Here Are 21 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen. #8 Changes EVERYTHING… OMG.

Being an adult and preparing food for yourself can be a boring, tiresome business. Fear no more. We have some tips to help you out. We found 21 awesome food hacks that’ll make eating so much better, you won’t know how you even lived before. Preparing for cookouts and parties is easy when you know these ridiculously simple tips. Summer 2014, we’re ready for you.

1.) Make easy cheesy bread with an already-baked loaf.

2.) Breakfast just got interesting.

3.) Use a peeler to create pretty lemon flowers.

4.) Melted banana split? Yes please.

5.) Use an apple corer on potatoes for quick wedges.

6.) No more sticky popsicle hands.

7.) Making ice cream sandwiches is easy, if you have a hot, sharp knife.

8.) Put the egg in the burger. You’ll thank us later.

9.) Taco holders!

10.) Swirly cake is actually easier than it looks.

11.) Bacon. Pancakes.

12.) Use a clothespin to make chopsticks foolproof.

13.) Cheap hangers… or chip clips?

14.) Bye-bye, strawberry stems.

15.) Bees think they own your drinks. Use muffin/cupcake liners to stop them.

16.) Carefully use a balloon and melted chocolate for a fancy, edible bowl.

17.) Electric carving knife + bundt cake pan = easy corn on the cob obliteration.

18.) There’s a new way to peel oranges.

19.) Wet your fingers. Get the shell out.

20.) AKA, heaven on earth.

21.) Snacking just got awesome…ly unhealthy.

(H/T Pemzo) You’re welcome. Eating food will never be the same. Share these awesome tips with others by clicking on the button below. Happy snacking!

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When A Homeless Man Asked Her For Food, She Gave Him Something Even Better

When a homeless man wandered into this restaurant one day asking for food, the business owner had a better idea. Why not give him a job so he’d never be hungry again?

He had a bunch of felonies under his belt and a drug addiction to boot, but instead of turning him away, the restaurant owner said that he could enjoy a meal after washing dishes for two hours. After that, something tremendous happened.

Not only did he last the full 2 hours, but after he was done, he ran outside to split the sandwich he got from the restaurant with another homeless person.

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A friend of mine does something nice in her own way and now people are being negative about it. Come on people she did what she felt was right. You go mama don’t let negative minds put u down Cesi Abi

Posted by Coreisi Pamela on Friday, March 25, 2016

The woman in charge, pictured below, was so impressed by his behavior that she let him come back day after day to wash dishes and eat. The best part is that he’s now an official employee!

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I’ll give this 100 days happy challenge ….might just last 30 mins but ill give it a shot lol

Posted by Cesi Abi on Friday, October 9, 2015

To help him deal with his addiction issues and get back on his feet, she told the man that she’d set 10 percent of each paycheck aside to teach him how to manage his money.

It’s amazing how one seemingly small act of kindness helped someone turn his entire life around. Thousands of people live with the harsh realities of homelessness every single day, and most of them just need a second chance. If we all approached charity the way that this restaurant owner just did, we could stop homelessness in its tracks.

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You May Love Eating Chocolate Now, But These Facts Will Make You Love It Even More.

Do you love chocolate? Of course you do. You’re reading this sentence, so I assume you have a pulse. Well, here are some more reasons why it’s the best–as if tasting amazing wasn’t enough. If you don’t love chocolate, HOW? Before you get into your explanation, check out these pieces of smooth, creamy information and make sure that you actually don’t like chocolate and aren’t just supremely confused. Check them out!  

1.) The amount of caffeine in chocolate is actually quite low compared to coffee, tea, and other things often ingested to boost one’s energy.

2.) Chocolate is a natural painkiller.

3.) The sensation one receives from chocolate melting in their mouth can cause a more intense and longer-lasting pleasure than kissing.

4.) One chocolate chip will give you the energy to walk 150 feet.

5.) 40% of the world’s almonds are produced to be used in chocolate products.

6.) Dark chocolate aids the “good” bacteria in your body.

7.) Eating chocolate can help prevent tooth decay.

8.) Cacao beans were used by the Maya as currency.

9.) Hershey produces more than 80 million chocolate “Kisses” every day.

10.) Chocolate’s scent increases the amount of relaxation-inducing brainwaves.

11.) Regularly eating dark chocolate reduces ones risk of heart disease.

12.) Eating chocolate will not result in breaking out with acne.

13.) Technically speaking, white chocolate is NOT chocolate.

14.) Eating dark chocolate can help protect your skin from being damaged by the sun.

15.) Chocolate is thought to be a good, all-natural cough suppressant.

16.) Eating dark chocolate can help improve your vision in low-contrast situations.

17.) The anti-oxidants in chocolate will keep you looking young.

18.) Eating dark chocolate can help curb other less-healthy cravings.

19.) Chocolate-related business kept the founder of Hershey’s from boarding the Titanic.

20.) Chocolate milk is as effective of a post-workout recovery as many of the protein shakes sold in stores.

(via Distractify, Elite Daily)

I can’t remember the last time facts made me this hungry. See? The next time your mother/significant other/roommate tells you to stop eating chocolate, you can let them know you’re just being healthy.

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This Is The Only Time A Bucket Of KFC Will Blow Your Mind. What The?!

For Kyle Stockton’s birthday, his wife Laura wanted to do something extra special for him. To make sure it was a birthday he would always remember, she decided to create something in the kitchen he would never forget. She’s quite the chef in the kitchen and Kyle was blown away by what she came up with. She got the idea from her two sons, Josh and Harry. For them, it was a no brainer. Their dad loved KFC, so they thought his treat should be KFC-themed. What Laura was able to make was a work of art.

Kyle was a giant KFC fan…

So much so, his wife baked him a bucket of chicken for his birthday.

But it wasn’t REALLY chicken.

It was a delicious, delicious cake.

Mind = blown.

(H/T Laura never imagined that the Internet would go wild over her cake. After all, she hasn’t been trained in making cakes. Now, she is inspired by its popularity to start a baked goods business (with hopefully more awesome cakes). It’s hard to tell if this cake is savory or sweet, but one thing is certain: it’s making me hungry.

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Snacking In America Hits “Tipping Point,” Cats And Dogs Included

The food industry has long known that three daily meals are out, and a procession of snacks from midday to midnight is in. And now the pet food industry is getting onboard.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show winner Miss P was fed a plate of steak during a lunch photo op at Sardi’s in New York Wednesday. Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Snacking has become a mega-trend in the food industry in recent years, forcing food companies from General Mills to McDonald’s to cater to a world that no longer revolves around three daily meals. And dogs and cats are getting in on the action.

Trends in pet food are following those in human food, and so pet snacking is on the rise, companies say. “Snacking and treating are growing, especially as a way to bond with cats and dogs,” said Dave West, the head of J.M. Smucker’s Big Heart Pet Brands, at a Feb. 17 investor conference. About 68% of U.S. households own at least one pet, and that’s increasing among so-called millennials and empty nesters, he added.

J.M. Smucker said earlier this month that it’s buying Big Heart, the maker of Kibbles ‘n Bits and Meow Mix, for $3.2 billion. Pet snacks are an “extremely important part of this business,” a separate Smucker executive said at the conference.

Snacks for dogs and cats make up almost one-third of the company’s $2.3 billion in annual sales, and that’s expected to grow, West said, especially as people buy fancier ones for their furry friends. Snacks under the Milo’s Kitchen brand promise “the best” to “pet parents.” Pup-Peroni now comes in flavors such as turducken — a turkey-duck-chicken hybrid — and braised beef with sweet potato.

Pup-Peroni’s turducken promise: “Each stick has all of the flavor and aroma of a three-course holiday poultry feast, slowly baked together to seal in the irresistible flavors and mouthwatering aromas of real turkey, duck, and chicken!” Big Heart

It seems this animal instinct runs across species. Snacking for humans is a $1.2 trillion business that has historically grown about 6% a year, a Mondelez executive said at the same conference. That’s a boon for food companies, given packaged snacks tend to be more profitable than basic food staples.

“The trend in snacking has reached a tipping point,” said Jeffrey Harmening, chief operating officer of General Mills’ U.S. retail division, at the conference. “In fact, snacks make up half of all U.S. eating occasions.”

He continued: “U.S. consumers don’t feel guilty about snacks anymore. They depend on them to get through their busy days.”

Big Heart Pet Brands / Via

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