7 fast facts about White House hooker-gate aide’s crony campaign donor dad


“Business as usual,” indeed. Jonathan Dach is the young White House aide at the center of the latest Washington Post exclusive, which details the Obama administration’s two-year-old efforts to cover up Dach’s alleged involvement in the Cartagena/Secret Service hooker scandal.

As Twitchy reported, Dach was assigned a policy adviser job at the State Department handling…“women’s issues.”

How’d he swing that gig? Look no further than his family ties. Dach’s father is Leslie Dach. Here are seven fun, fast facts about Dach the Elder.

1. He was EVP of corporate affairs and government relations at Wal-Mart — you know, the corporate donor the Obamas love to hate and hate to love.

Couldn't b more honored & proud 2 have spent time w amazing leader. Leslie Dach, WMT EVP, On Business And Social Good http://t.co/J6tdPd8gHo

— la sutherland, phd (@lasutherlandphd) March 21, 2013

Brilliant! RT @Walmart: Walmart EVP Leslie Dach explains how #sustainability helps customer and business. http://walmarturl.com/eGa7iS

— Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio) April 6, 2011

2. He gave big bucks to the Obama campaign.

"Dach’s father, Leslie Dach, is a prominent Democratic donor who gave $23,900 to the party in 2008 to help elect #Obama". #cartegena

— Bobby (@bfinstock) October 9, 2014

@guypbenson @seanmdav Money quote (literally): "Dach’s father, Leslie Dach, is a prominent Dem donor who gave $23,900 to help elect Obama."

— Joel Engel (@joelengel) October 9, 2014

3. He, too, crusaded for “women’s issues.”

In 2011, Leslie Dach announced Wal-Mart's new Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative. http://t.co/0UBmPbvG5X

— Erica L (@infinitehope23) October 9, 2014

4. Dach the Elder appeared on The Colbert Report in 2011 to tout Walmart’s collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama on “Let’s Move” and related nutritional issues. He continued to promote Mrs. Obama’s initiatives through 2013.

Walmart's Dach appears on Colbert; discusses nutritional collaboration w/Michelle Obama, desire to open in NYC…. http://fb.me/DmRPpudo

— HFNmag (@HFNmag) February 3, 2011

@gmcquade Wal-Mart Collaborates With Obama Administration – Leslie Dach http://t.co/c4J0A49

— George McQuade III (@gmcquadee) August 28, 2011

And here's his dad, repping Walmart (and it's collaboration with the White House) with @StephenAtHome that same year: http://t.co/wOTbOkVJO2

— Jonathan M. Katz (@KatzOnEarth) October 9, 2014

"We're honored @FLOTUS let us be on her #LetsMove team," says #Walmart EVP Leslie Dach. #LetsMoveTour pic.twitter.com/JKl9KBKouE

— Walmart Healthy (@WalmartHealthy) February 28, 2013

5. He was a advance man for Teddy Kennedy, another renowned Democratic expert on women’s issues.

Jonathan Dach’s father, Leslie, worked for Ted Kennedy as an advance man himself. We seem to have a piece by him http://t.co/ZAIByB0jfr

— Martha Mercer (@marthmerc) October 9, 2014

6. He was a roommate of conservative author Christopher Buckley’s at Yale, which son Jonathan also attended.

(Leslie Dach was Christopher Buckley's roommate at Yale.)

— Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) October 9, 2014

"Buckley devoted a chapter to the exploits of a fictional White House advance man named Leslie R. Dach" http://t.co/U328LbD24T

— Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) October 9, 2014

Here's Jonathan Dach organizing Yale's secret society council in 2011: http://t.co/c4MpOPCOmZ

— Jonathan M. Katz (@KatzOnEarth) October 9, 2014

7. In July, Daddy Dach, the corporate crony and top Dem donor, snagged a position helping to implement…Obamacare.

Former @Walmart communications leader Leslie Dach @lesliedach joins @HHSGov as senior counselor http://t.co/UbHi7YCe0A

— PRWeek US (@PRWeekUS) July 24, 2014

Fantastic fit: Secretary Burwell names former Walmart executive Leslie Dach to Senior Counselor position at HHS http://t.co/lK6Eh0pMNG

— Margalit Gur-Arie (@margalitgurarie) July 23, 2014

Jonathan Dach: ' policy adviser in the Office on Global Women’s Issues at the State Department.' Leslie Dach: 'handling next phase of ACA'

— The 405 Media (@The405radio) October 9, 2014

Bonus: Dach authored an article advising corporations to stop spinning and start behaving better. How about presidential administrations?

Column by former Wal-Mart EVP @lesliedach in @HarvardBiz – "Don’t Spin a Better Story. Be a Better Company" http://t.co/qp2iJFOQ1L

— Renee Dudley (@Renee_Dudley) September 12, 2013

Here's a piece I wrote for @HarvardBiz. Don’t Spin a Better Story. Be a Better Company – http://t.co/Jq3dW3yWT4

— Leslie Dach (@lesliedach) September 18, 2013

Hey, good advice! Ping White House flacks Josh Earnest and Eric Schultz on that, wouldja?

We started by encouraging the organization to get out of its defensive crouch and listen to its critics. –@LeslieDach http://t.co/BFpXlggjN6

— Walmart Newsroom (@WalmartNewsroom) September 19, 2013


Spin machine, activate! Another WH spox parrots pathetic hooker scandal spin

This journo is SHOCKED the WH can’t be trusted; This has to be the most unreal statement ever

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Don’t look now NIH director, but these things ‘took money from Ebola research’

Seriously. As Twitchy reported, Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, outrageously claimed that an Ebola vaccine would probably have been developed by now if not for budget cuts.

First, a reminder about budget “cuts.”

Reminder: "cuts" in Washington DC budgets not like cuts when you lose your job in flyover country.

— Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) October 13, 2014


Conservatives had swiftly schooled the fool on Sunday night and it continued Monday morning. Now with more hashtag! Don’t look now, Dr. Collins, but here are some things that took money from Ebola research:

Obama’s vacations. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— RB (@RBPundit) October 13, 2014

IRS Star Trek Convention Video #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) October 13, 2014

Obamas 200 rounds of golf #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Terri (@CantBelieve10) October 13, 2014

Priority shipping to return bust of Churchill #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Mix It Up (@AMFMPMTOO) October 13, 2014

"Cash for Clunkers" boondoggle #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— GregEsq (@GregEsq) October 13, 2014

The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts under Hillary. #tookmoneyfromebolaresearch

— CitizenEgg (@CitizenEgg) October 13, 2014

.@BarackObama's security detail at Gweneth Paltrow's mansion. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Keep Calm and Carry (@johnnyfriegas) October 13, 2014

White House Vegetable Garden #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Mix It Up (@AMFMPMTOO) October 13, 2014

$2 Billion #Obamacare Website #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Peej (@peej1st) October 13, 2014

#TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch Michelle Obama's horrible lunch's that end up in school dumpsters

— Beanfrompa (@BeanfromPa) October 13, 2014

Drink Up, Michelle Obama's campaign to convince you to drink water. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— DishGirl (@R_U_Srs) October 13, 2014

ObamaCare Website fixes. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— RB (@RBPundit) October 13, 2014

Solyndra. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— RB (@RBPundit) October 13, 2014

#Barrycades #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) October 13, 2014

Posting park rangers at the WWII memorial to prevent rogue veterans from getting in. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— MaxR.S (@Randy_Shannon) October 13, 2014


What caused such a ludicrous claim? Here’s a theory:

Dems running with "republicans caused Ebola" meme guarantees their internal Senate polls show doom in November. #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

— Anthony Abides (@AnthonyAbides) October 13, 2014

Ding, ding, ding!


2 verified accounts helped to turn #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch into a Trending Topic. These accounts were: @michellemalkin & @TwitchyTeam

— Trendinalia USA (@trendinaliaUS) October 13, 2014

Boom. Keep giving the idiots the business, Conservatives!


Sunday-night bombshell: NIH director claims budget cuts have prevented an Ebola vaccine; Conservatives spotlight budget waste

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