If You Live Near Green Bay And You’re Afraid Of Clowns…Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Have you ever wondered how it is that clowns became associated with all that is horrible and terrifying in the world? I wonder this from time to time for about five minutes before it becomes too creepy.

While clowns used to be restricted to the circus and occasionally TV, they seem to be becoming a more frequent sight in various cities around the world. The latest sighting? Green Bay, Wisconsin…

Here is the nightmare in question spotted walking the streets of Green Bay earlier this week. One local has dubbed him (or her?) Gags the clown.

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This brave local resident had the fortitude to take a few pictures of the clown walking mysteriously into the night with handful of black balloons. They even created a Facebook page where locals can share their encounters with Gags.

While there is no clear origin of Gags, some speculate that he might be part of a horror movie that’s shooting in town.

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Of course, Gags could simply be a prank orchestrated by a local radio station or store to drum up business.

Whether Gags is real or fake, I know that I’m glad he’s stalking the streets of a town other than mine.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Personally, I would put my money on Gags being a prank of some kind. At any rate, he’s a terrifying presence that I hope is soon brought to justice.

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What This Guy Came Home To Would Be An Absolute Nightmare. And ‘Who’ Did It Is Even Worse.

Leaving your home to go on a vacation or business trip can be stressful. You may worry about leaving the lights on, locking the door or setting the alarm. Lots of people avoid going on trips just because of the stresses that are waiting at home. Thankfully, most people will never have to experience what happened to this guy. He left his home to go on a very short trip. When he returned… it was a disaster.

No, there wasn’t a party. A drunk teen didn’t come crashing through the ceiling.

This was all the work of a raccoon family.

A crazy, crazy raccoon family.

Cupboards and shelves were emptied out by the hungry little critters.

And the creatures left their adorable, thieving pawprints everywhere.

It’s frankly amazing that they knew how to disassemble a coffee maker.

Over. Whelming. Mess.

Unfortunately, a box of fun-sized candies were left over from an event and stored in the living room. The racoons had something to say about that.

See that? This is a bedroom floor. It was entirely covered in trash. The raccoons burst open (and spread) the bedroom’s trash bag. With flair.

And just to rub salt in his wounds, the raccoons found his Christmas ornaments in a different closet. They made sure to send him a message.

They may not seem like much, but raccoons are some of the cleverest pests on earth. Not only that, but they’re fierce and travel in packs. If you ever come across some raccoons in a dark alley, you might want to go the other way… or else they may follow you home and wreck your house. (Well, maybe not.) Source: Reddit

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What These Women Endure Is Almost Unfathomable. But Wait Til You See Why… OMG.

Although there are many people throughout the world who don’t believe this, women are just as capable as men. Perhaps a female’s body structure requires different training in order to become strong, but that doesn’t mean they are NOT strong. Take these Chinese body guards for example. They are all women and they are all incredibly fierce. The training they endure could break down your average person, yet they are able to survive it. Not only that, but once they are finished with training, these women are tough.

On April 4th 2014, six women began training in a bodyguard training school in Beijing. In recent years, the number of schools like this has grown.

The classes are grueling.

The girls spar…

Concentrating on different styles of martial arts.

The techniques and strategies they learn are impressive.

These girls learn how to REALLY fight.

They may look delicate, but these women are anything but.

Since 2011, the amount of female body guards in China has increased.

The trainees come from a wide background. 70% of them are retired soldiers and athletes. College graduates make up the other 30%.

As long as they finish the training, these women can be hired as private body guards.

The training is inspired by special forces training from all over the world.

There is not one type of woman who attempts to become a body guard.

Even pretty and delicate women are found in these training camps.

As there are more wealthy citizens in China, the demand for personal security has been growing.

Thus, an increased interest in training.

Compared to a male bodyguard, a female bodyguard can disguise herself as a secretary or personal assistant without appearing too indiscreet. They’re sought after by business executives.

30% of wealthy business executives in China are female. These female executives are more likely to want female bodyguards.

Their skills are impressive, with or without weapons.

They even go through self defense and survival training.

They may not look it…

But these women know how to handle themselves.

(H/T Takungpao) Take this important lesson to heart: don’t judge others on looks alone. You might think these women are delicate or unable to defend themselves, but in reality they are strong fighters. As time goes on and the demand for body guards rise in China, more and more women will endure this training so they can be privately hired. Criminals better watch their backs.

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Here Are The 26 Most Cringeworthy Ways People Have Proposed. I Hope She Said No To #5.

Giving the love of your life a perfect marriage proposal is tricky business. Not only do you want your significant other to say yes, but you want the moment to be absolutely perfect and absolutely them. Every person who is about to propose has played the moment over and over in their heads after hours of planning… Except for these people. Instead of planning out their proposal in a thoughtful and special way, it seems that they just winged it. Saying yes to an awkward and cringeworthy like this is definitely a bad idea.

1.) What a delicious proposal.

2.) Don’t trust your friends to do it for you.

3.) This is a good way to cause a wreck, not begin a marriage.

4.) … okay, this is almost impressive.


6.) I hope this is a joke.

7.) … sigh.

8.) This could have been SO GOOD.

9.) How does she say yes? Order popcorn chicken?

10.) It’s kind of worth it for her heart attack.

11.) I don’t think she’ll appreciate this less-than-flattering photo.

12.) His face will be SO red if she says no.

13.) I think I’d prefer a ring.

14.) Is there an emoji for “disappointed and depressed?”

15.) Yes, pizza, I WILL marry you.

16.) BRB, let me pee before I answer.

17.) Trashy is the new classy.

18.) You just failed so hard, Duke fan.

19.) Cut your hair and put on a shirt. Then, maybe.

20.) Rocks… they say what we’re too afraid to.

21.) I wonder how many women said no to this interesting offer.

22.) The effort is nice, but the execution is more than a little strange.

23.) I take that back. THIS is strange.

24.) Ohhhhh duuuddddeeee. No.

25.) Mild… just like your romance.

26.) This was almost perfect, until it wasn’t.

Hopefully these people found a way to have a “happily ever after” ending (even if their marriage began by sticking a ring into a chicken sandwich).

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This Japanese Artist Does Something Amazingly Creepy And Artistic

It’s rare when you find art that is at that perfect intersection of creative and creepy. I think it’s safe to say, though, that Tokyo-based artist Shinji Nakaba knows how to strike that balance.

Since 1974, Nakaba has been in the jewelry-making business. His speciality is making unique and beautiful pieces that he calls wearable sculptures. His latest project? This series of intricately carved pearl skulls.

“I just want to bring brand-new life to something that has no value,” said Nakaba about his work.

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Nakaba doesn’t just work with precious metals to create his art. Some of his pieces are made with aluminum beer cans, plastic bottles, or even just plain old garbage.

For this series, Nakaba struggled to find the right medium for carving.

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He went through coral, crystal, ivory, and even precious stones before settling on pearls without cores.

Without a core, Nakaba is able to achieve a smoother carving without worrying about the pearl shredding or peeling.

“I’ve experimented with different types of materials to carve out skulls, but the ones I carved out of pearls are by far the best in terms of the durability. I also thought the contradiction between pristine pearls turning into these dark objects seemed even more appealing. I would call them ‘Fairy Skulls,'” writes Nakaba.

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“Only pearls can make my idea of ephemeral beauty into reality.”

If I could afford it, I would buy several dozen of these.

(via Mystical Raven)

For more amazing “wearable sculptures,” make sure to visit Nakaba’s website here. You can also find him on Etsy and you can purchase pieces from him here!

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These Creepy 10 Places Will Make Your Skin Absolutely Crawl. Get Me Out Of Here.

There are places on this Earth that feel inherently wrong. You wouldn’t think that a building or area could be evil… but these may be. Just passing by one of these buildings in a car could make your skin crawl. Each of these places have been tainted by their strange and macabre history. Even though they are just creepy remnants of their past, there is enough darkness left that they terrify passers by. If you live near any of these, check them out. However, you might want to bring a buddy, a flashlight and some holy water.

1.) Riddle House: This house in Palm Beach County, Florida, was originally a funeral parlor. In the 1920’s the house became privately owned by Karl Riddle. Joseph, oen of Karl’s former employees, committed suicide by hanging himself in the attic of the house. The man hated men, so he terrorizes any man that steps foot in the house.

2.) Helltown: The northern part of Summit County in Ohio is called “Helltown.” In the 1970s, Boston Township was the site of a government buyout. There was a mass eviction of its citizens. Now, boarded and burned houses stand alone in the woods. There is a steep drop off at Stanford Road, immediately followed by a dead end. It’s named The End of the World. In Helltown, people have been haunted by hearses, chased by phantom trains, plagued by the stench of a slaughterhouse and terrorized by moving trees.

3.) Stull Cemetery: Stull, Kansas, is a small rural town in Douglas County. In the early 20th century, the town experienced two major tragedies. First, a father was burning a farm field. Once the controlled burn died down, he found his son’s corpse in the ashes. Then, a man went missing and was later found hanged from a tree. Now, the Stull Cemetery has a reputation for being evil. Rumors exist stating that Stull Cemetery is one of the seven gateways to Hell.

4.) The Ridges: The Athens Lunatic Asylum in Athens, Ohio, eventually came to be known as The Ridges. Trans-orbital lobotomies, lost patients, a haunted tuberculosis ward and Satanic cemeteries are just a few evil parts of its history. It’s known as one of the most haunted places in the world.

5.) Humberstone and LaNoria: These are two abandoned saltpeter mines in Chile. In 1872, the town was founded as a mine and business boomed. After the Great Depression, the business declined, the workers were almost treated as slaves and then business collapsed in 1958.

The area was abandoned by 1960. Now, the two towns are so haunted, the residents of nearby Iquique refuse to enter them.

6.) Byberry Mental Asylum: Patient maltreatment was rampant at the Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry. The hospital was founded in 1907 and it exceeded its patient limit quickly, maxing out at over 7,000 in 1960. Due to the atrocious conditions and the sub-human treatment of its patients, the hospital was closed and abandoned in 1990. It was demolished in 2006, but the site is still haunted by all of the terrible things that have been done there.

7.) Leap Castle: This Irish castle had a long and gruesome history. Families have fought over control of this castle and one man was even brutally murdered in the chapel. It’s now known as the Bloody Chapel. The castle is rumored to be haunted by a vast number of spirits, including a violent, hunched beast known only as the Elemental.

8.) Shades of Death Road: This New Jersey road stretches out over seven miles of countryside. Along the road lies a body of water, which most call Ghost Lake. One day during the 1990s, some visitors found hundreds of Polaroid photographs scattered throughout the woods. Most of the disturbing images showed a television changing channels, others showed a woman or women, blurred and somewhat difficult to identify, lying on some sort of metal object, conscious but not smiling. Local authorities couldn’t identify the source of the photos.

9.) Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, there is an institution known as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The former high school was converted, in 1975, to Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge. It was used as a base to torture and murder prisoners. Many prisoners were tortured and tricked into naming their family and associates as traitors. The ghosts of the estimated 17,000 victims of Tuol Sleng continue to roam the halls. This was a home to death and torture.

10.) The Mines of Paris: Beneath the streets of Paris, there are many empty tunnels, but they are not to be confused with the Catacombs of Paris, the famous underground ossuary. Exploring the mines is illegal, and penalties include heavy fines. The mines are now abandoned, and it is nearly impossible not to get lost. Thousands of human bones litter the tunnels, due to overcrowding in many of Paris’ cemeteries. Weird paintings adorn the walls. Venturing down into the mines isn’t recommended, because there is no guarantee you’ll return.

It’s strange that something inanimate and still could inspire so much fear in people. There shouldn’t be anything naturally terrifying about a house or hotel, but something about these structures just makes it hard to sleep at night. Share these creepy places with others by clicking on the button below.

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9 Troubling Facts You Need To Know About American Income Inequality

Income inequality is a problem that is continually growing in this country.  Who knows if there is anything we can ever do about it, but here are some startling facts about what is going on in America when it comes to economics.

13.6% of adults 25-34 live with their parents.

70% of workers in America don’t like their current jobs.

In 2000 CEO pay became 1039 times more than the average worker.

A single member of the top one percent could buy homes for every homeless person in the U.S.

Welfare can actually pay more than minimum wage in 35 states.

39% of employers don’t let their workers take off for labor day.

The U.S is just below Russia, Ukraine and Lebanon in terms of countries with the highest income inequality.

The top 1% control nearly a quarter of the country’s income, which is the highest share since 1928.

The Canadian middle class is now richer than America’s.

Welp, that was fun!  If you worry for our country and want to leave our children with a little more than a bag of turnips, give this a share on Facebook.

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See This Guy? What He Did Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor. The Last Few Pictures Are Insane.

She Ping is a beekeeper that is dedicated to his business of raising bees and selling honey. He is so dedicated, in fact, that he was willing to cover himself in thousands of bees to generate some buzz. What you’re about to see is equal parts horrifying and awesome. This man’s honey has to be incredible.

To generate interest in his honey, She Ping decided to bee beard.

She Ping

Bee bearding is actually a fairly common practice around the world.

She Ping

It’s especially popular in the city of Chongqing in southwestern China, where She Ping is from.

She Ping

It starts by placing the queen bee in a small cage on the person’s body…

She Ping

Then, the rest of the bee colony will swarm, covering the person.

She Ping

She Ping only had a plastic bag protecting his head.

She Ping

The thousands of bees that covered him weighed about 100lbs.

She Ping

“To be honest, I felt very nervous, but I do it to promote my honey.”

She Ping

Before interacting with the bees, She showered down, removing the scents from his body.

She Ping

He didn’t want to give the bees any reason to be excited.

She Ping


She Ping

Afterwards? Not a scratch on him.

She Ping

(H/T AcidCow) Hopefully he sold lots of honey that day. Unfortunately, his gigantic bee beard fell short of the world record. His bees weighed more than 100lbs, but the record goes to Vipin Seth, who wore bees that weighed a total of 135lbs. Whether She Ping has crazy dedication or he is just crazy, his feat is worth sharing.

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What China Is Punishing People For Is Unfathomable. You Would Likely Be One Of Them.

Being online for most of your free time probably doesn’t seem like a problem… but is it? The Chinese government has officially labeled “Internet addiction” as a clincal disorder and feels that it poses a major threat to its teenagers. Checking Instagram or Facebook as you stand in line might be more serious than you think (at least in China). The government has taken an aggressive approach to fixing the problem. Their solution to overuse of the Internet? Boot camps.

Teens in China like gaming and the Internet, like teens the world over.

Business Insider

But the country has built over 250 boot camps to help eradicate “Internet addiction.”

Business Insider

An instructor and former soldier are escorting this young girl to Qide Education Center, an Internet addiction treatment facility in Beijing.

Business Insider

Parents can send their children to these camps.

Business Insider

Business Insider

There, they undergo psychological examinations.

Business Insider

Business Insider

They are also subject to military-style physical training.

Business Insider

The training is meant to cure their addiction.

Business Insider

The kids are also given lessons in Chinese ethics and culture. Instructors and ex-soldiers teach them.

Business Insider

They also take music and dance lessons.

Business Insider

Spending the majority of your free time online isn’t healthy…

Business Insider

And most of these children are physically weak.

Business Insider

However, it’s hard to see this as an acceptable solution.

Business Insider

Business Insider

Teens should learn the importance of lessening Internet usage.

Business Insider

It’s believed that the pressures of life in China is why so many of their teens turn to the Internet for happiness.

Business Insider

But this style of “rehab” probably wouldn’t fly in the United States.

Business Insider

Business Insider

Business Insider

So the next time you see a child too focused on their cell phone…

Business Insider

Business Insider

Make sure to tell them about these boot camps.

Business Insider

“Internet Addiction Disorder” may indeed be a real disorder, however it’s hard to tell if extreme boot camps and chemical treatments are necessary. Although, I could see why the government would want to build these treatment camps: fewer people would be taking pictures of their food at dinner or taking selfies in bathrooms.

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So There’s A Small Room In Idaho. And What You Can Do In It Is Simply Awesome.

On an unassuming street in Boise, Idaho, there is a business that allows people to tap into their primal, animal urges without having to feel shame. Visiting this establishment isn’t against the law, anyone can do it and even though people might not “get” why it exists, once you go there you’ll understand. It’s called Das Breakroom. It’s where you can go to break things.

It’s called “Das Breakroom,” because it’s where you break stuff.

Das Breakroom

Feeling kind of frustrated? Feel like you could just throw your phone at the wall? No need.

Das Breakroom

Das Breakroom has plenty of junk for you to completely destroy.

Das Breakroom

And you’ll feel so much better when you do.

Das Breakroom

Source: Das Breakroom There are, of course, rules to keep the Das Breakroom guests safe: Join us for Das Happy Hour from 7-9am and 4-6pm Monday- Friday and take advantage of our discounted packages to help get your workday started and ended on a great note. Single item package for Das Happy hour is $3 for morning OR evening session or $5 for BOTH morning and evening sessions. Das Breakroom Rules for destruction 1. Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times 2. One person in a breakroom at a time 3. Safety equipment to be worn at all times while in the breakroom 4. All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate After using the break room, people say they feel much better. One user left a review that said: “One day, I was having a horrible week, and I found myself on the verge of tears, and I was just pacing back and forth, like what am I going to do? I’m so frustrated right now, and I walked right here and broke an entire box of stuff, and ten minutes later, I felt perfect, fine.” So don’t break plates at home, people. Das Breakroom is where you need to go. Why don’t more cities have places like this? Share this awesome idea!

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