Marion Cotillard’s Dress For The 2015 Oscars Looked Like Many Things

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Business in the front, sushi in the back.

1. This is the beautiful Dior dress Marion wore to the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Business in the front.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

2. #FASHIONPARTY in the back. Couture, baby.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

3. Of course, not everyone was a fan. The dress, in some ways, seemed oddly familiar…

4. Daikon radish, perhaps?

5. Maybe a rice ball?

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6. Maybe she’s trying to make a meme moment like last year’s Dior look?

Jennifer Lawrence vs. Colton Hayes, Dior Couture vs your friendly local bedding.

8. Honestly, she looks beautiful in whatever she wears — sushi comparisons or not. Keep being fashion, girl.

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