Make Money on eBay Buying and Reselling — Part 1 of 2

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Make Money on eBay Buying and Reselling — Part 1 of 2


  1. Fifa Troll says:

    more like eGay !!?

  2. toshtao1 says:

    I sure learned a lot about eBay. Great video!?

  3. Tinkuman28 says:

    you like a kid version of Jim Halpert from the Office haha?

  4. cross fit says:

    he is soooo funny:) “i don’t do much e-bay any more” haha..i used to when i
    was a toddler. don’t know thumb down, because the video is blind leading
    blind or thumbs up because he’s hilarious in his drama.
    ok, children! don’t buy things that’s 70% off because the seller is telling
    you what the full sticker 100% initially was. and guess what? yes, the
    seller is telling you lies. thanx for a good laugh?

  5. Daniel Gil says:

    Go to blah blah blah and you’ll be a millionaire in two DAYS lol… ?

  6. Jonny Tuts says:

    Bowl cut?

  7. Colson Sasseen says:

    Very useful even today

    Thanks , you are probably 20 now lol .



    You look like Jim from “The Office” ?

  9. Ryazor says:

    Oh God this kid has the biggest ego ever?

  10. pim1234 says:

    LOL everybody is trying to get people to their crappy sites where you will
    be a millionaire in a month …?

  11. Dougieman1001 says:

    Man! This is awesome thanks!?

  12. Stacy Serrano says:

    Great video..thank you!?

  13. Christopher Michalski says:

    Try local auctions, like my area has auction houses which we go to and buy
    tables full of stuff people bring in for 3$ and can make from 20 to
    hundreds. Bring them to a local consignment store we’re good friends with
    and sell it all there! Or estate sales and pick up stuff from homes!?

  14. jout8 says:

    Take your helmet off please?

  15. Caroline Ed says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the information! I’d like to know how exactly you
    find these liquidation sales online? Where are the best places to search?
    Also, on eBay how do you get your listing ranked higher before companies
    and other sellers according to the best match search (apart from title
    keywords)? Does this change over time or seller rating..? ?

  16. EpiicDanza says:

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    wholesale directory, no risk and profit guaranteed! Yes it costs £9.95 but
    that’s it! only 25 on sale for now so hurry fast!!?

  17. Denrarehund says:

    This guy is a real killer !! awesome!?

  18. Slash687 says:

    I just started buying and reselling, not going to specify what, but I’ve
    been very happy with the results.?

  19. vlatkostu says:

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  20. louis cartman says:

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  21. ron cohen says:

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  22. T Nelz says:

    Dude! You totally look like Jim from The Office!!!!?

  23. stanley burke says:

    selling weed is easier ?

  24. iEmbraceU says:

    Early seasons of Jim Halpert?

  25. WandaLou McInturff says:

    you are leaving out programs that help you such as BANS (provides
    information of how to bring in traffic to ebay where ebay pays you for that
    traffic) as well as places like Auctiva that help with mass uploads and
    provides you with the ability to place 20 or more pictures up of specific
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