These 20 Genius Hacks Only Require Normal Stuff Around The House. They’re Brilliantly Helpful.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can be draining. It’s even worse when your space is cluttered, you’ve lost your phone charger, someone microwaved tuna in the office kitchen and the it feels like the world is out to get you (or at least that one woman in HR is). Never fear. These simple office hacks will make your life much simpler at work. With just a few bent paperclips, organization will be much easier so you can plow away at your next spreadsheet in a clean, happy environment. None of these will fix your mouth-breathing cubicle mate, though. You’re just going to have to live with that.

1.) Use two plastic cups and a toilet paper tube…

To make iPhone speakers!

2.) Or, go the simple route and make an iPhone speaker out of one cup.

3.) Use a paperclip and tape to clean out your earphone jack.

Roll up the tape.

Just insert it…

Ta-da! A bunch of gunk.

4.) Two binder clips and a business card can make an iPhone tripod.

5.) Binder clips are also a great way to store headphones.

And you can clip them anywhere.

6.) And another use for binder clips? Organizing your cables.

Just feed the cables through the prongs, then clip the binders to your desk.

A close-up of the genius idea.

7.) Bend a paper clip into a stand for your iPhone.

First, unbend the clip.

Try to make it as straight as possible.

Like so.

Then, in the middle bend the clip around the edge of your desk.

Then bend up the ends…

And you have a cheap iPhone stand!

8.) Use cardboard tubes to keep your cords tidy.

9.) Use a pen’s spring to strengthen your cords.

10.) Take a photo of a ruler (at the proper size) and use it as a ruler.

11.) Your Apple earbuds will magnetically attach to the edges of your Macbook screen.

12.) Use a sticky note to clean your keyboard.

13.) Overheating laptop? Use an empty egg carton as a stand.

14.) 3M hooks are an awesome way to hang up your iPad and make a tiny TV screen.

15.) And for those who work at home, use a cutting board tablet holder (but you’ll have to DIY).

16.) Personalize your charging cables with nail polish…

Or Washi Tape (which is colored masking tape).

Washi tape can be used on almost anything.

17.) You can also use Washi tape to personalize your keyboard.

18.) You can even use the tape to give your iPhone personality (or cover up cracks/scratches).


19.) Use bread ties to label your cords.

20.) Or, if you want to make it cute, use Washi tape to label your cords.

Adorable… yet functional.

(H/T HuffPost) Enjoy organizing your workspace with these helpful hacks! Don’t be surprised if you get employee of the month after you show so much creativity and organizational skills in your cubicle space. Share these awesome tips with your coworkers!

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These Awesome Animals Put On Uniform And Go To Work Just Like You.

No matter how much you love your job, going into work can be a total drag. The next time you’re feeling a little down at your 9-5, just think about these adorable animals who also work – just like you! Sure, they probably aren’t accountants, but these little guys still put in their time and work really hard.

Check out these animals who work everyday even without understanding the concept of “money” or “vacation”. You’re not hearing any complaints from them.

1.) In the 1940’s a baboon named ‘Jack’ worked for a disabled railroad signalman, pushing his wheelchair around to help him perform his duties.

2.) In Asian countries elephants are often hired to lift heavy things and load them into trucks.

3.) In China, geese are starting to replace dogs as partners in security and police because of their exceptional eyesight and aggressive nature.

4.) Now for a bird on the other side of the law: in Columbia a pigeon was apprehended while attempting to smuggle cocaine into jail for its incarcerated master.

5.) In Guyana manatees are used to eat up aquatic weeds that block the passage of the local canal waterways.

6.) In Indonesia and even parts of California and Flordia, snakes are used to give slithery but sensual massages.

7.) There once was a ferret named Freddy who would aid his electrician owner by dragging wires through hard-to-get to spaces.

8.) Red worms are used in some countries to more efficiently treat waste.

9.) Although inexcusably discusting, this giant, three foot high African giant pouched rat is used to sniff out land mines in parts torn by war.

10.) And for water mines, the US Navy employs the help of dolphins to discover them deep below aquatic combat areas.

11.) Even before anesthetic, maggots have been used to treat wounds by letting them eat the rotten flesh.

It seems strange that so many animals have “people” jobs… what’s next? ROBOTS? (… oh. Wait.) 

Share these talented animals with others by clicking on the button below. 

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