When Her Favorite Human Returned From A Business Trip, She Was The Happiest Dog Ever

If you’re at all skeptical that our pets have feelings and memories, just watch this video.

When Sarah’s dad returned after being away because of work for two months, she decided to give him the fuzziest, happiest welcome home hug. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she missed him a little bit…

Looks like this guy better check his luggage next time he goes away on business, otherwise, he might find himself a slobbery stowaway.

Who wouldn’t mind getting greeted like this every time they came home from work? I know I wouldn’t!

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Before Entering The House, This Little Dog Does The Most Adorable Thing

We are in the middle of winter. This often means snow, rain, mud, or some horrid mixture of all three.

Dog owners know this time of year all too well. It’s cold and gross out there, but you still gotta get up early to walk your little friends. After finally convincing them to do their business, it’s time to scurry back home. But not before having to clean your pup’s filthy paws first…unless your dog is Bentley here.

Little Bentley is so thorough his owner could probably have him cleaning the floors with little mops on his paws in no time.

While not quite as well mannered, Bentley’s sibling deserves a mention just for being so adorably happy to be in the video.

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