Not so fast: Bette Midler thrilled Calif. ‘JUST BANNED PLASTIC BAGS!!’

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California has banned plastic bags? Count singer, actress and climate change alarmist Bette Midler among the giddy.

Not to remove any of the wind from beneath Midler’s wings, but her celebration is, for now, premature:!/MicheleBerkowi1/status/505698794508267520

It’s not quite there:!/CapitolAlert/status/505604096187826178

The bill could sit on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for a while:

The measure could be politically difficult for Brown, a longtime champion of environmental causes but a relatively moderate Democrat, especially on issues of concern to business.
The plastic bag ban is one of hundreds of bills the governor will act on in coming weeks. His office typically does not comment on pending legislation, and it declined to comment Friday on the bag bill.

In other words, the science is not yet settled on Midler’s tweet.



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