Way To Earn Online

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In todays fast forwarding life everybody wants to earn some money with less effort so that they can spend as much as possible time with their family, friends, colleagues and relatives. Ill give you basic guidelines following which you can earn some handsome money not only to pay your bills but for everything. Im going to describe how you can build a blog using free platform like wordpress.com/blogspot.com & how you can make money using it. There are two ways one is free method where you will be choosing sub domain (yourwebsite.wordpress.com or yourwebsite.blogspot.com) and another method is paid where you will register a domain name, buy web space and host your website. Im going to describe free method only.

Follow below steps:

1.Your first step is to select category of your blog, from various sources & online research I came to know Entertainment, Health, Music, Technology, Finance, Real estate, Travel are the hot topic to build your blog about. Ive selected Funny Sms text

2.Once you finalize topic of your blog go to wordpress.com and click on sign up. This will take you to a form where it will ask for Username, Password & Email address. Enter all the info, be agreed with T & C and chose Gimme a blog! and click next. You may not find username which you are choosing, select different username and do the same.

3.After clicking next as discussed above, you will be taken to next page where you will be asked for blog domain, leave it as it is (this will be same as your username by default). Write blog title (something informative, one liner), select language and chose public from privacy radio button and click Sign up. You will be asked for checking your email and meanwhile update profile (this is your choice, leave if you dont want to update your profile).

4.Click on the link you have got in your inbox and you are done with signup and setting blog URL/Web space (this is not easy in case of paid method).

5.Login using the details given in the confirmation email and you are now inside of stomach of your blog. A lot of options can be seen on left hand side and you can set them according to your choice. Click on appearance and then to theme, there are many options to select theme from. Once you are done, your blog will look like this yourwebsite.wordpress.com (with different design & URL, this is mine).

6.Start write posts for your blog daily, meanwhile submit URL of your blog to Google here http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl & other search engines. Post your blog links at various places like classified sites, forums, in blog comments, directories, articles posting sites etc.

7.After 2 3 months of successful advertisement, apply for Google adsense account here https://www.google.com/adsense/ -. Please write everything correctly as these are information which will be used for issuing payment. Once your adsense account is approved, put adsense code using plugs ins (search it from left hand side options while being logged into your blog).

8.Once you are done with all above things, you are set to earn money, the more is advertisement of your blog more money you will get.