21 Couples Whose One-Night Stand Led To True Love

The most romantic love stories of our time.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their tales of first-date sex and one-night stands that led to true love.

Tee La Rosa / Via flic.kr

Here are their sordid and heartwarming tales…

1. Submitted by Alexandria, Facebook

Budi Nusyirwan / Via flic.kr

“I had agreed to meet up with a guy I found on Match.com at a wine bar. We were both travelbugs so we spent the next few hours waxing poetic about Italy, Germany, and Austria. We went back to his house, just around the corner, and, well, you know. By the time I left in the morning it was all ‘I love yous’ and ‘I think we should move in together’ and ‘When you know, you know, and I know.’ I moved in a week later, and we’re celebrating four years this month.”

2. Submitted by Abby, Facebook

Spencer Wright / Via flic.kr

“My one-night stand led to a seven-year relationship and now we are married. He still has the note I left for him the next morning that says ‘Facebook me.’

3. Submitted by Tami, Facebook

Tambako The Jaguar / Via flic.kr

“Since I’ll never tell my kids this story, might as well tell the internet. At the beginning of my senior year in college, my roommates and I threw a party. Through a long series of secondhand invites, my now-fiancé showed up. I was first interested because he brought his own beer, like a damn gentleman. (Who does that at college parties, right?) We talked, flirted, drank, and eventually made our way to a nearby bar. Long story short, the next morning I was leaving his place texting my friend, ‘Just had a one-night stand and I do not regret it.’ Two-plus years later, he proposed to me in front of that same bar, and we’re getting married next year. Neither of us were necessarily looking for love or a relationship or whatever, but when you know, you know, you know?”

4. Submitted by kcb

Geoff Stearns / Via flic.kr

“My boyfriend of two years and I were set up by our friends. We met at a wedding. We started talking and hit it off. He bought me a drink at 10 p.m. and I was in his hotel room by 2 a.m. I actually snuck out the following morning before he got up. I left my number for him on Facebook so I didn’t feel completely ‘un-ladylike.’ We went on a date four days later. We’ve been together ever since.”

5. Submitted by karenj40e27ac0b

Ton Rulkens / Via flic.kr

Met at a club and had sex that same night. Today we are happily married. There is no rule on how to meet someone. If there were, then somebody could get really rich selling that formula. It’s just chance and timing.”

6. Submitted by samik4b97072fa

John / Via flic.kr

“My fiancé and I met as co-workers on my first day at my new job. He was my trainer for the job, which was my first one out of college. We became friends very fast, since we were the only twentysomethings in the office. We ended up having sex the first or second time we hung out outside of work. We didn’t even start dating for another two months or so — definitely a friends-with-benefits situation as I got over a really dramatic breakup and he went through his sister’s cancer diagnosis and battle. We just moved into our first house last summer, purchased a business together, and are getting married in June on our farm. So, not only is it silly to think you can’t have a future with a one-night stand, but friends with benefits can actually work out really well in the end!”

7. Submitted by mandymay86

John Flannery / Via flic.kr

“I was planning a trip to visit my family in New Zealand — I’m from New York. I started to talk to my cousin’s roommate (who I would have been staying with) for a solid eight months before I was actually set to visit them. So after a sexual tension-filled eight months and an 18-hour plane ride, I finally got to see him. We did it my first day there — after I slept off the jet lag, of course. By the time my month-long vacation was up we were inseparable and in love; I ended up selling my ticket back home and staying there. That was three years ago. We’re now married and expecting our first baby this summer.”

8. Submitted by pinkdeedle

Bill Abbott / Via flic.kr

“No, but I did give him a blow job. We are happily together with kids now so obviously we have moved up from blow jobs.

9. Submitted by hannahm466c37885

Eric Kilby / Via Flickr: ekilby

First date was dinner and a movie at his place. We didn’t make it through the movie. Dinner was never even made. I think our ‘date’ eventually ended four days later. Anyway, we’ve now been married for a couple years and we have a beautiful 12-month-old baby girl.”

10. Submitted by ashleyc4819a37ae

Chobist / Via flic.kr

“My husband of six years and I met at MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) in July, married that November. I ended up staying out of the military, but he went to boot camp… I was the ONLY one who wrote him, who got calls from him, and I was even the ONLY person to make the flight to his graduation. The rest is history. I am glad I didn’t listen to my recruiter when he told me, ‘Do not have sex while you’re here!’ It’s been six years and a few months… we’re happier than ever and we welcomed our daughter into the world in October. Best advice I DIDN’T listen to!”

11. Submitted by Amy, Facebook

David Stanley / Via flic.kr

“I met my now-fiancé in a bar during college not long after getting out of a serious relationship. I had just spent the past six months or so having frivolous relationships, trying to shake the feeling that I would never love again. My first encounter with my fiancé had all of the makings to be another one-night stand, but somehow it turned into a marriage. It sounds cliche, but I think love is often found after you have given up on it.”

12. Submitted by veronicac4a2d4b2c8

André P. Meyer-Vitali / Via flic.kr

“James and I starting talking between Tumblr and Instagram on a Monday. We met that Friday, had sex (a few times), and I went home. Fast-forward to today and we are engaged and going to welcome our (planned) baby girl in June! We couldn’t be happier!”

13. Submitted by sivriem

Micolo J / Via Flickr: robin1966

“My husband of a decade went downtown on our first date; we had sex on the second. He was supposed to be a work fling. Ooops.

14. Submitted by lizzyhammons

Ryan Hodnett / Via flic.kr

We didn’t even have a date. We hooked up in the bathroom at a party. He stopped halfway through though. I freaked out because I thought something was wrong, but he stopped because he wanted to talk and get to know me. We talked all night and we’ve been together eight years now with two kids. Best one-night stand ever!”

15. Submitted by hellanpce

Dana / Via flic.kr

“I met my girlfriend through work… we had barely ever spoke before but started through some circumstance. The first night we met outside of work, we were both drunk. We ended up banging on the grass behind a school across the street from my home. We’re both girls. It’s been over a year and we’re still together.”

16. Submitted by jenniferelainek

Charles Barilleaux / Via Flickr: bontempscharly

“We met at a bar while I was on vacation in Boston visiting a friend. Talked all night and fooled around until dawn. A few days later met up again and had a vacation fling/one-night stand. After returning home to California, we kept in touch. Over a year later we saw each other again when I came back to town, and six months later I moved 3,000 miles to be with him, and nine years later we are married with two beautiful girls. So the most important rule is there are no rules. I met my hubby on vacation, hooked up with him really early, dated long-distance, and we still ended up together. Never would have guessed right?”

17. Submitted by eryannet

Eric Kilby / Via flic.kr

“I met my now-boyfriend three days before I left the country for a semester-long study abroad trip. I had no intention of getting involved with anyone prior to my trip as I wasn’t too keen on long-distance, so I thought what we had was strictly a one-time thing. But we had an insane connection and I knew he was worth it. We talked every day for the four months I was gone. I even bought him a plane ticket to come see me in Italy. Two years later, were still together and hoping to get married soon!”

18. Submitted by princessbecca333

frank wouters / Via flic.kr

“I met my boyfriend in a bar in Savannah. We were super drunk, and I left with him on the party bus he arrived in. We went back to his house, and we banged it out that night. He asked me on a date two nights later, then I left to go home to Michigan. We dated long-distance for six months, and then I moved to Georgia. We’ve lived together for over a year now, and couldn’t be happier. Best one-night stand ever!”

19. Submitted by thisisbright

MIKI Yoshihito / Via flic.kr

“Sorta, kinda! My wife and I met online and had been chatting for almost five months before she came all the way from Croatia to visit me in the U.S. I’m bisexual and it was sort of my first time with another woman, so our first night together was relatively tame… but the next morning was a different story. Two years later, we applied for a fiancée visa, which was thankfully granted, and we got married last May.”

20. Submitted by BMOSB3K

Clemens v. Vogelsang / Via flic.kr

“Yes we did, though it wasn’t an official date. The sex was phenomenal; he stayed over for five days. We were married a month later. I’d never had sex with someone I had first met; I made an exception, took a chance, and it was totally worth it.”

21. Submitted by scottb46

ryan harvey / Via flic.kr

“Oh BuzzFeed. I work at BuzzFeed in the U.K. and I had a one-night stand on my third day at work during Friday drinks. I’ve now been with him for 15 months and couldn’t be happier.”

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19 Bars In America You Should Drink At Before You Die

♫ From sea to shining sea. ♫

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the coolest bar they’ve ever been to. Here are their responses:

1. The Tunnel Bar — Northampton, Massachusetts

The Tunnel Bar is built underground in an old pedestrian tunnel. The arched stone walls, sleek bar, and big, comfy chairs make it the ideal place for a classy evening out. I’d kill to go back there.”

—submitted by Bergin Smith, Facebook

2. The Carousel Bar & Lounge — New Orleans

The Carousel Bar & Lounge in Hotel Monteleone is a French Quarter staple, having been in business for 65 years. Inside, visitors can enjoy a cocktail while going for a spin on the gorgeous merry-go-round.

—submitted by Trina Bazzell, Facebook

3. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s — Los Angeles


“When you drive up to the house, it looks like there’s a garage sale going on. You tell the attendant sitting in the lawn chair that you’re there to party. You then walk into the garage and enter the bar through a refrigerator. You’re suddenly in the living room, where it’s basically the 1970s!”

—submitted by carvajaldiez

4. The View Lounge — San Francisco

Flickr: Marriott International / Via Flickr: marriott

The View Lounge, perched atop the Marriott Marquis hotel, offers enchanting views of the San Francisco Bay area, a whole 39 floors above the hubbub of the streets below. The lounge just reopened in January 2015 after extensive renovations.

—submitted by Sarah J. Morris, Facebook

5. Please Don’t Tell — New York City

Flickr: John / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: johnjoh


“To enter this East Village speakeasy, you actually go through a secret door inside a phone booth after giving them a ring. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, awesome eats, and amazing drinks (the bacon-infused bourbon Old-Fashioned is a favorite). It’s reservations only.”

—submitted by True Burns, Facebook

6. Minus5 Ice Bar — Las Vegas

“Everything inside is made of ice, and before you go inside they give you huge coats to wear. It’s a pretty cool place.” There are two locations in Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo, plus one location each in New York, Orlando, and Grand Cayman.

—submitted by Haleigh Rice, Facebook

7. The Signature Lounge — Chicago

Flickr: Andrew Seaman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: inthe-arena

“On the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center, the Signature Lounge overlooks the heart of the Loop, providing amazing views of the city during the day or night. Drinks are a little pricey, but well worth it.”

—submitted by Kyle Johnson, Facebook

8. No Vacancy — Hollywood


No Vacancy features a speakeasy theme, burlesque dancers, and a live band!”

—submitted by Mary Kay O’Connor, Facebook

9. Percy’s & Co. — Seattle

Percy’s in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle has an old-timey feel, with wood and brick throughout. They serve up the most amazing drinks, made with herbs and produce they grow themselves.”

—submitted by melaniec4322cface

10. Clockwork — Raleigh, North Carolina

“The decor and the patterns on the walls at Clockwork are absolutely stunning, and the huge gold statues and retro furniture are icing on the cake. Plus, they make phenomenal cocktails with ’70s-inspired names like The Pussy Galore and Who Loves You Baby.”

—submitted by monicac4216b8e75

11. The Laundry Room — Las Vegas

The Laundry Room is a hole-in-the-wall speakeasy tucked inside Commonwealth Bar. You need a secret code to get in — it’s texted to you with your reservation. They make amazing custom drinks and give you something unique if you don’t see anything you like from the menu.”

—submitted by maryfs2

12. The Way Station — Brooklyn, New York


“At this Doctor Who-themed bar, the bathroom is in a TARDIS, there’s a ton of Doctor Who decor, and there are even Whovian-themed drinks!”

—submitted by desireep4f89dab91

13. Punch Bowl Social — Denver

So you want to play arcade games, but you also want to go bowling, and you also want to have a drink? You can do all three at Punch Bowl Social, which also has locations in Austin, Portland, and Detroit.

—submitted by abbeyvandez

14. Seacrets — Ocean City, Maryland

Flickr: Jim Allen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jhallen59

Seacrets is very low-key, but it’s a super cool place. You sit in tubes and tables that are actually in the water, and drinks are brought out to you.”

—submitted by Lauren Danielle Morales, Facebook

15. Noble Experiment — San Diego

Flickr: Venus Kitastojgawasic / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djvenus

The wall of this East Village speakeasy may be lined with golden skulls, but Noble Experiment is anything but dead when night falls. It’s a must-see in San Diego, but make sure you make a reservation: The bar seats only 35 people at a time.

—submitted by mckennak4541b8779

16. The Unicorn Bar — Seattle

Flickr: Andy Pixel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smull

The Unicorn Bar, an aptly named carnival-themed bar in Seattle, features an arcade, a claw machine, and a photo booth. One thing’s for sure: You’ll definitely never be bored here.

—submitted by alicek4d4b3c09b

17. Manifesto — Kansas City, Missouri

Manifesto is a speakeasy in the basement of the Reiger Hotel. Their cocktails are perfectly balanced and crafted, and they’re incredibly delicious. They’ve got an extensive menu with seasonal selections and Kansas City-inspired cocktails. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time.”

—submitted by Lynn Driscoll, Facebook

18. The Safe House — Milwaukee

Flickr: Ashleigh Bennett / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ashleighb77

We’re about to tell you a secret, so listen up: If you’re in Milwaukee, make sure you check out this spy-themed bar, which operates under the guise of International Exports Ltd. And if you’re hungry, check out its “Cloak & Dagger Spycialties.”

—submitted by Jennifer Klumpp, Facebook

19. Founding Fathers Pub — Buffalo

Flickr: Mark Hogan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: markhogan

“The entire bar is decorated with flags and pictures of presidents. Don’t be surprised if the bartender asks you some trivia questions when you walk into the bar.”

—submitted by rachels43751e1cd

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49 Real Life Labor And Delivery Stories…If You Can Handle Them

Childbirth is no walk in the park. Unless you happen to be walking in the park when it happens.

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

The BuzzFeed Community asked readers to share their craziest memories from labor and delivery with us, and holy wow did they come through. If you’ve never given birth, proceed with caution. No, seriously.

1. “He delivered our baby on our bathroom floor.”

“As we were getting ready to leave for the hospital, I thought I was going to poop the turd of the century. I ran to the bathroom. My boyfriend was screaming, ‘What are you doing?! We have to go!’ And I yelled back, ‘I can’t stop it! I think I have to poop but this just doesn’t feel right!’

My eyes widened and I yelled ‘THIS BABY IS COMING NOW.’ My poor boyfriend delivered our baby boy on our bathroom floor at 4:50 a.m. So, to my precious, perfect babe, yes. I thought you were a giant, monstrous shit, not a 7 pound, 14 ounce squishy ball of cute.”

–Chantel Guidera, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

2. “Her water broke in the middle of a Burger King…”

“When my mom was pregnant with me her water broke in the middle of a Burger King, so she threw down her cup of soda to hide the evidence.”

–Catie LaGrasta, Facebook

3. “I taught him in med school.”

“I was in mid-labor when a shift change occurred and the OB on call asked if I minded some interns coming through. Not at all, until one of the interns looks up, mid-examination, and asks me whether I taught neuroanatomy at a local medical school. Yeppers. I had taught him in med school. All I could think to ask was whether he had passed my class as I sure as heck wasn’t in much of a position to remember him!”

–Jen Kulak, Facebook

4. “I’ll never understand how he moved that fast.”

“My husband was front and center of the action, and on my second push my water broke violently in a huge, forceful gush. Being a paramedic, my husband is really, really good at dodging bodily fluids. Immediately after my water broke, I heard him say, ‘What the hell was that?’ from the opposite end of the bed from where he had just been. Not a drop on him; I’ll never understand how he moved that fast.”

–Brittaney Gilmore, Facebook

5. “Whoa! Somebody pooped in the pool!”

“My baby had a BM [bowel movement] in utero, so the first thing I heard when the doctor opened me up for the C-section was, ‘Whoa! Somebody pooped in the pool!'”

–Rosanna Bigford, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

6. “It was a legendary story for the nurses there.”

“When my mom was in labor with my sister, her water broke and all of it splashed onto the wall, almost hitting the doctor.

A couple of years later my mom was in labor with my little brother and her water exploded in the waiting room all over the floor. She was horrified. The nurse tried to comfort her. ‘Don’t worry,’ she told her, ‘there was one woman whose fluids ended up all over the wall.’

‘Yeah,’ my mom said, ‘that was me.’ Apparently she was a legendary story for the nurses there.”

–Rachel Elizabeth Mabey, Facebook

7. “I was peeing all over myself.”

“I had gotten my epidural, and during one of the hourly checks, my nurse was discharging my bladder. I really have no idea how she did it, but it involved some sort of tube into my bladder and into one of those pink tubs. Well, she did the tube thing, was looking at my stats, and I felt something move between my legs. Basically the pee tube had popped out of the tub, and I was just peeing all over myself. Honestly, I wasn’t really that embarrassed. I mean, the woman had already had her hand up my vag how many times at this point?”

–Tiffany Adams, Facebook

8. “I had two choices: Wipe my face, or be a good sister.”

“My sister was in delivery and I was holding one leg as she was pushing. She had an epidural so she couldn’t feel a thing. As my niece’s head popped out, I got splattered in the face with juices. Decision time. Drop her leg and wipe my face or be a good sister and keep holding up that leg as the rest of the baby came out. I was a good sister. Have never washed my face so well in my life!”

–Meghan McGovern, Facebook

9. “You are scaring the moms in the other rooms.”

“I screamed bloody murder during my contractions. The nurse walked in and told me in the nicest voice, ‘You are scaring all the moms in the other rooms who aren’t as far along as you are.’ I didn’t care. I screamed until I got my shot.”

–Lorin Armstrong, Facebook

10. “Fuck! He knows I’ve got kids!”

“I was pretty loopy on gas while they were putting the epidural in for my emergency C-section. All I remember thinking was how gorgeous my anesthetist was, and that ‘fuck, he knows I’ve got kids!'”

–Sarah Kerby, Facebook

11. “Everything tasted blue.”

“I got really drunk on gas and air with my second daughter and said that I could smell melted vanilla ice cream and that everything tasted blue.”

–Maggie Moo Spiller, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

12. “Shut the hell up and stop being so supportive!”

“After about 30 hours in I yelled at my mother to ‘shut the hell up and stop being so supportive!'”

– Whitney Roy, Facebook

13. “My vagina feels drunk.”

“After trying to ‘breathe through the contractions’ for a few hours, I asked for an epidural. They gave it to me and it felt so good once it kicked in, I started to feel loopy because I was pain-free after so much pain. The anesthesiologist came in to check on me and asked me how I was doing. I looked at him and said ‘My vagina feels drunk’… He tried to keep a straight face and act professional but had to turn around because he was laughing so hard.”

–Erin Ann Johnson, Facebook

14. “My wife is high as a kite.”

“I kept asking my husband to call Colton so I could tell her I loved her and missed her. The nurse was so sweet — she asked me if I knew Colton’s phone number and I started to cry. She said she would lend me her phone so I could call her. As she pulls out her phone my husband comes in and asked what we were doing. She tells him we’re gonna call Colton ‘cause I obviously need her. He goes, ‘Colton is our dog. My wife is high as a kite.’ To which I started to cry again and asked him to bring her.”

–Nancy Jaimes-Soto, Facebook

15. “I sold a garage door during my C-section.”

“I was so doped up during my C-section that I spent the whole time slurring a sales speech to the anesthesiologist for a garage door and opener. LOL… He bought one a few weeks later though!”

–Angelica Halls, Facebook

16. “It’s a disaster down there.”

“Right after my daughter was born and they were sewing up my degree tear, my husband says: ‘Whatever you do, don’t look in the mirror. It’s a disaster down there.'”

–Karen Halker Miller, Facebook

17. “You can kiss her first if it makes you more comfortable.”

“We had a very sweet female nurse in training come in with another nurse. The experienced nurse checked for dilation and took note on it and told the student to take a try. It was very apparent she had never had her fingers in another female before and she looked terrified. My husband, who is NEVER serious and always tries to make others uncomfortable, says ‘You can kiss her first if it make you more comfortable’… *mortified*. She did NOT think it was funny…”

–Lauren Ashley Walton-McGee, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

18. “We maintained the most uncomfortable eye contact.”

“There I am, post-epidural, and the nurse comes to see if my water has broken. ‘I think so’ I say, not really knowing what I was supposed to be looking for. So she slides her gloved hand up in my business, and with the slightest of pokes proceeds to break my water. Unfortunately, the shock was such that I immediately contracted and trapped her hand in my vag. We maintained the most uncomfortable eye contact as her glove filled with fluid.”

–Madeleine Kaizer, Facebook


“So my doctor is an older guy and when he came in to break my water he says very professionally, ‘This won’t hurt at all, but you will feel a lot of pressure.’ So I sit back and prop up. He pulls out a massive torture device that looks like something from American Horror Story. He places it in me and I immediately arch my back and try to kick him away while screaming, ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME.’ He looked down ashamed and quietly laughed, ‘That’s the first time a woman has told me that.’ My husband beamed at my doctor with the potential friendship he saw blossoming.”

–Celeste Pitre, Facebook

20. “Wow, you need to wax.”

“When they put my legs up to start pushing my husband looked at my vag and said, ‘Wow. You need to wax.’ I’m not sure I have forgiven him yet.”

–Heather Drew, Facebook

21. “Are you flossing my vagina?”

“When my beautiful 10 pound 3 ounce baby girl was born my world changed, I was instantly in love. I was looking at her when my doctor started stitching me up. Now, I’ve never had stitches before so the sensation was new (and in my effing vagina, no less) so without thinking I just looked at my doctor and asked, ‘are you flossing my vagina?'”

– jacquelines4a31a66f9, BuzzFeed.com

22. “I can’t do this!”

“I think my most glorious moment was when I grabbed my husband during transition and told him 100% seriously, ‘OK, this next contraction YOU have to push because I can’t do this.'”

–Amy Mansell, Facebook

23. “At least you didn’t head-butt me like the girl yesterday.”

“Once I hit a six I wanted my epidural, but the anesthesiologist took two hours to go from downstairs to the second floor. During that time I got ANGRY and yelled at my nurse. Once the epidural finally arrived and I’d calmed down, I told her I was so sorry that I yelled and I didn’t mean it. She said, ‘We are used to it. Don’t sweat it. At least you didn’t head-butt me like the girl yesterday.'”

–Callie Anne Crabtree, Facebook

24. “I suddenly started laughing and couldn’t stop.”

“With my third kiddo, I was well into active labor and overly exhausted (as lots of moms get to be at that point), when I suddenly started laughing…and I couldn’t stop. For 20–30 minutes. No joke. The nurses were both freaked out and laughing, too, as was my hubby. Needless to say, I was well known on that maternity ward for being the first mom to laugh uncontrollably during labor. *Note: If you end up in a similar situation, laughing through powerful, unmedicated contractions hurts like hell, but it makes the experience much more memorable. :)”

–Erin Wolf, Facebook

25. The Ultimate Potter Fan

“I was watching a Harry Potter marathon when the nurse checked to see how far dilated I was. I was 9 ¾. I was so ecstatic!!”

–Sarah Pike, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

26. “I was told I bit my father-in-law’s shoulder.”

“I was three days overdue, felt some consistent contractions, went to the hospital, and was hooked up to the monitors. After being there for three hours (we left at midnight), I wasn’t dilating anymore so they sent me home and told me to rest, that it would be in a day or two. I didn’t get any sleep that night, I tossed and turned and was in constant pain. I felt lots of pressure, went to the bathroom, held a mirror down there and could see my daughter’s head. I told my mother-in-law, she woke up her husband, we were all just in a panic and screaming at each other, the paramedics were called but she was born in front of the bathroom before they got there. I don’t remember a lot but I was told I bit my father-in-law’s shoulder.”

–Shea Posey, Facebook

27. “So I’m just hanging out on my hospital bed, legs wide open…”

“I had been pushing for about 15 minutes and my daughter was crowning, but apparently I was a little too numb because I was having a hard time pushing her past that point, so my doctor told me we were going to take a break and she’d be back in about five or 10 minutes. So I’m just hanging out in my hospital bed, legs wide open with my daughter’s head poking out, when, after 30 MINUTES, my doctor finally came back.”

–Carmen Breckenridge, Facebook

28. “Well, it happened.”

“I had my mom, my boyfriend, and two support people in the room, as well as my nurse, who was telling me to push (really to practice for when she was coming in the next few minutes). I was refusing since I had everyone in the room because I felt I was going to poop. I was screaming, ‘I can’t push, I can feel it. I’m gonna poop. I don’t want anyone to see that,’ and the nurse was assuring me I wasn’t, and everyone was trying to convince me to push because it’s OK. Well, it happened. Nobody said anything. But the nurse came and wiped me and all I said was ‘See, I told you so…'”

–Bethany Danielle Cooke, Facebook

Morgan Shanahan // BuzzFeed

29. “Nope, that was you.”

“I heard someone rip a big one… I looked over at my sister and asked, ‘Was that you?!’ She just laughed and said…’Nope, that was you.’ Everyone was cracking up, especially me since I was so doped up.”

–Mariah Irvin, Facebook

30. “The bed did a sort of ‘Tokyo drift’ into the delivery room…”

“Partway through my labor, I felt a sudden, much worse pain than I had ever felt before. I hit the nurse-call button shrieking for help. A second nurse came in as the first one lifted the sheet to check…and they both exclaimed: ‘STOP PUSHING!!’

They started wheeling me out of the room. They kept shouting: ‘STOP PUSHING!’ and I kept shouting back: ‘I’M NOT PUSHING!’

We slammed through the double doors of the delivery room and the bed sorta did a ‘Tokyo drift’ to a stop in the middle of the room. The momentum caused me to drop from my side onto my back and as soon as my back landed on the bed, the baby popped out (and the pain went away). The nurse standing at the foot of my bed was pulling on gloves, and she snapped the last glove on and exclaimed: ‘Tell the doctor he can take his time now.'”

–Patty Smith, Facebook

31. “He just kept pointing at the baby and shouting how cool it was.”

“Giving birth to my second baby, as he was coming out he stuck one arm out and grabbed the head doctor’s scrubs and pulled. The young intern was so excited he just kept pointing at the baby and shouting how cool it was. Even my seasoned doctor seemed amazed. All I could think of is the baby must want out as bad as I want him to be.”

–Cherish Fritts Newman, Facebook

32. “GET IT OUT!”

“When the doctor finally arrived in the delivery room mid-pushing, he checks me and tells me to reach between my legs and grab her head. By that point, though, I was so ready for it to be over, I just screamed at him. ‘Get it out!'”

–Cassi Osborn, Facebook

33. “It looked just like Heath Ledger’s fucked-up smile as the Joker.”

“I made the mistake of looking at my vagina in a mirror out of curiosity after being stitched up — it looked just like Heath Ledger’s fucked-up smile as the Joker.”

–Erin Day, Facebook

34. “Never touch the placenta.”

“After my son was finally out, in my epidural-high state, I asked to touch the placenta…and they let me. Ladies. Never touch the placenta.”

–Kirsten Strider, Facebook

35. “He’s still attached!”

“The nurse was so worried about getting my newborn son cleaned up and checking him that she tried taking him before they cut the cord. It hurt. I yelled, ‘He’s still attached!’ and she set him down real quick. I almost punched that lady.”

–Rashelle Koier, Facebook

36. “I have never seen no shit like that in my life.”

My grandmother was present at the delivery. After the final push as my daughter was born, I looked over to my grandmother to see if she was crying… She wasn’t.

She was standing in the corner, horrified at what she just witnessed. After the chaos died down I asked my her why she was so horrified, having given birth herself. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, ‘I have never seen no shit like that in my life. Don’t call me till after the baby’s born on the next one, OK Mija?’

–Janay Danica Alexandra Guevara, Facebook

Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

37. “Sorry doc, you missed the whole show.”

“While sleeping in the hospital, I woke up with a start, screaming at my husband that baby was coming. By the time the nurse finally got in to the room and checked me, my daughter was already crowning. The nurse grabs the nearest on call doctor who barely made into the room, literally at the last second to grab the baby.

Five minutes later my OBGYN walks in, and goes “ok, are we ready to have a baby?” Sorry doc, you missed the whole show.”

– Vanessa Schira, Facebook

38. “My husband and I made an agreement that he would not look down there…”

“Before my son was born, my husband and I made an agreement that he would not look down there… Well, after he was out and they were going about the after-business, I came to enough to see him making a weird face. I asked him if he looked, he nodded yes and said he saw the placenta. He then whispered that it looked like a meat toupee.”

–Sandra Walker, Facebook

39. “If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

My husband and I was just waiting for me to go No. 2 so we could be discharged when I had already been in there two days. I wanted to do the suppository because the nurse said it was faster. I felt the poor nurses had seen enough of everything so I offered to do it myself. The nurse left and here I am in the bathroom trying and failing miserably. Instead of calling the nurse back in, I had my husband do it. He was mortified but a champ (while wearing gloves lol). After everything was said and done he looked at me and said, ‘If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.'”

–Kara Kieffer, Facebook

40. My teeth!

“While in labor with my sister, my mom remembers her mom arriving and screaming with excitement. Her teeth flew out under the hospital bed, and she couldn’t get them until after the birth!”

–Angel Morrison, Facebook

41. “Oh my god, I birthed an alien!”

“I felt what I thought was a No. 2 slip out just as I got into the birthing pool. I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god, I pooped in the pool!!’ Just then, a big bubble floated to the surface and I said, ‘Oh my god, I birthed an alien!’ The midwife grabbed the ‘bubble’ and tore it open. My son was born inside of his amniotic sack.”

–Laura Downie, Facebook

42. “Hell no, I want to check my hair.”

“In the delivery room they had a giant mirror on wheels so if you wanted, you could watch the delivery. I asked my nurse to wheel it over to me and she said, ‘Aw, you want to watch the delivery??’

“‘Hell no, I want to check my hair.'”

–Sarah Fouquet, Facebook

43. “He SHOWED my poop to my husband…”

“I pooped and the doctor lifted up a blue tarp with my poo on it and showed it to my husband saying, ‘This is why I put that there.’ Yep. He SHOWED my poop to my husband while I was trying to bring our child into the world.”

–Kristin Tutt, Facebook

44. “It looked like a crime scene in there.”

“While I was in the final stages of labor (i.e., pushing) a nurse stepped on my IV cord and dislodged it. We had no idea, so with every push more and more blood sprayed out of the unattached cord. Nobody noticed blood spraying everywhere. When the doctor came in for the last few pushes she remarked that it looked like a crime scene in there. There was a pool of blood on the floor and the nurse was splattered with it.”

–Tracey Citron, Facebook

45. “He was crowning!”

“Craziest moment from labor? When I was told to stop pushing. My son was crowning and they said to stop because the doctor wasn’t there yet. The nurse didn’t want to deliver him on her own. Stop pushing??? HE WAS CROWNING!”

–Alycia M. Smith, Facebook

Morgan Shanahan // BuzzFeed

46. “He was tasked with scooping my poop nuggets out of the birthing pool with a fishing net.”

“I had a planned home-water birth, and when I was pushing I guess little bits of poop were coming out. What I didn’t learn until later was that every time one would float to the surface my incredibly dedicated husband was tasked with fishing my poop nuggets out of the water with one of those green aquarium nets.”

–Jana Silver, Facebook

47. GOAL!

“When my mom delivered my older sister, she was in Nigeria during the World Cup and the doctor made her wait till the match was over.”

–John Alex Nieboer, Facebook

48. Word to the wise…


–Marla Czechowski, Facebook

49. “He put the placenta under his foot and stretched it up to his head.”

“After the exciting part was said and done, the doctor motioned for my boyfriend to join him and the foot of my bed. He said, ‘Watch this!’ and put the placenta under his foot and stretched it all the way up to his head. Boys….”

–Liz Boeche, Facebook

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17 Magical Spots To Escape To In London

Off the beaten path.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite secret spot in London. Here’s what they said:

1. St James Park

Closest station: St James Park
Budget: Free entry

“There’s this willow tree in St James’s park near Buckingham Palace that has a hidden bench underneath it. It’s so magical to find a hidden and quiet spot right in the middle of central (and very touristy) London.” – cricketb

More information here.

2. Morden Hall Park

Closest station: Morden
Budget: Free entry

Once a deer park, the rural escape in Morden Hall Park is now a haven for nature and wildlife, and will give you a much-needed breath of fresh air. “So lovely, and feels like you’re not even in London anymore.” – Ailbhe Malone

More information here.

3. Chelsea Physic Garden


Closest station: Sloane Square
Budget: £10 entry

This preeminent centre for botany is peaceful and informative. “It’s worth the trip and the entrance fee!” – Jennifer Domingo on Facebook

More information here.

4. The Parkland Walk

Closest station: Finsbury Park
Budget: Free entry

“The Parkland Walk runs from Finsbury Park, through Crouch End and up to Highgate. It’s an abandoned railway line that’s become a forest. Look out for the adult sized playground apparatus too!” – lucyk6

More information here.

5. The Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hill

Closest station: Forest Hill
Budget: Free entry, £3.50 for aquarium access

“Fantastic view across London which rivals that of Greenwich Park.” – ashleyh434f1d695

More information here.

6. Nunhead Cemetery


Closest station: Nunhead
Budget: Free entry

Don’t miss the “the amazing burnt out church in the center of the cemetery and view of London from the top of the reservoir.” – jodief4756613e2

More information here.

7. St Ethelburga’s Peace Garden

Closest station: Bank
Budget: Free entry

BuzzFeed Life recommends escaping the City into tranquil secret garden at St Ethelburga’s. With gorgeous flowers and a peaceful environment, the volunteer-tended garden offers a much needed escape from everyday business.

More information here.

8. Angel Canal

Closest station: Angel Canal
Budget: Free entry

If you’re in the Islington area, escape the hustle and bustle of shops and bars with a stroll along the serene Angel Canal, which offers a unique and lovely view of the city, and hosts a lively annual festival. Recommended by maggiem428f32a00.

More information here.

9. Richmond Park


Closest station: Richmond
Budget: Free entry

No doubt you’ll find your own little corner of Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks. You’ll find plenty of wildlife, seclusion, and peace. Recommended by emilyg47e5692de.

More information here.

10. Daunt Books

Closest station: Regent’s Park
Budget: Free entry

Curling up with a good book in this Edwardian bookshop on Marylebone Road is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of central London. Recommended by heffalump246.

More information here.

11. St Christopher’s Place


Closest station: Bond Street
Budget: Free entry, but put aside a few quid for a coffee at Workshop.

“I love St Christopher’s place, hidden through a tiny alley behind Oxford street… Really lovely restaurants and art shops.” – Lakesx

More information here.

12. B.Y.O.C.


Closest station: Covent Garden
Budget: £25/person for a 2 hour slot

“Hidden under the juice bar in Covent Garden… you bring your own bottle of booze and they turn it into fancy cocktails for you!” – emmac481cc4edc.

Book here.

13. Flat Iron Steakhouse

Closest station: Piccadilly Circus
Budget: £5/drink, £10/steak

“Flat Iron Steakhouse, get there early and get a bottle of wine with your mates, have a fresh stuffed donut and then make your way to your table for £10 steak at communal tables.” – mollp

More information here.

14. Opium Parlour

Nearest station: Leicester Square
Budget: £12/drink, £6-£20/plate

“Cocktails and dimsum until 3am, yes please.” – emmac481cc4edc

Book here.

15. The Cocktail Trading Company


Closest station: Oxford Circus
Budget: £8-£10/drink

“Dive into this basement speakeasy for a private, jazzy atmosphere and incredibly original drinks. Be sure to order a “欢迎到肯塔基州 {WELCOME TO KENTUCKY, HAVE A NICE DAY},” a cocktail disguised a noodle takeaway.” – Chelsey Pippin

More information here.

16. Mr Fogg’s

Closest station: Green Park
Budget: £5-£10/drink, £38/person for Tipsy Tea

The quirky Victorian-themed cocktail bar was inspired by the hero of Jules Vernes’ classic novel Around The World In Eight Days and offers “Tipsy Tea” every Friday. Recommended by simis3.

Book here.

17. Espresso Bar Balcony, Tate Modern


Closest station: Southwark
Budget: £1-£5/drink

“The exact spot where I fell in love with London is the balcony at Tate Modern, overlooking the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Not exactly hidden but it’s simply magical!” – lorenag40d26bd66

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