They’re real, and they’re spectacularly bad: Dems’ new sticker designs range ‘from lame to terrible’

Campaign logos are a tricky business. About five minutes after the Trump/Pence logo was revealed, some wit on the Internet already had animated it doing something vaguely obscene,forcing a quick do-over by the campaign. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton was going upscale by replacing the “Grillary Clinton” barbecue aprons in her web store with T-shirts featuring Marc Jacobs’ optical 3-D portrait of the candidate.

Now, as the 2018 elections loom ever larger for the Democrats, theDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee is looking for help deciding which of its cool new designs should plaster Prius bumper stickers in blue state driveways.

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Dan Savage says DCCC fundraising emails flooding his sex advice inbox!/joeltropolis/status/524310039880691713

Is anyone else out there starting to become nostalgic for the good old days when the big campaign issues on the table were Big Bird, bayonets and binders full of women? As Twitchy reported today, the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign has now introduced dildos into the political discourse for 2014.

As long as we’re going there, it might be time to check on “Savage Love” sex advice columnist and no friend of Republicans Dan Savage. It turns out those increasingly creepy and desperate fundraising mails from the Democrats are getting on his followers’ nerves too.

We can relate.

One problem we’ve heard before: breaking up with the DCCC is hard to do.

However, we can do our best to put them out of business.

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