Meghan McCain calls Arizona’s SB 1062 ‘un-American and embarrassing’

Arizona’s SB 1062, passed by the state legislature but not yet signed by Gov. Jan Brewer, would provide legal protection to people or companies facing discrimination lawsuits if they are acting upon their “sincerely held” religious beliefs. The Arizona Capitol Times provides as an example a widely cited case in which a business refused to provide services for a gay wedding, claiming that same-sex marriage violated their religious beliefs.

The bill has caught the attention of many, as well as celebrities like George Takei and Marlee Matlin.

A Tucson pizzeria has scored big with this sign posted on its doors.

Gov. Brewer has until next Friday to either sign or veto the bill.

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Rest easy, ladies: George Takei will do your Hobby Lobby thinking for you

Now you’ve done it, Hobby Lobby. You’ve forced actor George Takei to drop the F-bomb in a nonsensical meme.

That “f**king crafts store” also drove Takei to  blog about “how the U.S Supreme Court believes corporations are people, yet treats women inhumanely.”


He trots out everything from Scientology to Sharia Law in his quest to portray Hobby Lobby as a company that “can refuse to provide insurance covering contraception to its female employees.” (Never mind the 16 types of birth control Hobby Lobby covers. Reading is hard.)

Takei also calls for a boycott and tells all you ladies what you should do. Because he knows best so pipe down and do as you’re told.

The only way such companies ever learn to treat people with decency and tolerance is to hit them where it counts–in their pocketbooks. I won’t be shopping there, and women everywhere should exercise their right of protest and refuse to shop there as well.

Hey, feminists, isn’t this the part where you call him out for “mansplaining” and infantilizing women by telling them what to do?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.


Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby in landmark religious freedom case

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