Tony Robbins Shares Money-Making Tips from 50 Smartest People

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Tony Robbins Shares Money-Making Tips from 50 Smartest People


  1. CombatFit says:

    This man really could change the world and this corrupt government. Wish he
    would tackle the corrupt ppl in our government ?

  2. Kevin Russell says:

    Wanker. And his face is too big. He’s nothing other than a secular version
    of Benny Hinn. I don’t care about him I’m more worried about the idiots
    that think their lives are so f#cked up that this clown can fix it. What
    ever happened to our ability to think critically? Think of Rhonda Byrne and
    The secret. Think of Stephen Covey and the 7 habits. Think of Lou Tice and
    Investinf in excellence. Same snake oil, different bottle. Only americans
    are capable of falling for this sh#t. God help you all cis Tony Robbins is
    only after your money. ?

  3. Roy Long says:

    The book is similar to “The Automatic Millionaire.”?

  4. koosmangat says:

    he is saying ‘ in order to be rich, make me rich first’?

  5. firepanda282 says:

    Funny how all these people that have never helped anyone or achieved
    anything are so full of hate. I have a question for all the youtube
    commenting TR haters: how many lives have you changed and how many million
    hungry, impoverished families does your foundation feed each year? ?

  6. Kelly Fischer Vero Beach says:

    When one of the richest, smartest people in the world wants to share
    information, maybe you should pay attention. Unless, of course, you are
    richer or smarter than he. Also, his events and teachings are
    life-changing, incredible. Try it before passing judgment. You won’t be
    disappointed, I promise. #firewalker ?

  7. KEVIN CHO says:

    He said he donated all of the money for his book sales upfront. And in his
    book, he is not teaching to make quick money, but how to save and invest it
    safely in the long term. I think he makes more sense than the criticism

  8. Cutta Crapp says:

    what a bunch of crap this guy is selling?

  9. Stacy Serrano says:

    Great Video?

  10. Sofija Daudoraviciute says:

    Please do something about woman sex object.
    Men become ubnormal.
    Great video?

  11. Dave Huxtable says:

    Check out the British Tony Robins, Mark Sephton! Mark is the world’s first
    mentor to entrepreneurs and is a masterful motivator that will speak
    straight to your heart! Check out his YouTube channel and his website at
    Seek and Ye shall find!?

  12. Matthew Lanciana says:

    Another good book is ‘The Unemotional Investor’.?

  13. PowerThoughts Meditation Club says:

    Anthony Robbins has done some beautiful things for mankind :)

    People can listen to quality meditations on our channel.?

  14. Susumu Iwafune says:

    Tony Robbins Shares Money-Making Tips from 50 Smartest People ?

  15. Andreea SERBAN says:
  16. Susumu Iwafune says:
  17. Andy Hausmann says:

    I have notes on this. If you want them, all I ask is that you subscribe to
    my channel. Just send me a message with your email address and I’ll send
    them to you?