He Dropped His Dog Off At The Sitter. What Happened Next Is Every Pet Owner’s Worst Nightmare.

Before going away on a holiday at Christmas, this family decided to board their 3 year-old Shar Pei Akayla. Akayla’s dad used Rover.com to find a family to watch her. The website claims to be a mediator that will put you in contact with safe homes to care for your dog while you are away. “No more lonely cages, just happy homes full of love!” The couple found a dog sitter with positive reviews. She was advertising herself as looking to start a professional dog-boarding business. On December 24th, Akayla was dropped off at the woman’s home.

On December 27th, only three days after being dropped off, tragedy struck.

The couple received a message, telling them to call the woman boarding Akayla. There was “an emergency.”

While the dogsitter was gone from the house, her own dog attacked and mauled Akayla severely. It took 3 hours of surgery and 9 packages of sutures to patch up her neck. The poor dog had to stay at the vet’s office until her family could fly home on December 30th. Even after surgery, her neck was in terrible condition.

She had drainage tubes placed in her neck, but even those tubes couldn’t stop her neck from getting infected again. She had to be rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic to have a second surgery on her neck.

Poor Akayla had to be put on antibiotics to try and stop the infection before it got too serious.

Then, after another surgery to remove the dead and infected skin, she was back on the road to recovery. The vet also placed an additional drainage tube into her wound.

Almost 4 weeks after the attack, Akayla is looking much better.

She even got a little bit of a face lift from all of the skin removal surgeries.

Putting the well-being of a loved one in the hands of another person is always frightening, but to know that something went terribly wrong for Akayla would have been terrifying for this family. Thank goodness she survived the vicious mauling and was able to recover. Source: imgur.com If you ever use a dog sitter, do your research. Websites like Rover.com may have reviews, but you’re giving away precious cargo. Be careful! Please share this article with others so they can be cautioned.

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