19 Times Roseanne Was The Parent We All Aspire To Be

Dishing out love with a side of sarcasm.

1. When her kids dared to tell her she couldn’t make them do something:


2. When she perfectly expressed the thoughts of every parent of a junior high school-aged daughter:


3. When she felt awesome about herself without feeling the need to prove it to anyone:


Something tells me Roseanne wouldn’t have been a fan of Pinterest.

4. When she stood up for her kids:


5. When she knew just what to say when her kids were all up in her business:


6. When she wasn’t about to be compared to other parents:




7. When she knew how to shut down her teenager:


Sorry, Becky. Point, set, match to Mom.

8. And, more impressively, when she knew how to shut down Darlene:


9. When she made sure DJ knew early on how amazing she was:


10. And when she made him know she would always be there for him even when he wasn’t crazy about the idea:


11. When her kids pulled that “I wish I were never born” crap:


12. When she had eyes in the back of her head:


Nice try, DJ.

13. When she refused to let her daughter fall prey to gender stereotypes:


14. When she made it clear who was the boss:


Roseanne wasn’t a big fan of the patriarchy.

15. When she dressed her kids in the BEST Halloween costumes:


16. And when she nailed her Halloween costume, too.


Also, shout out to Dan for his A+ costume.

17. When she called bullshit on Thanksgiving prep:


18. When she knew just how to respond to Becky’s request not to embarrass her:


19. And lastly, when despite all of the challenges that come with being a parent, she knew how to let loose and enjoy the ride:



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19 Small Moments All Parents Look Forward To

“She didn’t finish her mac ‘n’ cheese!”

1. Sticking the straw into a juice box.

“I can do it myself, Mom!”
“No, sweetie, you’re, uh, not old enough yet.”

2. When you clean your kid’s room and for a second it actually looks good.

3. Waking up and realizing your kids are still asleep.


Up to nine minutes of peace are yours! Quick! Brew the coffee!

4. Completing the arduous task of bringing in all of your family’s things from the car after a long road trip.

Aris Messinis / Getty Images

5. When you think you forgot to bring diapers and then find one at the bottom of your bag.


Disaster averted.

6. Washing marker stains off your kid’s hands.

Flickr: projector / Via Creative Commons

Marker stains are really on there, man. Actually getting them off feels like a bonafide accomplishment.

7. Having to buy a few boxes of cookies to help out your girl scout.

Flickr: cosmic_bandita / Via Creative Commons

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

8. Pre-boarding a plane.

Buena Vista

9. Figuring out who a voice actor is in an animated movie or TV show.

Disney / Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Nespresso

“I swear I know that voice!”
“Why don’t you just Google it?”
“Because that would be cheating. Gah, it’s on the tip of my tongue.”
“Why do you even have the Internet if you won’t -”
“Tim Gunn! It’s Tim Gunn of Project Runway!”

10. Putting your kid down after carrying them a long time.

Marvel / Paramount

11. Getting a booger out of your kid’s nose.

Stacey Newman / Getty Images

It may be nasty, but it’s also strangely satisfying.

12. Buckling your kid into a high chair.

Flickr: tompagenet / Via Creative Commons

You’re not going anywhere now, kid.

13. Finding something your kid lost.

Paramount Pictures

“My glasses! Where did you find them?”
“In a trash bag hidden in a backpack under Timmy’s bed!”

14. When your kid blasts that one kid-friendly song you dig.

Warner Bros.

“Mom! Stop singing along!”

15. Polishing off your kid’s unfinished grilled cheese.


16. Matching all of the tiny socks when you’re folding the laundry.

It’s challenging AND adorable.

17. Doing voices when you read bedtime stories.

This is your chance to be a thespian with a capital “T.” Go on and chew the scenery!

18. Going to the bathroom without anyone getting all up in your business.

19. When your kid falls asleep for the night.

Flickr: nolasknab / Via Creative Commons

Time to break out the wine/chamomile tea/Nutella and watch some TV shows without talking animals!

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