Top 10 Crazy Money Making Schemes That Work

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Top 10 Crazy Money Making Schemes That Work


  1. Adam Smith says:

    More friend of a friend stories about people making big money begging.
    These stories are highly suspect when you think about it even minimally.
    Let’s presume that the people who are making this sort of money are
    involved in some sort of scam. At what point would they allow themselves to
    be audited to reveal their true income? Surely such a process would be
    something they would avoid. I’m calling bullshit on this one.?

  2. JustinFPS says:

    Faping for money ? well … where do i start?

  3. Shawnee Longbow says:

    The “pretending to be homeless” thing is real. In a neighborhood I once
    lived in, there was an elderly woman who frequented the grocery store down
    the street from my house, for panhandling. Now, she definitely *looked* the
    part. What with her disheveled appearance, and her one milky, catarax eye.
    So…I came across her once, and feeling particularly charitable that day,
    as well as thinking to myself how it could easily be *Me* out there begging
    for change, I gave her a dollar. She then proceeded to pull a fat-ass wad
    of cash from her coat pocket, and folded my dollar on top, around the other
    bills. Needless to say, it taught me to think twice before ever showing
    charity again…?

  4. Patrick Dukemajian says:

    The guy that robbed the bank for $1, genius. Free food, free housing, free
    medical care. ?

  5. TopTenz says:

    Top 10 Crazy Money Making Schemes That Work ?

  6. olluman123 says:

    I ll just sell rocks on ebay?

  7. kalajel says:

    If you are a man, do NOT do #7; single mothers can now collect child
    support from sperm donors…?

  8. Agahd Le'Sape says:

    Be careful with #7. Make sure you’re going through a reputable doctor’s
    office. Having sex with a woman to get her pregnant, even if she’s *asking*
    you to make a baby with her and promising to care for that baby herself,
    could get you sued for child support.?

  9. pickpocket95 says:

    try #4 with a dark kentucky fried chicken eatin muthfucka you aint gonna
    get a dime?

  10. Miley onDisney says:

    Healthcare in prison??? You have got to be shitting me. You’ve obviously
    never been there. The few times I was able to see the prison doctor, he
    never once looked at me. He sat at his desk the whole time looking down at
    papers. And drugs? That’s another joke. You better hope you have enough
    money in your account at least to buy some aspirin or Tums from the prison
    store (that charges 4 times the product’s outside price). Then, you got
    prisoners making the food. When I first got there I worked in the kitchen
    for about a month. Trust me – you don’t want to eat there.

    Panhandling makes LOTS of money. Been there, done that.?

  11. Mosaic says:

    As an experiment, I want to dress very well, as in a suit and tie, then
    stand on a busy corner or some busy place and pan-handle. I wonder how
    people would react to seeing someone well-dressed with a homeless sign. At
    first you would think that no one would respond but I wonder if it would
    mess with people’s sub-conscience enough to get a reaction.?

  12. TKD COW says:

    The top 1% are awesome! People now a days see are just so jealous, and
    lazy. Instead of seeing wealthier people than themselves and feeling
    motivated to be successful, they hold signs of jealousy, and wave their
    pathetic socialist flags. The other 99% that are like this, are PATHETIC,
    and LAZY. ?

  13. Zelnyair says:

    Is the guy at #6 meant to be Fidel Castro??

  14. calebargh says:

    Why would I sell my spam and eggs??

  15. Gary Lynch Show says:

    Love the show guys, keep up the good work :)?

  16. FatalJuice says:

    After about 15 minutes of panhandling I made $21. The the police stopped me
    and told me to go home.?

  17. viol999 says:

    Number 1, upload videos of your grumpy looking pet on You-tube.?

  18. Mile High Trucking LTD. Ivan says:

    What are the apps that pay?

  19. Laurentiu Badea says:

    4. Kickstarter?

  20. David Dil says:

    Number 6. El Paso, TX. An old man sits outside all day holding a sign. Vet
    Homeless. (holding a walker or cane each day it changes) etc. I watched one
    day he walked over to a gas station and jumped in to a new F150 Platinum (I
    say new because the vehicle had only be made for 2 years) which starts at

  21. Rods Ahed says:

    yeeea, im just going to stand in front of a high quality, expensive
    restraunt and pretty much take a selfie witha building for money. ?

  22. AutumnAsh81 says:

    response to number 6:
    there is a “homeless man” who isnt homeless here in Monroeville, Pa. this
    guy has been doing this, collecting money (he has two spots that stays the
    same) for as long as i can recall, as a child i remember this guy. later in
    life i came across him and followed him to see him getting into a cadalac
    parked 1/2 mile up the road. rumore goes he wont take more than a 50 dollar
    bill but im not trying that. hes a proffesser who started this as a social
    experiment and continued to this day (wee are talking since at least 1989).
    is he still a professor? doubtful?

  23. Annie Tyler says:

    #5 and #7; HOW do I get into those???

  24. misu constantin says:

    no organ sell for quick money ? ?