Lindsey Graham optimistic about prospects of Shamnesty

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On NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and via his Twitter account, Sen. Lindsey Graham cheerfully reports that progress on “immigration reform” (aka amnesty) legislation is coming along.

The agreement between labor and business regarding high skill and low skill labor program is essential for the bill. #immigration

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

I’m confident the agreement we have today will hold unless we continually revisit issues relating to temporary workers. #immigration

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

And we are confident that compromising core principles could easily lead to the downfall of the Republican Party.

This is our best chance for comprehensive #immigration reform and I’m optimistic we will be able to soon produce a bill.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 7, 2013

He also declared that, “the politics of self-deportation are behind us.”

@politics24x7 Lindsey Graham is a RINO Progressive! South Carolina, he needs to be Voted OUT!!

— james day (@jamesda57) April 7, 2013

Lindsey Graham is encouraged by the leadership Obama is showing? Pull your head out of your ass buddy. #tcot #mtp

— aGinTexas (@ag_texas) April 7, 2013

Why don’t we just forget all of the immigrants who are legally and patiently waiting in line for citizenship?

@lindseygrahamscDo not cave! Do not reward CRIMINALS with path to U.S. Citizenship,Do not punish people waiting to legally immigrate!

— Obama Lied (@AmericaDied) April 7, 2013

@lindseygrahamsc said U.S. Economy cannot grow without legalizing criminals BS!Americans will grow economy if government gets out of the way

— Obama Lied (@AmericaDied) April 7, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham: “Self deportation is a thing if the past.” “Grand bargain including additional revenues is possible.” Stunning!

— Chip Sayre (@acsayre) April 7, 2013

.@grahamblog and the borders will stay open and you can do it all over again in 10 yrs. BTW the 11 million number is bogus. Its closer to 40

— Alan Levesque (@DailyPamphlet) April 7, 2013

Where was the discussion about border security?

Hey #marcorubio, Lindsey Graham happily invoked ur name on #meetthepress but no mention of border security until the last second.#tcot

— Thomas Blom (@BlomTom) April 7, 2013

Many just want to know why Graham is such a frequent guest on Sunday shows.

Question: Would it be too much to ask Sunday show bookers to give us a week off from South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham? Kthx.

— Jeff Poor (@jeff_poor) April 7, 2013

Once again, @meetthepress mistakes the fact that Lindsey Graham is always willing to talk with the idea that anyone is willing to listen…

— J P (@RileyRebel129) April 7, 2013

I am really bored with the media pretending that John McCain or Lindsey Graham are somehow spokespeople for the @gop .

— Marc T Grove (@mtgrove) April 7, 2013

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