These 20 Genius Hacks Only Require Normal Stuff Around The House. They’re Brilliantly Helpful.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can be draining. It’s even worse when your space is cluttered, you’ve lost your phone charger, someone microwaved tuna in the office kitchen and the it feels like the world is out to get you (or at least that one woman in HR is). Never fear. These simple office hacks will make your life much simpler at work. With just a few bent paperclips, organization will be much easier so you can plow away at your next spreadsheet in a clean, happy environment. None of these will fix your mouth-breathing cubicle mate, though. You’re just going to have to live with that.

1.) Use two plastic cups and a toilet paper tube…

To make iPhone speakers!

2.) Or, go the simple route and make an iPhone speaker out of one cup.

3.) Use a paperclip and tape to clean out your earphone jack.

Roll up the tape.

Just insert it…

Ta-da! A bunch of gunk.

4.) Two binder clips and a business card can make an iPhone tripod.

5.) Binder clips are also a great way to store headphones.

And you can clip them anywhere.

6.) And another use for binder clips? Organizing your cables.

Just feed the cables through the prongs, then clip the binders to your desk.

A close-up of the genius idea.

7.) Bend a paper clip into a stand for your iPhone.

First, unbend the clip.

Try to make it as straight as possible.

Like so.

Then, in the middle bend the clip around the edge of your desk.

Then bend up the ends…

And you have a cheap iPhone stand!

8.) Use cardboard tubes to keep your cords tidy.

9.) Use a pen’s spring to strengthen your cords.

10.) Take a photo of a ruler (at the proper size) and use it as a ruler.

11.) Your Apple earbuds will magnetically attach to the edges of your Macbook screen.

12.) Use a sticky note to clean your keyboard.

13.) Overheating laptop? Use an empty egg carton as a stand.

14.) 3M hooks are an awesome way to hang up your iPad and make a tiny TV screen.

15.) And for those who work at home, use a cutting board tablet holder (but you’ll have to DIY).

16.) Personalize your charging cables with nail polish…

Or Washi Tape (which is colored masking tape).

Washi tape can be used on almost anything.

17.) You can also use Washi tape to personalize your keyboard.

18.) You can even use the tape to give your iPhone personality (or cover up cracks/scratches).


19.) Use bread ties to label your cords.

20.) Or, if you want to make it cute, use Washi tape to label your cords.

Adorable… yet functional.

(H/T HuffPost) Enjoy organizing your workspace with these helpful hacks! Don’t be surprised if you get employee of the month after you show so much creativity and organizational skills in your cubicle space. Share these awesome tips with your coworkers!

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This Guy’s Roommate Left Him With A Complete Mess. What He Did In Return Is Totally Awesome.

Having a roommate can be tricky business. You’re basically living in close quarters with a friend (or even a stranger) and mutually promising not to be a terrible person. Sometimes, rooming situations can be wonderful. At other times? Not so great. One guy’s roommate decided to flee this apartment and his rental agreement without giving warning. He stiffed his old roommates on his portion of the rent, but that’s not all.

He also left this mess behind, along with an atrocious paint job.

They decided to do something about it. They painted the walls with 2 cans of primer.

With all of the primer needed to cover the old paint job, the new one really popped with only one coat of paint.

Since the roommate would no longer be there, the friends he abandoned went ahead and destroyed his stuff and set it on the curb.

The old roommates decided to paint a mural on the wall. First, they printed out the design on a transparent sheet.

Then, after buying a projector online for $30, they had an outline ready on the wall.

“I’ve got birds on me!”

After painting it, it popped. The mural is the first thing you see when you walk into the apartment.

” I’m really big on internet culture and I liken the anonymity and community of the internet to a flock of birds. A body of motion moving in a general direction but at any moment they can change direction, many can peel away, it can split in half, it’s unpredictable.”

The cost of the disposal, priming and painting? $200.

Source: Reddit Although losing a roommate (and losing money because of it) can be bad news, painting this mural and re-vamping the apartment was worth the heartache. You might not be able to believe it, but this is the first attempt at a mural this Reddit user ever made. What a wonderful idea this is! Using a projector, a transparent sheet and an image is a great way to sketch out a mural on the wall. Share this awesome process by clicking below.

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This Is The Only Time A Bucket Of KFC Will Blow Your Mind. What The?!

For Kyle Stockton’s birthday, his wife Laura wanted to do something extra special for him. To make sure it was a birthday he would always remember, she decided to create something in the kitchen he would never forget. She’s quite the chef in the kitchen and Kyle was blown away by what she came up with. She got the idea from her two sons, Josh and Harry. For them, it was a no brainer. Their dad loved KFC, so they thought his treat should be KFC-themed. What Laura was able to make was a work of art.

Kyle was a giant KFC fan…

So much so, his wife baked him a bucket of chicken for his birthday.

But it wasn’t REALLY chicken.

It was a delicious, delicious cake.

Mind = blown.

(H/T Laura never imagined that the Internet would go wild over her cake. After all, she hasn’t been trained in making cakes. Now, she is inspired by its popularity to start a baked goods business (with hopefully more awesome cakes). It’s hard to tell if this cake is savory or sweet, but one thing is certain: it’s making me hungry.

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