Runescape 3 EoC Money Making Guide 1.8 – 2.2m + per hour LOW LEVELS RS3 2014 Commentary

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Runescape 3 EoC Money Making Guide 1.8 – 2.2m + per hour LOW LEVELS RS3 2014 Commentary

Runescape Money Making Secrets #8 – The Art Of Flip Merchanting


  1. Rolandas Paklausk says:

    low levels dont hawe 70agi.
    make something for even lower levels?

  2. Sight Leviathan says:

    if I see another mixify ad I am gonna light myself on fire?

  3. Azulmar says:

    How did you convert the unicorn horns to paper without a bank??

  4. DroP ShiftZ says:

    False, you do not need 70 agility for blue dragons, you need a dusty key
    which takes 2 seconds to get just search it on YouTube ;)?

  5. Collin Schulke says:

    lmao clean this shit up
    cut it down
    you talk and stutter for a very long time?

  6. Cooked Potatoes says:

    Did all bots disappear? I haven’t been playing for a long time so it would
    be nice to know :3?

  7. DonnyterHeideMusic says:

    you make really good videos! but i have some advice.. buy a better
    microphone and try not to UHHhh all the time. It became really annoying at
    times. I hope you will take my advice and improve your videos! Good luck?

  8. spenceracenine says:

    Intro song is Nova by Ahrix?

  9. King Russell says:

    at 2:51 he says “Take off my clit i mean cape”

  10. marioCHi-C Smith says:

    intro song? if anyone says darude sandstorm you just agreed that your gay.?

  11. MrToxicCherry says:

    guys there is another way if you area big noob .. all you need is 100k gp
    to start with. go buy like 28 royal dragonhide and tan them.. sell it :)
    ull get like 15k gp profit each 28 royal dragonhide :) in just 1hr ull make
    1mill to 5 mill depence how long you take?

  12. Boby Joe says:

    To anyone who doesn’t have 70 agility use the heroes guild the dragon there
    a full inventory takes five minutes to and it’s a bit quicker?

  13. Boby Joe says:

    To anyone who doesn’t have 70 agility use the heroes guild the dragon there
    a full inventory takes five minutes to and it’s a bit quicker?

  14. SkillGamrz says:

    this is for member lol?

  15. aryan a says:

    did you just do 360 – 18 on a calculator? _…?

  16. Jarod Billingslea says:

    unicorn cow things are slow now. was making around 400k per hour there…?

  17. shamani gordon says:

    where is this location?

  18. timothy meert says:

    how do you note that??

  19. KarimCheese Fares says:

    Subbed :)?

  20. Cakka Carrot Cake says:

    wow i just found out…?

  21. foxy the pirate fox says:

    intro song name plz??

  22. Jarod Billingslea says:

    And blue dragons bring around 750k an hour if you don’t have 70 agility. I
    tried this too. Made around 1M after just an hour and 30 mins though?

  23. Benjamin zone says:

    tu utilise trop de peau de vache?

  24. pierce constancio says:

    speak up fag?

  25. TheWay2Be says:

    What are your computer specs ??

  26. OakDice says:

    Dont forgot to comment anything below and to Like/Dislike this video for
    your chance to win 15m rs3 / 1.5m 07 tomorrow! check your youtube inbox
    daily so see if i have msged you to win!?

  27. NetherPrime says:

    this is the first and last time i watch any of your videos.?

  28. NewMan says:

    I love how he used the calculator to get 161 when it says right in front of
    his face 161 lol.?

  29. Dan B says:

    Please please please can u give me some money. Im really broke on
    runescape. My runescape name is zylus. Ive subscribed to ur channel and
    liked this video (:?

  30. CookieDough IDon'tDoYoutube says:

    “if you wait Dirty minutes or more” xD can’t even say thirty?

  31. XGN Aquas says:

    Hey dude what’s ur name on league of legends and btw when u flip when u buy
    the item over the price u can just look and it’s written like you bought 1
    rune arrow for 161 no need to get ur calculator out XD just a little tip I
    don’t know if u did that for new people but just telling ya incase u didn’t
    know and can I talk to u on RS I got a few questions to ask u …?

  32. ATrueGamer™ says:

    can i win some money plz i played runescape years ago but the graphic
    changed and stuff but i heard the 2007 version is back so i joined and now
    im a noob again ha :)?

  33. DoNo_Quert says:


  34. fieryblack02 says:

    “39 coins less, let me get a calculator”
    Um, Kid, It says what it bought for…….161 gp.?

  35. Trey Slaughter says:

    Im new to rs and need some gold please helppp?

  36. Luis Cena says:

    First time I watch one of your videos, awesome commentary lol Great job
    Nice guide?

  37. Jacob Frazee says:

    Thanks for the advice, can you throw 15m my way so i can increase my flip
    merching. that’d be awesome!?

  38. MilkCarten Lmt says:

    gimme 15mill =D plox?

  39. Hassan Issam says:

    This guys smoking… #big rs noob.?

  40. Ton Daniels says:

    haha when you go and take the calculator the price is already in the GE
    screen :p?

  41. Kassem Hammoud says:

    oakdice i am 11 years old chould you spare some coins may name is …// a
    fatnoolet//// i like this name becus remebers me of a youtube guy but your
    may youtube guy now :D?

  42. Zack Carpinello says:

    Good video id like the 15m?

  43. Ethan Dodge says:

    Lol made me laugh so much, good vid?

  44. José Guedes says:

    Waw awesome !!
    i got hacked and i only have 500k any tips to multipli it?? im not member..
    and i cant buy it with €€ if u can help me.
    HotPotatoHD in game or u can pm me here if u want too. thanks.?

  45. Mike Mullen says:

    Can i get 15m please?

  46. Nicholas Davila says:

    Hey bro, love your video. even though I started with only 200k, I am making
    money slow. but im getting there. hopefully your still doing the daily
    giveaway I would really appreciate the 15mill, so I can start making some
    money quick. Thanks for the upload, really helped.?

  47. Austin Hart says:

    Love the vid. Gonna try it out right now. Hopefully it goes well.?

  48. Anthony Smith says:

    15m damn that’s allot of money to be giving away a day. I’m stuck at 64k

  49. ayyllannii says:

    Are you still doing the giveaway?, I would love to join :)?

  50. Josh Leith says:

    awesome video :)?