If you thought the Mary Burke firing story was bad, it gets worse!


Well, it’s been a tough week for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. First, Obama campaigned for her and Wisconsin Dems fled the scene early. Snicker. Now this news:

Fired. From her family business … double snicker! OK, that is bad enough, but there is an absolutely brutal aspect to it that is being overlooked:

From the article:

Two former high-level executives of Trek Bicycle claim that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was forced out as head of European operations for her family’s business 21 years ago — an allegation that Burke and the company denied, labeling it a last-minute smear campaign.

“I’m not saying she was incompetent,” said Tom Albers, former Trek chief operating officer who left the company in 1997. “Maybe this job was too big for her.”

But, hey, she’s totally up for the job AS GOVERNOR.

Yep. Rightly so.


Empty bleachers, ‘exit’ poll! Obama campaigns for Burke; Wisconsin Dems flee early

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Dale Earnhardt Sr. comparisons sparked after Tony Stewart hits, kills Ward

As Twitchy reported, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart crashed into and killed another driver, Kevin Ward Jr., last night at a race in upstate New York. Some Twitter users are arguing that Stewart should not race today as a result of the fatal accident.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. whose father Dale Earnhardt, Sr., a beloved NASCAR driver who was also killed in a racing accident, tweeted his condolences.


His tweet also sparked comparisons to the accident that killed Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

Yes. While the deaths are of course tragic, they are not uncommon in racing.


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