Ludacris – Money Maker ft. Pharrell

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Ludacris – Money Maker ft. Pharrell


  1. MalikaiDragonSlayer says:

    I like that people seem to think Pharrell was randomly dropped on the
    planet in 2013. LOL He’s been in the industry for over 20 years.?

  2. Miles Avery says:

    Stop at :41 and look what it says on the money?

  3. Mathys Lauret says:

    when pharell was making good music not that happy bullshit?

  4. Kyleigh Johnson says:

    I heard runaway love and thought wow, I need to listen to more I his songs!
    When I hear this I thought wow…………..?

  5. nimrod jones says:

    i have reached critical mass, my niggas!!! :)?

  6. Maxiver says:

    Back when Pharrell was “Pharrell” and not “Pharrell Williams”?

  7. Estera Kowalczyk says:

    pieni?dze i jedzie ko? :> …………………….przyda?oby si??

  8. GamerDog says:

    After i heard the song “Happy” By Pharell i never though he would do
    something like this….?

  9. DJ Jon804 Remixes says:

    out of all the good albums he made, i still cant believe he won a grammy
    for this album… the album was good, but T.I.’s KING was clearly hands
    down the better album & should have won… and Luda is my fav.rapper?

  10. Mike chapman says:

    I assume that 857 dislike this cause it’s vevo – if not there’s 857 people
    that can go suck a dick?

  11. tabiade says:

    Pharrell is so damn fine! ahha?

  12. GuavaIruz says:

    behind is a curse??

  13. williamsket says:

    did they seriously censor behind??!!?

  14. Kayleen Prakash says:

    Pharell should stick to making video’s like money maker not like that
    stupid happy video?

  15. andreskizzo says:

    Not one of his best songs… boring.?

  16. SlipknotSucksDick says:

    This song sucks since it’s by Ludacris.?

  17. mredyhcapamab says:

    Pharrell makes everything better. I can’t think of a single thing he’s
    contributed to that would be half as good without him, this included. :)?

  18. Amber Cox says: please send that to everyone in ur phone
    will return the favor when u make one simple to do. Make money fast by
    grouping up.?

  19. alex rogers says:

    those clipse an pharrell colabs was always good ?

  20. gamzdude says:

    Ahh I remember this song on the radio the days when music on the radio was
    not crap.

    And when Pharrell actually made music as opposed to some annoying overrated
    happy crap.?

  21. Janice Zeno says:

    I’ma shake my monkey maker for u daddy …??

  22. MistyStar399 AJ says:

    Pharrell was dropped off by aliens in 2013. No one knows where he came

  23. Berkeclor92 says:

    Pharrell did good at adapting to the music industry.?

  24. Ginger Slattery says:

    Ludacris – Money Maker ft. Pharrell: ?????

  25. Roy Marino says:

    So he can say hell ….but he can’t say behind or the word wet ?? Wtf?