Top 10: Non-Combat Money Making Methods! [Runescape 2014]

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Top 10: Non-Combat Money Making Methods! [Runescape 2014]

3 Overpowered Ways to Make Money In Runescape 3: 4M+ Gp in 15min No Requirements


  1. ItsTime2Burn says:

    The herb run one is kinda bullshit. I get that you make 4.1m ph if you
    don’t count the time it takes for them to grow, but over 1 hour of actual
    playing its not even 400k ph. ?

  2. Yu Narukami says:

    i have an idea: top ten most useful quests to complete. i love quests :3?

  3. Martijn Broelman says:

    Muncle, can you please re-calculate the gp/hour for like 2015/march ?
    Thanks man !?

  4. Sylvester Pedersen says:

    Herb runs are more than 4.1m/hour atm (prob because of dxp) but i
    calculated it to be 4.5m/hour doing 6 herb patches. Crazy good money!?

  5. epic nelis says:

    top 10 bosses for low cb?

  6. Arkius Azure says:

    Nice vid! It would be cool to have a top 10 skill levels. Like 95 prayer

  7. Leonardo Stock says:

    looooooooool this guy is the one that scammed me my full arma. I was
    wondering that I saw your name somewhere… I cant believe that i thought u
    sounded like a nice guy oh my god, and I have been watching your videos for
    so long. This just ultimately broke my heart. Shame on you munclesonkey,
    you dickhead.?

  8. TheTundraTerror says:

    Some of these methods (like the bankstanding one) are fantastic if you have
    a gaming mouse like have. Set the button beside my left mouse button to 2,
    make a bank present and make that present 2, set the spell bound to the 2
    key, and BAM!?

  9. Ross Findlay says:

    Love the video man, some great Ideas in there I never thought would be good


  10. Kappa says:

    And to think I never wanted to do runecrafting because I thought it was
    just a waste of time…?

  11. OrangeFutureRS says:

    Who would of thunk?

  12. MBrownie says:

    is that 115T pure rune essence or am i blind? 10:57?

  13. Zedabyte says:

    Make Top 10 Quest Rewards(Including curses, abilities, gear, unlockable

  14. Imyournewpeppep says:

    It makes me laugh every time munclesonkey uses a “k” sounds when he says
    especially. “ekspecially” hahaha?

  15. Alex Smith says:

    its not a very good video tho he is not telling us what levels you need to
    use for to make stuff?

  16. mandor955 says:

    Thank you so much for this guide! Love the videos by the way :)?

  17. Beeroy Y says:

    Right youtubers, I haven’t played RS for like 2 years. Is money way easier
    to accumulate now? I have like 10m which I thought used to be loads. I
    guess not.?

  18. iera uk says:

    back when i used to play it would take me a year to make one mill ?

  19. Himu Yashiro says:

    lol why do ppl buy mud runes anyways.. anyone know??

  20. Razi Dagher says:

    your rich give me some money?

  21. TJ Thomas says:

    You should make an ironman version for this? :D?

  22. Alex Smith says:

    dude dang bro share some money lol?

  23. TheHullo124 says:

    how do you click the your preset without using your mouse??

  24. DinkleBerg ! says:

    bucket of sand = 107 gp
    seaweed = 176 gp
    2 astral runes = 562 gp
    6 fire runes = 366 gp, instead 10 air rune = 280 gp.

    If you add the cost up that = 1,125 gp, and molten glass is 344 gp.

    I can see you make more molten glass but r u sure this method is still

  25. z3m0s says:

    Does anyone know how much money you can still profit from making the molten
    glass, im not sure if it was alot higher in price when he did this or not?

  26. OSRSVideos says:

    three overpowered METHAAADS?

  27. Wyatt Vana says:

    lmao how he said methods at the beginning ?

  28. PZN LTF says:

    legassy mode lmao?

  29. GF Mute says:

    Is that ur real voice? l0l?

  30. Himu Yashiro says:

    he is right, i have many extra accounts wehehe?

  31. Nuck Chorris says:

    Methaauds lol, I love this guy he’s hilarious. ?

  32. Kevin Silva says:

    Lmaoooo why he said it like that lmaooooo methawwds?

  33. AtaraxMixes says:


  34. Green Cloud says:

    It doesn’t matter how he talks lol?

  35. EseaGhost says:

    where are you from please tell? i REALLY like the way you talk its the only
    reason i watch your videos lol?

  36. RsTwins100 says:

    Over powered METARRRDS?

  37. TheWaxman57 says:

    tree overpowered metodds?

  38. gemeos2 says:

    How do you sell warbands supplies?

  39. roel acab says:

    can you make a video from warbands 4m ??

  40. Kidd Geo says:

    I can barely understand this?

  41. Chode Master says:

    methtoads? Wtf is that ?

  42. ItsTime2Burn says:

    Warbands was one of the worst updates ever >.

  43. Maverick Games says:

    I tried selling the warband supplies but it says its not tradeable. HELPP?

  44. Hot Dog says:

    wtfs metodz??

  45. kingjhon8 says:

    any1 one know a fc for trading warband supplies??

  46. Au Swirvy says:

    i need a warband clan?

  47. 9Lives says:

    I don’t play RS anymore but I keep watching your videos. :D?

  48. The Mehukas says:

    I’d add broad arrow sets to ge limit. Same with battlestaves if you have
    enough slots.?

  49. boatyTroll says:

    i don’t question the morals of a player who grinded for 91 rc on old school
    to make money for rs3, unless they bot its not like it requires no effort
    to achieve that?

  50. React Rerun says:

    Or just go kill blue dragons of just collect there scales and not even have
    to kill any it’s easy for a lvl 20 it’s easy allowed and fast?