This Heartwarming Dolphin Rescue Would Be Way Cuter If The Dolphin Wasn’t A Shark

If you asked me right now if I, even as an animal lover, would yank a 12-foot shark back to safety with my bare hands, I’d probably say no.

The way I see it, if I can barely make it down the steps without it turning into an emergency situation, I have no business trying to manhandle a predator. If you asked me if I’d do that for a dolphin, however, I’d most likely give it the old college try.

Judging by this footage, Nicolas Andre, 49, seems to feel the same way. While he was taking in some seriously beautiful weather with his wife in Cornwall, England, earlier this week, he came across a man struggling with what appeared to be a dolphin stranded on the shore.

Being the lovely gent he is, Andre decided to help the guy out.

They quickly discovered that the animal’s skin was too abrasive to lug it back into the water with their bare hands, so they tied their shirts around their palms for protection.

When the shirts come off, you know it’s about to get real.

Fortunately, the whole thing went off without a hitch.

Just kidding. There was a hitch, since their new dolphin friend happened to be a shark.

It was a 12-foot basking shark, to be exact.

Fortunately, the do-gooders left the beach that day with all of their limbs intact. What these guys did was inadvertently reckless, but they ended up saving a life in the process. They did their best, and when it comes down to it, that’s all we really can do.

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This Artist Creates Realistic, Emotive Sculptures With Felt, Nylon, And Wire

Over the course of her illustrious career, artist Lisa Lichtenfels has perfectly illustrated what it means to work with boundless scope. After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, she scored every budding artist’s dream gig of working as an apprentice animator with Disney.

While working with some of the best creators in the business, Lichtenfels developed a keen interest in creating stop-motion figures, which is arguably one of the most meticulous methods of all. From there, her fascination grew into a sculptural career of epic (and life-sized) proportions.

With heavy felt, nylon, and wire, this artist brings realistic sculptures to life.

Realism collides with fantasy in her Massachusetts-based studio. She continually experiments with form and function by breathing life into impressively varied subjects. Many of her creations are life-sized models.

The process begins with the creation of a movable wire skeleton.

Yarn is then wrapped tightly around each figure, and the entire model is shaped with heavy layers of white felt.

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“I try to use materials that are similar in density and character to the corresponding parts of the human body,” she writes.

“Where muscles need to be flexible, I will use elastic fabric, but for all other areas I use batting. . . . When sewn onto the bones [batting] has much the same feeling as muscle tissue.”

Lichtenfels uses a material called fiberfill to build fatty tissues, since it behaves similarly.

To mimic the texture and behavior of skin, she uses nylon.

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Features like folds and wrinkles are sewn in with clear thread.

Noses, eyelids, and lips are supported by copper scaffolding. The resulting sculptures are emotive, relatable, identifiable, and full of life.

(via Amusing Planet)

When she started exploring this technique, Lichtenfels thought that she’d return to animation after a year or so. Over two decades later, she’s still at it, and the artist believes that she has so much more to learn about the craft.

To learn more about Lisa Lichtenfels, be sure to check out her website.

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In Honor Of International Women’s Day, Here Are Some Incredible Women To Watch

The road to gender equality has proven to be an arduous one, but it’s always been paved by incredible women doing equally incredible work. By railing against the systems that have traditionally kept women under thumb, exceptional writers, activists, scientists, and politicians have made it their mission to call these systems into question, and ultimately undermine them.

To honor these amazing monuments to solidarity and strength, the United Nations dedicates March 8 to the annual celebration of International Women’s Day. We have a long way to go, but these women prove that we’re in powerful, capable hands.

1. Roxane Gay

Getty Images

This professor, activist, and best-selling author has dedicated her life to deconstructing systems of oppression as related to gender, sexuality, class, and race, and she’s revered in social justice circles for her nuanced understanding of the complex intersections between them. You’ve probably heard of (and hopefully read) her book Bad Feminist, and if you want to learn more about Roxane Gay, be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

2. Reshma Saujani

Getty Images

As the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, Saujani has made it her mission to flip the script on the male-dominated tech industry by empowering young women and helping them close the gender gap in STEM research and education. Saujani’s passion is fueled by the prospect of gender parity in tech-related fields.

3. Hillary Clinton

Getty Images

While feelings are largely mixed across the political spectrum in regard to Hillary Clinton, I’d be remiss not to include the first woman in American history to stand within arm’s reach of the Oval Office. To learn more about her campaign, pay her site a visit.

4. Bree Newsome

Getty Images

As an activist and filmmaker, Bree Newsome works tirelessly to point out the oppressive nature of historical narratives that we’re told to accept without question. She remains focused on bringing issues of race, class, and gender to the forefront and subverting oppressive forces in the process.

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5. Lady Gaga

Getty Images

While the Queen of Pop has always been a proponent for social change, Lady Gaga’s most recent endeavors have brought much-needed attention to the issue of sexual assault. A survivor herself, the Born This Way Foundation co-founder has recently used her platform to cast the ugly truth about sexual abuse in glaring, fluorescent light. By working with activists from It’s On Us and End Rape on Campus, she hopes to change the damaging rhetoric surrounding sexual assault to help survivors heal.

6. Carolyn Rodz

Carolyn Rodz founded the organization Circular Board, which helps women think outside the box when it comes to creating their own businesses. Beyond helping burgeoning entrepreneurs raise necessary funds, Rodz provides them with an immersive, collaborative experience by allowing them to participate in cohorts designed with business development in mind.

7. Kathryn Finney

Getty Images

As the co-founder of digitalundivided, Kathryn Finney works to help Black and Latina women gain solid footing in Silicon Valley. Her sentiments mirror Reshma Saujani’s in many ways, but her organization takes things one intersectional step further by focusing not only on getting women into STEM fields, but helping women of color — who are even less represented in tech — gain access to the opportunities and funding they need to break down barriers in the industry.

8. Laverne Cox

Getty Images

This actress and activist stands at the helm of many issues in the trans community. As a trans woman of color, Cox is another celebrity who uses her platform to open the eyes of the mainstream media in regard to violence toward and oppression of trans folk. For decades, this group has gone unprotected, unheard, and unrepresented. Laverne Cox uplifts trans voices from around the world.

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9. Malala Yousafzai

Getty Images

Since the horrific shooting that almost robbed the world of this incredible mind, Malala Yousafzai has used her struggle to empower girls across the globe to demand their educational rights. The Nobel Prize winner is wise beyond her years, and when it comes to fighting for women’s education, she shows no signs of stopping.

10. Gloria Feldt

Getty Images

Feldt co-founded Take the Lead, which is an organization centered around helping women navigate leadership roles in arenas ranging from business to politics. Feldt and her team provide women with access to the resources and educational tools they’ll need to power past the 18-percent stake women currently hold in top leadership positions on the road to gender parity.

11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Getty Images

She’s always been incredible, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent work to maintain women’s reproductive rights during the 2016 campaign season brings her genius and passion to the mainstream media’s attention once again. She’s someone who has made a career out of embodying what it means to be a strong woman, and she works tirelessly to ensure that all women have the opportunity to do the same.

12. Neha Gupta

Getty Images

At 17 years old, this amazing young woman founded Empower Orphans — an organization that she actually ideated when she was only nine. Gupta and her team work not only to provide basic means of sustenance to orphans around the world, but also to equip them with the tools they’ll need to succeed later in life. She recently won the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts.

Women today sit at an interesting, contentious juncture between past and present — between the problematic narratives that we’ve been fed and the new stories we strive to tell. While this is just a small sampling of inspirational women to watch in 2016, their passions are indicative of the new battles we face as we move toward full equality. Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of dazzling people leading the way.

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She Heard Noises Coming From The Kitchen And Caught Her Hilarious Dog Red-Handed

Universe, meet Stig. Stig is a smart dog. Stig enjoys doing dog things like playing with his mom and going for walks.

And like any other red-blooded American, our boy Stiggy really, really loves dessert — so much so, in fact, that he will go to truly astonishing lengths to get it.

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While Casey Officer was just minding her own business one day, she heard some nonsense coming from the other room. Quickly blaming said nonsense on her daughter instead of Stig because dogs are faultless creatures and children are not, she yelled at her little one to see what fresh Hell she was unleashing in the kitchen.

But the assumed culprit, a child by the name of Hannah, was nowhere to be found. Instead, Officer caught Stig red-handed while he was busy being a whipped cream-loving deviant.

Okay, okay. I know whipped cream isn’t exactly good for dogs, and I’m sure this woman does as well. That being said, if you don’t giggle at this just like Casey Officer did, you might be dead inside.

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Love Bowling But Hate Those Sketchy Bowling Alleys? Check This Project Out!

If you’re someone who can bowl without the bumpers up, I salute you. If you’re skilled enough to make wearing those terrifying shoes worth it, I have nothing but respect. But what if you love bowling, you’re absolutely awful at it, and you don’t feel like paying to display your lack of talent? And what if you are a bowling aficionado, but you still aren’t into the alley scene?

Then this project is the one for you. With some wood, bowling pins, and string, this person came up with the most amazing backyard bowling setup of all time. You’re going to want in on the action.

If this looks like something you need in your life (and let’s be real — it totally does) take a look at what he did to create it.

This isn’t a DIY undertaking for the faint of heart, so planning is key. Imgur user Makgyver87 first mapped out the exact dimensions of the bowling lane so that he could round up the right materials.

This is serious business, friends.

After that, the frame was constructed with 2 x 4 panels and the base was created with plywood.

He made it long enough to ensure that it wouldn’t be too easy to pull off a bunch of strikes.

If you’re me, the lane could be three feet long and that still wouldn’t be an issue.

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Setting up pins after every turn is a pain, which is why this guy decided to create a pulley system. To do so, holes were drilled into every pin so that string could be run through the top of each one.

Many attempts later, he finally came up with a system that worked.

One tug of that blue string resets every bowling pin!

After he leveled the boards, the lane was ready to go!

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But then he decided to up the ante. By adding some neon lights, he created an awesome night bowling setup!

Having this in your backyard would make you the coolest cookout host in the history of cookouts.

I can tell you one thing. I’d bowl way more often if I could walk outside and limit my embarrassment to the confines of my own backyard. If you want to learn more about this project, you can check it out here!

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TSA Lines Are Getting Longer, But These 10 Tricks Will Help You Fly To Your Gate

Flying is the biggest drag in the history of drags.

That being said, there are plenty of airport hacks that can help you trudge through the misery that is flying with some semblance of efficiency (and sanity, if you’re lucky). If you’ve been keeping up with national news, you probably already know that travelers are in for more than a few headaches this summer as pressure on TSA agents mounts and security threats rise.

That’s why being clever about going through security and getting to the gate makes life so much easier for agents and travelers alike.

1. Look for anyone in business attire.


These folks know how it’s done. Ladies and gents who fly for work regularly will be in line at security with their belts off and all of their electronics in separate bins, which is apparently too much to ask of most travelers.

2. Turn left.

Getty Images

Most people are right handed. Right-handed people turn right. Go to the leftmost security line for shorter wait times. Don’t let human psychology play you.

3. Get your workout on and take the stairs.


You can’t count on much in life. What you can always rely on, however, is human laziness. After going through security and immigration, hoist up your suitcase and climb the stairs. You’ll get a workout, and you’ll avoid having to stand way too close to angry people who hate all of this as much as you do.

4. Not flying business class? Who cares? Try getting in their line anyway.

Getty Images

Agents working in security queues for business flyers will often take pity on the rest of us when lines start looking crazy.

5. Consider applying for the TSA PreCheck program.

Getty Images

For $85, you can get a criminal background check that’s good for five years. If you’re declared a low-risk flyer, you can bypass insane lines and get through security fairly quickly.

Okay, so you’ve made it to your gate. Here are a few tips that’ll help you get on the plane quickly and avoid making all your efforts go to waste.

Getty Images

6. Use headphones for noise cancellation.


As tempting as it is to drown the piercing cries of children in a sea of Lady Gaga, use headphones for noise cancellation and not for listening to your jam. Music and earplugs are a little too intense and can easily prevent you from hearing that you’re supposed to be boarding. This is a happy medium.

7. Download digital boarding passes ahead of time.


Don’t be like me. Don’t get to Germany with a 20-minute layover and forget to download your boarding pass so you can still get on your plane without wifi’s help, because there won’t be any. Don’t miss your flight. Download that nonsense ahead of time so you don’t have to cry to three very large, uniform-clad men who sincerely don’t care about your problems.

8. Bring empty water bottles and fill them when you get past security.


A really easy way to spend your entire life savings is to buy one bottle of water at the airport, so skip all that, bring an empty bottle, and fill it up yourself. You don’t need Evian, okay?

9. Throw a power splitter in your bag.


If you ask any given person in an airport terminal what their favorite pastime is, they’ll probably tell you that it’s hogging outlets. Travelers are notoriously horrible when it comes to sharing the phone-charging wealth, so bring a power splitter that’ll help you and your friend (or that cute stranger) share one plug.

10. Wait to board and snag a free upgrade.


What’s the rush? Waiting to board can have its perks. For one, you won’t be shoved by the rest of the line while you put your luggage in the overhead compartment. You can sometimes even get a free seat upgrade if business or first-class seats don’t fill up.

(via Timeniche)

Sure, these tips won’t take away all the anxiety that comes along with flying, but anything that makes it easier is always worth looking into. If you’re braving the airport this summer, best of luck and safe travels!

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26 Tips That Are About To Make Your Next Long-Haul Flight A Million Times Better

Short flights are bad enough, but having to deal with long-haul flights feels like punishment.

Every time I have to sit on a plane for hours and hours, I ask the gods what I’ve done to make them smite me. Does it have something to do with the exorbitant amount of money I spend on makeup? My tendency to leave laundry in six-foot piles on the floor? Probably. In any case, I’ve felt the universe’s flying wrath quite a few times since I caught the travel bug a few years ago. You probably have, too.

Luckily, the internet is here to counteract some of the world’s suckage. (That might be the most ironic thing I’ve ever said.) Here are a few little tips and tricks that’ll make your next long-haul flying experience decidedly less terrible.

1. Go for a pre-flight jog.


Although most of the time I’d never, ever suggest jogging, working out before a flight is a great way to stave off the jitters. Just think about how long you’re going to be sitting. You’ll want to sprint by the time you get off that plane.

2. Step away from the fancy clothes.


This is an example of me needing to take a dose of my own medicine. As much as I love being overdressed for every occasion (and I can’t be the only one), comfort is key when you’re running to gates and cramming yourself into tiny seats. Ladies, opt for pieces like leggings, flats, and slouchy tees. Gents, ditch the suit and tie and try some comfy jeans, a tee, and a hoodie.

3. In that vein, become one with layering.


On your flight from, say, Los Angeles to Sydney, you will without a doubt experience every season. One second, you’ll sweat your face off, and the next, you’ll start to freeze solid. By layering pieces you can take on and off easily, you’ll stay one step ahead of the in-flight elements. Plus, it’ll save room in your luggage!

4. Minimize carry-on baggage.


There are few things more terrible than struggling with heavy luggage full of stuff you don’t need after enduring a marathon flight. Pare down on what you’re carrying on and then do it again two more times. Get yourself down to one small personal bag and a lightweight carry-on suitcase.

5. But don’t forget the essentials, even if they’re clunky.


You know what the most annoying thing to carry around an airport is? A neck pillow. You know what you’ll be really angry about not having on your flight? A neck pillow. Even though packing light is essential, especially when it comes to the stuff you personally have to lug around, don’t skimp on things like pillows, travel blankets, eye masks, headphones, and so on. Slay that creature comfort game, people!

6. Become BFFs with


SeatGuru (linked above) will help you tackle boarding with a game plan. You can enter your flight number on the site and it’ll show you the plane’s layout. Never go in blind, folks.

7. Pack the essentials you’ll need to freshen up, like extra underwear, toothpaste, and face wash.


You’ll probably take off and land on two different days, so treat your carry-on bag like the one you carried to sleepovers in third grade. You don’t need to channel your inner Kim Kardashian and pull off a full-blown outfit change, but changing your socks and underwear and washing up will make you feel all shiny and new.

8. Your skin is going to go through the ringer, so guys and girls alike, pack moisturizers and introduce sheet masks into your flying routine.

Plane air wreaks havoc on your skin, so be sure to pack moisturizer, lip balm, and my personal flying favorite, sheet masks. These things look seriously alarming, but they’re packed with serum that’ll bring your skin back to life. They’re also great for scaring babies and getting back at them for the complimentary migraine.

9. Bring forms of entertainment that won’t kill your battery.


Books can be clunky, but bringing along stuff to keep yourself busy without scrolling through your phone is never a bad idea. Into drawing? Pack a sketchpad. If journaling is your thing, write about your experiences the old-fashioned way.

10. Get your shop on.


Sitting for hours on end isn’t healthy, so take advantage of the fact that most terminals are shopping hubs. It’s for science.

11. Stop fighting for outlets.

Everyone’s least favorite thing to do in airports is share outlets, so be your sneakiest self and get in a little USB charging action by plugging into the back of one of the 6,000 televisions in your terminal.

12. Put your work down and relax.


Nothing says “I’m totally chill and ready to do this” quite like working in a total frenzy until you step in line to board, right? Wrong. Sure, terminals have free Wi-Fi. And yes, you probably have a few assignments that need to get done, but for the sake of your mental health, veg out a little before getting on a plane for what will ultimately feel like 35 years.

13. Buy enough food to cover your meals to avoid loading up on sodium.


Airplane meals are full of sodium, which is a nightmare when it comes to staying hydrated. Enjoy a healthy meal in the terminal before takeoff and pick something up to eat during mealtime on the plane, like a sandwich, a side, and the biggest bottle of water you can find. Just don’t buy anything smelly, okay? Oh, and if you can, eat at the same time as everyone else as a common courtesy to the other passengers who are also starving.

14. Get to the end of the boarding line.


Patience is a virtue, friends. Everyone’s always in a rush to board, but waiting until the end has its perks. While everyone in front of you is rushing to their seats, hang back and ask a flight attendant if there are any upgrades available. You can sometimes score a free upgrade to business (or even first) class if there are empty seats!

15. Avoid the first few rows of seating sections at all costs.

Airlines usually seat large groups (like families) on the ends of seating blocks. Say no to sitting near angry babies. We all detest long flights, but as adults, we’re not allowed to scream about it. Go hate flying quietly elsewhere.

16. Sit near the wing if you can.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced awful bouts of turbulence that still give me nightmares. To cut down on the terror factor, try to sit near the wing. Because planes are designed to rock like seesaws in turbulent conditions, you’ll experience less movement in the middle. You know…physics and stuff.

17. While you’re waiting to take off, sync your watch and devices to your destination’s time zone.


Fall into your destination’s rhythm by getting your brain used to it early. That way you can adjust your sleeping schedule on the plane accordingly and cut down on disorientation upon landing.

18. Move around and elevate your legs as often as possible.


Deep-vein thrombosis is the least cute, so if you can’t bust out compression socks, try to walk around every hour or so to keep your blood pumping. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting in business class and you have actual leg room, you can also kick back and elevate your legs for a similar effect.

19. Starving? Order a special meal, like the vegetarian option.


If you skipped packing your own dinner and you feel like you’re going to pass out, request a special meal option to get served first.

20. Avoid carbs if flying leaves you feeling bloated.


Try not to load up on carbs if you become a bloated, monstrous version of yourself on planes like I do. Things like pasta are great for keeping hunger pangs at bay, but they’ll also cause your body to hold water. That’s especially bad if you’re not following this advice and not staying sufficiently hydrated, which leads me to my next point.

21. Drink water like it’s your job.


Remember that comically large water bottle you grabbed in the terminal? Finish that, and then ask the flight attendant (politely) to fill it every time a food or drink service rolls around. Staying hydrated might send you to the airplane restroom more often than you’d like, but getting through long-haul flights while you’re running on fumes isn’t fun.

22. I’m only going to say this once: BE NICE TO FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.


These people work hard (and, you know, fly around the world) to ensure that we’re as safe and comfortable as possible. The least we could do is be friendly. It just makes life easier for everyone involved, and there could even be some added perks in it for you in the end. After all, who doesn’t want extra pillows?

23. Don’t get wasted, even though you definitely want to.


As tempting as it is to get drunk and drown out the obnoxious cries of equally intoxicated frat bros on their first trip abroad, nothing will make you feel worse than pairing your jet lag with a healthy side of hangover.

24. Need a pick-me-up? Choose wisely.


I’m just going to slip into my hypocrite suit and tell you not to drink coffee on long flights. If it’s available, opt for green tea instead. It’ll give you the zing you need without the crash and jitters that, like a hangover, don’t go well with jet lag.

25. Trick your brain into sleeping.


Sleeping on planes will never be easy, but you can trick your brain into sleeping by carrying out your normal routine (or some version of it, anyway). If you can, change into a comfier shirt, wash your face, brush your teeth, and convince your mind that it’s bedtime.

26. If they look like they’re up to it, have a nice chat with your neighbor.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly a chatty person. That being said, a great conversation can eat up some serious time on long-haul flights. While flying home from the U.K. once, I gabbed away with the woman next to me for four hours. Obviously, you have to feel the situation out. If you have a basic grasp on body language, you’ll know if the person next to you is in the mood to talk.

Long-haul flights will never be fun, but you’ll be a pro if you master these tips. Where will the sky take you this summer?

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These Look Like Normal Portraits, But Wait Until You See What She Uses To Make Them

Whether or not you wear makeup, you can’t deny the fact that makeup artists are talented people. After all, applying winged liner to your own face is difficult enough, so just imagine how hard it would be to pull off a perfect cat eye on someone else.

But one makeup artist by the name of Sally Gigani tends to take her professional title a bit more literally than the rest. She helps her clients look incredible by day, but by night, she uses the tools of her trade to do something totally unique.

The Dubai-based artist’s first love is the transformative power of makeup.

She takes on new clients every week, and she even teaches master classes to aspiring artists who are trying to break into the business.

While it seems obvious when you think about it, many people fail to realize that most makeup artists begin flexing their creative muscles long before they learn about the impact of a great smokey eye. Gigani has been creating stunning pencil drawings for most of her life.

Much of her earlier work draws subtle ties between visual art and the beauty industry, which are her two creative loves.

As she progressed as an artist, she began blurring the line between those two passions in a more explicit way.

Just like hairstylists use wigs to experiment with new techniques, makeup artists use face charts. Gigani’s signature style was born when she began turning basic face charts into unique works of art.

In the beginning, she used more traditional tools like markers and illustration pens.

As she continued to experiment, however, she realized that she could use the materials in her makeup bag to achieve similar effects in a way that far surpasses what most people do with a bit of eyeliner and a two-dimensional chart.

Her pieces may look traditional as far as technique is concerned, but she doesn’t use a single drop of paint to create them. Instead, she produces these incredible works with makeup.

She pays homage to industry greats and pop culture icons with the same cosmetics that she’d use to enhance their beauty if they were sitting in her chair.

In fact, her process reads very much like makeup application. She creates a base using the appropriate foundation shade, adds depth with cool-toned contour cream, defines the eyes with gel eyeliner, and adds a pop of color with lipstick straight out of the tube.

Gigani’s interdisciplinary approach to makeup artistry speaks volumes about her dedication to the craft.

In a stroke of genius, she even decided to ditch standard brushes in favor of using the makeup brushes in her kit.

The fruits of her labor would give any piece of traditional art a run for its money.

Creativity is predicated on pushing boundaries, and Sally Gigani has dedicated herself to doing exactly that. Even the most creative minds sometimes find themselves pigeon-holed by rigid technicalities. Gigani’s blatant disregard for the words “should” and “shouldn’t” is what sets her apart from the pack.

For regular updates and a daily dose of inspiration, be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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When He Lost His Job, This Dad Started An Incredible Project With His Daughter

While statistics show that the unemployment rate is lower now than it has been in a while, the sad reality is that thousands of people lose their jobs every day. When Carolin Breeze’s dad, George, lost his job at a plastics factory, he was understandably devastated.

Ever the creative thinker, however, Carolin knew that her dad was a talented guy, so she decided to commission some jewelry from him. She was in her third year of studying film at the time, and she needed some unique accessories for the main character in her latest movie. He’d never made a single piece of jewelry before that point, but he decided to take her up on her offer.

“My father never made jewelry before, and yet there it was, simple…and annoyingly beautiful,” she jokes.

What’s even more amazing than the jewelry itself is the fact that George makes every piece with things that most people would throw away, like scrap metal and old wires.

“I was so impressed,” she writes, “that I pushed him to create more pieces.”

The father-daughter duo draws inspiration from mythology and fantasy. Carolin’s mother filled her childhood with adventure books and classical myths, and those stories stuck with her. The influence is clear in these designs.

Shortly after Carolin posted photos of the pendants online, they went viral. They received so much support and praise that she and George decided to continue on in their incredible collaboration.

They even opened their own Etsy shop called Calisto Breeze, and they’ve been met with success. It’s clear that this brand is driven by passion, creativity, and love.

According to Carolin, “My dad is the heart and mind behind our brand. He first draws all of the designs, and then he works late into the night to create amazingly beautiful pieces.”

While Carolin primarily serves as her dad’s manager, he’s currently teaching her the ropes so that she can add some of her own designs to the collection!

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They’re both optimistic that Calisto Breeze will only grow and evolve from here, and each piece is somehow more intricate than the last.

But as beautiful as the designs are, the most amazing thing about this brand is the love that goes into making it great.

“The best thing about my dad,” she writes, “is that he’s just a normal man who worked in a factory for years. But to me, he’s the best and most talented dad in the world.”

It’s great that what started with a pendant turned into a full-fledged business, but the real value of this company has nothing to do with dollars and cents. What makes Calisto Breeze such a fantastic brand is that it’s a testament to the power of family.

To snag one of these amazing pieces for yourself, be sure to check out their Etsy shop.

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