Selling On Ebay- How to Make Money With Ebay Dropshipping From Amazon

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Selling On Ebay- How to Make Money With Ebay Dropshipping From Amazon


  1. Marsheila Weatherford says:

    I’ve been selling on Ebay for several years now and I’ve never heard of
    this really excited about trying it out what if the item don’t sell do you
    have to pay ebay if you do your losing money right do you have the item
    shipped to you or your customer I’m confused .?

  2. The Passive Income Guru says:
  3. Emad Al-Nawasreh says:

    Thanks for the videos, it`s useful
    kindly could you give me the link of the website or the group which help me
    out to title optimizer , where I can plug in the title ???

  4. JordanTheMinecrafter - PC Gaming says:

    So, once you got someone to buy it on eBay, then you put in their shipping
    info to the Amazon order form? Another question… what if all the Amazon
    items sell, and you have nothing to ship to the customer on eBay??

  5. WorldKris says:

    Hi, if I may ask?.. Once the customer sends the payment to me via paypal.
    How can I pay using paypal in Amazon?. And I am doing this method not in
    the US, UK nor CA, so may I know more when I am setting my shipping details
    and what to consider. Looking forward to your answer. Sorry for asking too
    many questions. Thank you!?

  6. Robert Hamlin says:

    you MF’rs are destroying ebay with this booshet!!! flooding the ebay market
    with sellers and driving down prices! you are also creating tons of
    problems with ebay by ebay implementing new rules to crack down on sellers
    that are not worth a shet whom are pissing off ebay buyers!!! ANYONE

  7. junglemage666 says:

    I see a bunch of comments on here that are pretty much not positive… How
    is there 26 likes and no dislikes? And yes if u buy something for 17.95 and
    sell for even 25 dollars, u end up owing money after initial tax to buy the
    item, then ebay fee and then PayPal fee when you sell (This is also
    assuming shipping cost is free for you) and if someone returns product to
    you… U pay that shipping cost for them (unless they just dont like the
    product and u stated buyer pays returned shipment if not defective). ?

  8. Gedas kirsch says:

    is there a people how makes a living only from amazon and ebay not talking
    about youtube bloging??? how much do you make a month with this ? or is
    this only an additional income or you anly promoting it ??

  9. Ali Al-Smadi says:

    Hello there, please help me.

    Please, anyone, tell me how to ship more cheaply, and mention some
    companies that will give me that ability.

    As a new person to amazon I have had a hard time trying to make a profit,
    mainly because of shipping costs and high fees from amazon itself.
    I have been trying to sell my products: comforter sets, sheet sets,
    curtains, etc.
    I couldn’t find it online for a price cheap enough to resell it while
    making a profit through this strategy.
    Shipping for each of the products was estimated by a FedEx employee at
    $10-15.00. In addition to that, I had to pay $11.00 fees to Amazon for
    listing on their website. That’s $20-25.00 add to the cost price.

    For those reasons, I couldn’t fulfill my customers’ orders, and had to stop.


  10. Sherri B says:

    I am an amazon associate how do you order the products ? thru the associate
    or regular amazon?

  11. jake rheingold says:

    What about where it says shipping from???

  12. ZooStormProductions says:

    Elite drop shipper with only 10 items up?… Really?…?

  13. Gedas kirsch says:

    what if items rankings 57 is that means is not selling ? what is the lowest
    item ranking number to look at ??

  14. larric boyd says:

    Can’t use prime to drop ship from amazon. and don’t do it if it’s under
    35.00 (free shipping) theres a lot more to consider when doing this and it
    could hurt your feedback on ebay. customer will search amazon soon as they
    get the box see lower price and will be pissed. Some do. Some dont.

    Also add the fees up on ebay. sell price x 0.85 . then subtract from buy
    cost which is not explained here. If you have no money and your new to ebay
    can’t use PayPal money until item is received by buyer. must pay for item
    on amazon with your own credit or debit card.?

  15. pierre1122 says:

    you make money with that method…. i dont understand… ??

  16. Mariel Lopez says:

    I tried this but when i try to order their product i cant because papal
    doesnt give me access to the money until 21 days. Any help??

  17. David Feraam says:

    A question please (I did not buy anything from Amazon before)
    When I create an account on Amazon, normally it will required the first
    name and the last name and the address that the prodact will be shipped to,
    so will I change the name and the address for every person will buy from

  18. Ty Harper says:

    So when you list items from amazon to ebay an they wanna buy it what price
    should you put so they can buy it.?

  19. What a World says:

    your customers 100% will be made aware that this product it come from
    Amazon. how are you justify this to them? or maybe you’re one of those live
    fast die young type of guys…this won’t build a solid long lasting
    business. honesty and integrity is important. the scheme lacks those

  20. Mersey Kev says:

    You didn’t actually list it did you? just another way to try promote DS
    Domination…most of these videos i have yet to see anyone actually list

  21. Mr Pug says:

    Someone please reply i don’t get it so when you buy the product and then
    sell it on your eBay account when someone buys it on yours and you don’t
    have the product yet what do you do??

  22. cris cris says:

    I got a question, what happens when your costumer on ebay don’t want the
    product and wants to return it? ?

  23. David Stevens says:

    Will the customer find out its from Amazon when they get the product??

  24. The Passive Income Guru says: