Not so fast: Bette Midler thrilled Calif. ‘JUST BANNED PLASTIC BAGS!!’!/BetteMidler/status/505698043732451328

California has banned plastic bags? Count singer, actress and climate change alarmist Bette Midler among the giddy.

Not to remove any of the wind from beneath Midler’s wings, but her celebration is, for now, premature:!/MicheleBerkowi1/status/505698794508267520

It’s not quite there:!/CapitolAlert/status/505604096187826178

The bill could sit on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for a while:

The measure could be politically difficult for Brown, a longtime champion of environmental causes but a relatively moderate Democrat, especially on issues of concern to business.
The plastic bag ban is one of hundreds of bills the governor will act on in coming weeks. His office typically does not comment on pending legislation, and it declined to comment Friday on the bag bill.

In other words, the science is not yet settled on Midler’s tweet.



‘I know how to fill a bustier': Bette Midler asks if she should give Congress a go

Bette Midler offers definitive proof of global warming; Deniers suffer ‘extreme stupidity’

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren bemoans Tim Geithner’s coddling of ‘tender fannies’ [video]!/morningmoneyben/status/464046701808852994

File this one under “Things We Wish We Could Un-hear.”

In her new book, “A Fighting Chance,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren writes this about Tim Geithner, former Treasury secretary:

“Millions of people were getting tossed out on the street, but the government’s most important job was to provide a soft landing for the tender fannies of the banks.”

Reading the words is one thing, but we probably could’ve done without actually hearing Warren say “tender fannies” out loud:!/tobyharnden/status/464047518615998466

Here’s the video from today’s edition of NPR’s Diane Rehm Show (starts around the 8:50 mark):


Rehm: What do you think of the role Hank Paulson played and the role Tim Geithner played?

Warren: Well, as I talk about both of them in the book, my view was they focused much too much on protecting the tender fannies of the largest financial institutions.



Now, granted, it’s Elizabeth Warren’s über-progressive political philosophy that’s truly objectionable. But “tender fannies” doesn’t exactly make her more palatable. We may need some time to regroup.!/MaybeLaterSon/status/464048132779556865



Twitchy coverage of Elizabeth Warren

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Dan Savage says DCCC fundraising emails flooding his sex advice inbox!/joeltropolis/status/524310039880691713

Is anyone else out there starting to become nostalgic for the good old days when the big campaign issues on the table were Big Bird, bayonets and binders full of women? As Twitchy reported today, the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign has now introduced dildos into the political discourse for 2014.

As long as we’re going there, it might be time to check on “Savage Love” sex advice columnist and no friend of Republicans Dan Savage. It turns out those increasingly creepy and desperate fundraising mails from the Democrats are getting on his followers’ nerves too.

We can relate.

One problem we’ve heard before: breaking up with the DCCC is hard to do.

However, we can do our best to put them out of business.

* * *


Desperate: TPM editor calls DCCC ‘your new borderline personality boyfriend/girlfriend’

Eww: This OFA email subject line makes Obama sound ‘just creepy’

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Psych! Obamacare enrollment deadline sneakily extended — again!/badbanana/status/415182110333206529

What was all that business about an Obamacare signup deadline? A whole lotta nothin’, apparently:!/FOX4/status/415183128932544513

Guess deadlines are only for suckers.!/ByronYork/status/415161466082578432

Does that mean President Obama won’t sign up today as promised?



It’s the law? Obamacare has missed half of legally imposed deadlines

Deadline, schmeadline! 404care website chokes; Obama admin redefines ‘scheduled maintenance’

Will he feel our pain? POTUS will reportedly sign up for Obamacare today

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Empowerment? Cosmo editor: Self-defense for women is ‘icky’!/elisabenson/status/475851310567526402

Hey “crazies,” don’t you dare hold Cosmopolitan social media editor Elisa Benson responsible for her own words! What did she say? Well, as Twitchy reported, the winner of the Miss USA pageant was asked a question about sexual assault on college campuses. She suggested women learn how to defend themselves. The horror! Cue feminist freak-out, natch.

Cosmo’s Ms. Benson enlightened everyone with her thoughts about Miss Nevada’s answer: Oh so “icky.”!/elisabenson/status/475829677148631040

Icky old guns and stuff. That’s for boys, huh Ms. Benson? Wow, you’ve come a long way baby.!/JohnEkdahl/status/475853127837822976

And their forgetfulness:!/GPollowitz/status/475846205164257280


Twitter users rightly gave Ms. Benson the business.!/redsteeze/status/475855679673356288!/redsteeze/status/475856378876411904!/BiasedGirl/status/475853343685091328!/chelseagrunwald/status/475850542900445184

Bingo. Empowerment? Not so much.!/redsteeze/status/475863003871838208

Yep. Once again, it is feminists and the Left who have a war on women. Defend yourselves? Heaven forfend. Just let them pat you on the head while you scurry to make them some sammiches.

And an exit question for Cosmopolitan:!/redsteeze/status/475847935100338176


‘Rape culture wins’: Feminist freakout after Miss Nevada dares suggest self defense training for women

Fight like girls: Conservative women explain how gun ban zealots wage real war on women

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Salem Communications to acquire Twitchy

Note: The following message from Michelle about the acquisition of Twitchy is cross-posted at

I am extremely proud to announce the sale of to Salem Communications.

On March 7, 2012, I launched Twitchy with great anticipation and excitement. It’s hard to believe that a little more than a year ago, we were greeted with a great deal of befuddlement and amusement. Many observers couldn’t figure out why was needed, what exactly it did, and who our audience was. Fast-forward: “Twitchy’d” has become a verb and every last media outlet – new and old – is elbowing its way into the Twitter curation/aggregation space.

As we noted on our first birthday this spring:

Twitter users publish something like half a billion tweets per day. Even if 99.999 percent of those tweets are unimportant or nonsense, that leaves 5,000 tweets per day that are potentially newsworthy, or at least noteworthy.

Our mission is to find those hidden nuggets and report on them to you, our readers.

We’ve been at it for a year as of today. Has our Twitter-based news-gathering model proven a success?

We believe our record speaks for itself:

We documented tweets and retweets by dozens of left-wing Hollywood cranks, including Cher, Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe, Chris Rock, Jason Biggs, Samuel Jackson, Ellen Barkin, Eva Longoria, and Eliza Dushku.

We were among the first to uncover Twitter riot threats and vandalism by Obama supporters in the run-up to Election Day…

We broke a story about Twitter death threats made against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — a story that led to an investigation by law-enforcement authorities.

We caught mainstream media outlets lying about the Newtown, Conn., so-called “hecklers” and the health insurance situation of the former Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden.

We were the first to report details about Aurora, Colo., shooting victim Jessica Ghawi, who was tweeting just before she was shot and was present at a separate mall shooting six weeks earlier.

Utilizing tweets, photos, and videos posted to Twitter, we were able to cover breaking news — from school shootings in the US to protests in Egypt to an NFL’s player’s homicide-suicide — faster (and in some cases better) than MSM outlets.

MSM dinosaurs consider our methods irresponsible. They insist that “real reporters” must wait around for government officials to confirm facts that are already widely known to anyone using Twitter.

Sorry, MSM, we don’t follow your rules. We have created a news model that allows people to read information that gatekeepers don’t want them to know. Our motto is “who said what.” Their motto is “which official source said what, and we’ll let you know when we’re good and ready.”

…Twitchy couldn’t be what it is without you: the community of readers, commenters, and tipsters who come to the site every day; the Twitter users who retweet our posts; the Facebook users who “like” and “share” our articles.

Thanks so much to all of you for making our first year a phenomenal success.

In a little more than a year and a half, Twitchy has grown from less than 2 million page views per month to more than 12 million. We’ve established a strong footprint both traffic-wise and editorially in an astonishingly short time. Twitter as a news-gathering and narrative-shaping medium is here to stay. And so is Twitchy.

As with Hot Air, I conceived and financed Twitchy completely on my own. But as a small, independent business owner, there’s only so far I can take the company. Salem’s mighty resources and corporate know-how will enable Twitchy to grow by leaps and bounds. Salem is a trusted enterprise and business partner with the highest standards of ethics and excellence. We know from our experience with the 2010 Hot Air acquisition that Salem understands the value of our brand, will preserve everything that makes Twitchy click, and will provide a great home for our employees. I’ll step down as CEO, but will continue to play an active role supporting and promoting Twitchy. It’s a win-win-win. Big thanks to Salem’s David Evans, Rick Killingsworth, and Jonathan Garthwaite for working with us again.

I’m forever grateful to all the initial staffers who were with me at launch. Your leaps of faith will never be forgotten. Like any start-up, we had our growing pains as we figured out how best to execute my vision. A huge turning point: Twitchy was blessed to hire Jenn Taylor and Lori Ziganto as co-managing editors. They are the funny, fearless, brilliant, and indefatigable dynamos who keep Twitchy running. I can’t say enough about Jenn and Lori’s political brilliance, editorial commitment, work ethic, impeccable judgment, and new media savvy. They set the crackling pace and irreverent tone for the rest of the full-time Twitchy team, whom I’ve come to know and respect as more than colleagues — but as family: editors Sarah Desprat, Brett Taylor, and Doug Powers (who continues to co-blog spectacularly here at as well as at Twitchy) and contributing editor William Amos. Much gratitude as well to contributing editors Jacob Bunn, Erik Soderstrom, and El Sooper and big thanks to Adam Brickley for his tenure as a contributing editor.

It takes one mind to think up a start-up, but it requires a village to execute. I’m grateful to the folks at 10up, WordPress VIP, Disqus, and Publir for their services, as well as lawyer Eric Costello for his work on the deal. We’re also grateful to Twitter staff, especially Adam Sharp and Sean Evins, for providing support and guidance as needed. Thanks again to tech guru Ed Burns for his invaluable help on our Apps. Bottomless thanks to all the readers, tipsters, and commenters who continue to visit and spread the word about our work. And as always, a big public thank you to my hubby, Jesse, who knew nothing about Twitter when I told him about my idea — but who threw himself into supporting me 200 percent as he always has with my entrepreneurial ventures. As with Hot Air, Jesse served as Twitchy’s human resources manager, payroll clerk, accountant, tech liaison, and CFO.

The lessons I learned from running Hot Air apply as well to Twitchy:

To survive, we needed to adapt, respond to market forces, and adjust the business focus to meet readers’ revealed preferences.

Loyalty is a precious commodity. So is industry. Like gold, they have many imitators. Never take the real things for granted.

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. ( “Seize the day, counting as little as possible on tomorrow.”)

Every good hot air balloon needs strong anchor ropes. The pilots may get all the glory, but it’s the hidden support that makes all the difference between successful flight and crash-and-burn.

Over the past 20-plus years, I’ve been blessed to make a living on my words, ideas, bits, and bytes. Capitalism and the American Dream are more than theories for me, but everyday realities. I cherish the opportunity to do good and do well — and to do so alongside so many talented, creative, passionate people. On to 2014!

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Obama admin claims less than 500K have yet to replace canceled policies!/msbinnyc/status/414070941673484288

According to this article by AP, the Obama Administration is insisting that less than half a million people whose health insurance was canceled because of Obamacare have not found other health insurance coverage.!/KellySKennedy/status/413816508335132672

If 500,000 formerly insured people are now uninsured because of Obamacare, that is bad enough.!/RoyBlunt/status/414042708601081856

But it may be worse — possibly much worse — than that.

An estimated 4 to 5 million Americans have received cancellation notices, whereas it appears that fewer than a million have  signed up for Obamacare so far — and many of those freshly-minted “enrollees” have not paid premiums or been officially confirmed by an insurer. Some of those who received cancellation letters were able to stay in their current plan for another year, and many have chosen to do so. But whether that brings the number of new uninsured all the way down to 500,000 remains very unclear.!/jamiedelton/status/414825134902366208


New Numbers: 4.2M Americans Dropped From Health Plans

The Obamacare Exchange Scorecard: Around 100,000 Enrollees And Five Million Cancellations

Many who enrolled in health plans still await confirmation

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Larry Elder marks two years since Obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ speech!/TonyLandis4U/status/488220598812700672

Has it already been two years since President Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” speech? Yes it has, as Larry Elder reminded us, while including an “All in the Family” reference to mark the occasion:

"You've got a business–you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
–Barack Obama July 13, 2012
#tcot— Larry Elder (@larryelder) July 13, 2014

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Post a ‘twerking selfie showing sideboob’ and get a ‘personal hug’ from Kennedy!/KennedyNation/status/408995883837972480

Most annoying word of 2013? Where to begin …!/matthewhurtt/status/408995932823232512!/xosunshinesoul/status/408997418080808962

Anyone have a pic demonstrating all three? There’s a hug in it for you from the Fox Business host and ex-MTV VJ.!/KennedyNation/status/408998717862076416

Heh. What could go wrong?

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Heh: Check out the ads on the #WalmartStrikers hashtag!/mdrache/status/406452794917277696

Hey, even Occu-twits need credit cards to buy new tech gear from Big Business so they can tweet the revolution. Or something.

Here’s one of the icky capitalist ads that popped up in our #WalmartStrikers feed today.

This promoted tweet seems especially appropriate:!/Beggin/status/406388320110141440

Beggin’ Strips? Perfect! [Update: That one is so perfect we’re adding a screenshot of the promoted tweet. Some things just need to be preserved in all their glory.]


But this is the one that’s likely to really grind the Walmart-bashers’ gears:!/WalmartNewsroom/status/406281466788990976

Predictable reaction:!/TroyWilliamsSLC/status/406451077819535360



Check out these capitalism-bashing #BlackFriday tweets brought to you via iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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