What This Guy Came Home To Would Be An Absolute Nightmare. And ‘Who’ Did It Is Even Worse.

Leaving your home to go on a vacation or business trip can be stressful. You may worry about leaving the lights on, locking the door or setting the alarm. Lots of people avoid going on trips just because of the stresses that are waiting at home. Thankfully, most people will never have to experience what happened to this guy. He left his home to go on a very short trip. When he returned… it was a disaster.

No, there wasn’t a party. A drunk teen didn’t come crashing through the ceiling.

This was all the work of a raccoon family.

A crazy, crazy raccoon family.

Cupboards and shelves were emptied out by the hungry little critters.

And the creatures left their adorable, thieving pawprints everywhere.

It’s frankly amazing that they knew how to disassemble a coffee maker.

Over. Whelming. Mess.

Unfortunately, a box of fun-sized candies were left over from an event and stored in the living room. The racoons had something to say about that.

See that? This is a bedroom floor. It was entirely covered in trash. The raccoons burst open (and spread) the bedroom’s trash bag. With flair.

And just to rub salt in his wounds, the raccoons found his Christmas ornaments in a different closet. They made sure to send him a message.

They may not seem like much, but raccoons are some of the cleverest pests on earth. Not only that, but they’re fierce and travel in packs. If you ever come across some raccoons in a dark alley, you might want to go the other way… or else they may follow you home and wreck your house. (Well, maybe not.) Source: Reddit

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I Just Died Watching What These Baby Elephants Do. It’s Literally Impossible Not To Love This.

If a baby elephant could run for President of the United States, it’d win. That’s because baby elephants are one of the cutest creatures on this planet. It might actually be impossible to be sad when you look at a baby elephant. The gestation period for an elephant is two years. That means it takes 24 months to cook up one of these adorable little guys. That’s why we highly suggest you take some time to bask in the glory of these itty bitty pachyderms. Their mommas spent a long time making them so cute.

1.) Yay, bubbles!

2.) Baby elephants are firm supporters of the 10 second rule.

3.) Gahh, unroll yourself you cursed trunk!

4.) Mommy, look! I can take a bath, too.

5.) Put your trunks in the air if you just don’t care!

6.) Eating lunch can be tricky business.

7.) BOOM. I hope you’re impressed by my sweet moves.

8.) Prepare for heart melts.


10.) What is this thing on my face?!

11.) *sniff sniff sniff*

12.) Bath time is the best with a trunk!

13.) Must! Get! In! Mouth!

14.) Oh, hi therehhhggghh!

15.) You are beautiful. Let me touch your face.

16.) Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Momma. Mom. Mom.


18.) … okay, they’re cute even when they grow up.

Every day should include a little bit o’ baby elephants. It would make the world a happier place. Spread the smiles to others by sharing this article. We think they’ll thank you for it.

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Before Entering The House, This Little Dog Does The Most Adorable Thing

We are in the middle of winter. This often means snow, rain, mud, or some horrid mixture of all three.

Dog owners know this time of year all too well. It’s cold and gross out there, but you still gotta get up early to walk your little friends. After finally convincing them to do their business, it’s time to scurry back home. But not before having to clean your pup’s filthy paws first…unless your dog is Bentley here.

Little Bentley is so thorough his owner could probably have him cleaning the floors with little mops on his paws in no time.

While not quite as well mannered, Bentley’s sibling deserves a mention just for being so adorably happy to be in the video.

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The Weirdest, Most Made-Up Sounding Names For Groups Of Animals.

Back in school, we were taught that a group of geese was called a “gaggle.” What they didn’t teach us, though, is that there is a word for just about every plurality of animals. We looked into the situation to find out some of the strangest ones and we are going to pass this knowledge on to you, because you deserve it, loyal reader! Now, the next time you see a group of ravens, you won’t sound like an idiot.

1.) A ballet of swans.

2.) A troubling of goldfish.

3.) A rookery of penguins.

4.) A battery of barracudas

5.) A streak of tigers.

6.) A deceit of lapwings.


7.) A romp of otters.

8.) A parliament of owls.

9.) A prickle of porcupines.

10.) An unkindness of ravens.

11.) A seething of eels.

12.) A business of flies.

13.) A skulk of foxes.

14.) A shrewdness of apes.

15.) A sloth of bears.

16.) A mustering of storks.

17.) A crash of elephants


18.) A bloat of hippos.

19.) A zeal of zebras.

The more you know! Now you can sound like an expert around your friends and make them look silly when they use the wrong word for these groups of animals. You’re a genius now!

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These Awesome Animals Put On Uniform And Go To Work Just Like You.

No matter how much you love your job, going into work can be a total drag. The next time you’re feeling a little down at your 9-5, just think about these adorable animals who also work – just like you! Sure, they probably aren’t accountants, but these little guys still put in their time and work really hard.

Check out these animals who work everyday even without understanding the concept of “money” or “vacation”. You’re not hearing any complaints from them.

1.) In the 1940’s a baboon named ‘Jack’ worked for a disabled railroad signalman, pushing his wheelchair around to help him perform his duties.

2.) In Asian countries elephants are often hired to lift heavy things and load them into trucks.

3.) In China, geese are starting to replace dogs as partners in security and police because of their exceptional eyesight and aggressive nature.

4.) Now for a bird on the other side of the law: in Columbia a pigeon was apprehended while attempting to smuggle cocaine into jail for its incarcerated master.

5.) In Guyana manatees are used to eat up aquatic weeds that block the passage of the local canal waterways.

6.) In Indonesia and even parts of California and Flordia, snakes are used to give slithery but sensual massages.

7.) There once was a ferret named Freddy who would aid his electrician owner by dragging wires through hard-to-get to spaces.

8.) Red worms are used in some countries to more efficiently treat waste.

9.) Although inexcusably discusting, this giant, three foot high African giant pouched rat is used to sniff out land mines in parts torn by war.

10.) And for water mines, the US Navy employs the help of dolphins to discover them deep below aquatic combat areas.

11.) Even before anesthetic, maggots have been used to treat wounds by letting them eat the rotten flesh.

It seems strange that so many animals have “people” jobs… what’s next? ROBOTS? (… oh. Wait.) 

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Here Are The 24 Most Ridiculously Clever Advertisements… That Used Animals. They’re Fantastic.

Advertising is a tricky business. You need to identify people’s needs, wants and desires and capitalize on them. Even if they don’t know what they want, an advertiser should know. One thing that 99% of people love and want? Animals. Adorable, hilarious animals. These clever advertisements incorporated animals and, we have to say, they succeeded in making some awesome ads.

1.) Hopefully not a realistic representation.

2.) Bad food makes your dog troll you.

3.) A great reminder to wash your hands. For real.

4.) Eww, doggy breath.

5.) Woah, that’s some good zoom.


7.) If only this would happen.

8.) This cat is Simon Cowell’s twin.

9.) Stop germs in their tracks (only minus the bubble).

10.) Oh so THIS is how they make milkshakes?

11.) How is this NOT Bill Gates’s twin?

12.) If your dog does this, you know the food is good.

13.) Car rides just got intense.

14.) Man, how can I teach my dog to do THAT?

15.) Sometimes, beards don’t just look like an animal on someone’s face.

16.) LOL.

17.) This is the world’s most epic selfie.

18.) Let your cats get wild.

19.) Poor puppy.

20.) Awwwwww. If only this was real.

21.) If cats really did this, I’d have 30 cats.

22.) This is exactly what I want to do (and how I look) when I eat spicy food.

23.) Squirrels need to really look like this.

24.) This cat will NOT tolerate animal abuse.

(H/T Bored Panda) Henceforth, all advertisements should include animals. It’s hard to be mad at an ad or commercial when there are adorable puppies. :)

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