johhny Marr songs all through college and beyond
    when he was playing with The Smiths and Electronic.

  12. Alessio Siri says:

    Johnny Marr – Easy Money [Official Music Video]:

  13. TinNo4i says:

    Yesterday heard this song on the radio and immediately fell in love with
    it! It’s a pity that it has less than 1 million views. The song is pretty

  14. Nicola Ciano says:

    this song in my mind since I woke up?

  15. Stefan Hollekamp says:

    … hmm nice but where is the keyboarder???? Miss the typical Marr Git….
    maybe he need Money??

  16. Ged Hegarty says:

    nice one Jonny..n dear Ben The Fall n that tosser smith…could only
    envisage writing such a tune.?

  17. Ben Baxter says:

    The who @ Hyde Park – with Johnny Marr & Paul Weller. (plus many more)..

    …..I’m going!!! I can’t wait to find out who the many more are!!?

  18. Yarii Morales says:

    I’m kinda obsessed with this song?

  19. Alex Hlimankov says:

    Johnny Marr – Easy Money #JohnnyMarr #indie #rock ?? ?????? ???????
    ?????, ??????? ????????? The Smiths…..))?

  20. ??? says:

    Bloody hell. He’s not getting old.?

  21. Kevin Johnson says:

    Call me insane but I love music like this and I love commenting on it… Do
    I have a disease?!?… Is there a “twelve step” for this “bad case”?!??

  22. daniela gori says:

    Johnny Marr – Easy Money [Official Music Video]:

  23. sbecktacular says:

    this is marr of smiths fame?…….
    wonder what Morrissey thinks….lol?

  24. Brian Hyland says:

    Ironic. No money was spent on the video. Although like the song ?

  25. Crystal Ybright says:

    He really is so cute ?