Matt Yglesias lays down a marker of stupidity: ‘I had this Obamacare thing right all along’!/AndrewWuest/status/451773870509273088

Not for Matt Yglesias:!/mattyglesias/status/451772828392894464

Here’s how Yglesias wrapped up that piece:

Conservatives are certainly fooling themselves if they’re expecting a backlash driven by problems around implementation. The law is structured to be financially beneficial to a large majority of people, and the infrastructure is in place to make that clear to a critical mass of them. Snafus will be real enough, but broadly speaking, the rollout is going to be a huge success.

Yeah … gonna say Matt’s been living in a fantasy world:

Laying down the marker, y’all.!/mattyglesias/status/357520903137009664

What a tool.



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‘Someone has an owie': Matt Yglesias doesn’t like being outed as a crappy writer

Life is hard when you’re Matt Yglesias. You just can’t write stupid stuff and expect to get away with it anymore!

Yglesias is indeed in a foul mood, thanks to a delicious piece in The Federalist by CJ Ciaramella:

Here are the opening lines:

All aspiring writers should read Slate’s Matt Yglesias. There’s no better way to stress the importance of not writing like Matt Yglesias.

Yglesias is Slate’s business and economics blogger, but his real utility is providing teachable moments for would-be opinion writers and high-level ESL students.

Feel the burn. We highly recommend reading the entire thing. Yglesias, naturally, would advise against it. After all, what’s the point of The Federalist? Aren’t there enough conservative sites out there already?

Sad trombone, you guys.

Oh, snap! So true. Yglesias alone has provided conservatives with a never-ending supply of mockery fodder. Here’s just a small sampling from the gold mine:

And there’s much, much more where that came from. The well truly is bottomless!!/PTD11/status/407906176857169920

It’s definitely possible that Yglesias is fully aware that he sucks and just prefers to deny, deny, deny. It’s also possible that he’s just really, really dense. In either scenario, he looks like a tool.



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