‘How would the Left react’ if a Republican White House sent out this graphic?


ISIS can wait. What we need to deal with right now is raising the minimum wage:

In the 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama called on Congress to raise the national minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, and soon after signed an Executive Order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for the individuals working on new federal service contracts.

Raising the minimum wage nationwide will increase earnings for millions of workers, and boost the bottom lines of businesses across the country. While Republicans in Congress continue to block the President’s proposal, a number of state legislatures and governors, mayors and city councils, and business owners have answered the President’s call and raised wages for their residents and employees. Read a report on the progress that’s been made so far across the country.

Women especially are depending on that minimum wage hike:

Let's help millions of #WomenSucceed by raising the minimum wage to $10.10 → http://t.co/fMEhvXwRjy #RaiseTheWage pic.twitter.com/e3W8ZgPWVp

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 8, 2014

Hmmm. Maybe the White House should think this through a little more:

@WhiteHouse That bag of groceries will cost 30% more and she'll still be struggling. Math.

— laurakfillault (@laurakfillault) October 8, 2014

.@WhiteHouse You know it would make that bag of groceries 30% more expensive…don't you?

— Angela (@Bear2theRight) October 8, 2014

@laurakfillault @instapundit @WhiteHouse Nope…she'll be out of a job.

— Brad Hope (@Brad_Hope) October 8, 2014

@WhiteHouse It will increase prices every where. This will not help

— Nevermint (@Nevermint) October 8, 2014

@WhiteHouse Let's make millions of women unemployed by raising the minimum wage.

— Robert Dietrich (@RobertDietrich4) October 8, 2014

@WhiteHouse Let's raise the cost of goods and services everywhere ensuring more poverty and reliance on welfare by raising the minimum wage.

— Robert Dietrich (@RobertDietrich4) October 8, 2014

@WhiteHouse Let's drive more women from the labor force because that's the best way to make unemployment lower.

— Robert Dietrich (@RobertDietrich4) October 8, 2014

.@WhiteHouse You realize those groceries will have been checked out at a kiosk and not by a cashier right? Dummies. #RaiseTheWage

— EEE (@EEElverhoy) October 8, 2014

While the White House is chewing on that food for thought, here’s something for the rest of us to ponder:

This picture, but with a Republican in the White House. https://t.co/OPgNOqbCKn How would the Left react?

— RB (@RBPundit) October 8, 2014

Good question!

@RBPundit "1)As if Rs care bout women! They think this hides their War on Women? 2) FT workers?! Look at unemp! & 3) what about young ppl??"

— Giles (@GilesMcK) October 8, 2014

@GilesMcK You forgot "Wow. Holding a grocery bag? How sexist!" 😉

— RB (@RBPundit) October 8, 2014

Bingo The Feminist Outrage Brigade would surely be all over this. But this is the Obama White House’s work, so … nothing to see here!

*crickets* – feminists reacting to this pic MT @WhiteHouse: Let's help millions of by raising the minimum wage → pic.twitter.com/3iCdQOu1h8

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 8, 2014

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So, California, how are your Obamacare plans working out so far?

After months of anxious anticipation, insurance policies purchased under Obamacare finally went into effect on January 1. We’ve been told the new regime would be Heaven on Earth, but some Californians are finding that things aren’t quite so peachy. As Twitchy reported, Anthem Blue Cross (the largest insurer in California’s Obamacare exchange) has been inundated with complaints from enrollees (or those trying to enroll) who can’t get through to customer service staff. That was two weeks ago. Judging by the tweets we’ve been seeing the past few days (see below), not much has changed.





Dear ANTHEM , I would say you SUCK but that would be a complement .
Regards , scott— Scott Thomas (@carpetscott) January 22, 2014


Blue Shield California is reportedly the second-largest insurer in California’s Obamacare exchange. The customer service situation there appears to be every bit as awful as Anthem’s:



Lousy customer service is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a tweeter who says the entire UCLA Medical System has been dropped from Blue Shield’s provider network:

Here’s a similar complaint from a tweeter who had hoped to receive treatment at Eisenhower Medical Center in Coachella Valley:


Nervous yet, Californians? If you’re in an Obamacare plan, you probably should be:


Presumably, not everyone complaining about his or her health plan is an Obamacare enrollee. On the other hand, a majority of people who enrolled in California’s Obamacare exchange signed up with one of the two insurers mentioned above (i.e., Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield California).

In short, if you like your doctor, you may not be able to keep your doctor. But — great news! — you can keep your craptastic Obamacare plan that won’t answer your phone calls.

Congratulations, California!


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