‘Unintentional satire': Michael McKean takes a shot at Sarah Palin

What has actor Michael McKean invoking the Unintentional Satire Department? The link leads to a — gasp! — gold Sarah Palin medallion from Alaska Mint.

What’s not satirical: a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the medallion will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, a service organization for wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not only that: the description of the medallion is decidedly nonpartisan: “This 1 oz. gold medallion honors Alaska’s Sarah Palin. As Alaska’s first woman Governor, she had a reputation of being against ‘business as usual’. She was thrust into the national spotlight when she was chosen to be John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.”

And that’s it. It’s nothing to make Palin look foolish, and if it raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, we’re all for unintentional satire.

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Comically pitiful: Some people were ready for Hillary — All. Night. Long. [pics]

It’s always too early for that.

And some Hillary devotees refused to wait until morning to line up for her book signing at a Manhattan Barnes & Noble.

One Clinton admirer showed up before 3 p.m. on Monday and admitted to Business Insider that he “can’t wait” to read Hillary’s “insightful” book, “Hard Choices.”

Hillary feels your pain, fans, and she’s totally down with the camping-out struggle. She was once so broke she feared she couldn’t pay the mortgages on her pricey homes.

Just don’t count on personalized notes or photo ops with likely 2016 candidate. She has rules for the riffraff.

Love hurts.

Hope it was worth it, guys!

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‘That was fast'; After primary win, Lamar Alexander renews push for amnesty

The dust has barely settled since Sen. Lamar Alexander beat back a strong challenge from Joe Carr in Tennessee’s Republican primary. Yet here he is, once again, talking up the need for a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. In other words, amnesty.

Via Breitbart.com:

“I don’t know how it will affect our politics in the near term,” Alexander told Politico of a comprehensive immigration bill. “I think it’s embarrassing for us not to deal with the problem, and I think we should do it in the next two years.”

And though Alexander claimed that he won the primary because he did not run away from his record, he aired a deceptive ad in the final week of the campaign that claimed he “voted to end amnesty.”

Those who support enforcement of America’s immigration laws are giving him (and his supporters in Tennessee) the business:


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