Ultimate Ironman – Old School RuneScape – Moneymaking Tips

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Ultimate Ironman – Old School RuneScape – Moneymaking Tips

6rif – Ultimate Ironman Money Making Tips!


  1. Andrew Kemp says:

    Also, a quick tip, if going through the wildy, do it in the free world. far
    less dangerous pkers, and less monsters. I usually get to point A to point
    B in free world, log into members grab my loots and go back to free world
    to travel back. hopes this helps all yall :)?

  2. Chi Bulls says:

    Boo you’re a sell out!!!!! Jk bro lol I would enjoy the other iron man
    instead of ultimate cause progressing in that one feels better. <3?

  3. Kareem Callender says:

    Isn’t it way to risky to be in deep wilderness??

  4. John Doe says:

    What’s the exp recorder??

  5. Phurion says:

    Thanks man, It helped a fellow Ultimate Ironman out 😀 – Phurion?

  6. Sithr Kevin says:

    I should try this ironman thing out lol. nice vid btw bro :) -Sithr2?

  7. Bryce Ely says:

    i would just get 44 rc and alch everything i dont need?

  8. BluBoulzor says:

    Balls of steel.?

  9. minij025 says:

    add me Mini j0 its lol ftw lol?

  10. Kevin Denver says:

    I would watch your Call of Duty videos, but I’ll probably enjoy your
    ultimate ironman videos the most.?

  11. Jeff Speer says:

    Could you share your method to fund and train for high alch level? Thanks.
    I understand from your video how to make money once having the ability to
    high alch.?

  12. snowmanpika10 says:

    How did you level up your magic without leveling up anything else combat

  13. Name Watcher says:

    You can’t do this because you’re a skiller, but the easiest way to get a
    rune axe is to kill tree spirits at some place where you can spawn them.
    But you need to kill tanglefoot from FT P1 and that’s a bitch.?

  14. The Late Start says:

    Hey man Only 28 here?

  15. Dezmon Beltran says:

    Did you ever cannon lava dragons??

  16. zzRushGaming says:

    Really nice vid man, thanks for the tips and keep it up!?

  17. scott scotts says:

    pro name bro. cool vid.?

  18. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Could we use low alch instead of high alch you think??

  19. Joseph Craker says:

    link to os buddy??

  20. Iron Grif says:
  21. Luq E says: