Weiner keeps his pants on for NYT Mag cover; Giggles still ensue [pic]

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Giggles! Gee, we wonder why they aren’t smiling? Why are Huma and Anthony so sad in New York Times Magazine cover photo?

Twitter has the answer: Junk pics are serious business

Serious biz recovering from Tweet-your-peepee MT @ananavarro Huma-Anthony cover. Don’t ppl smile in pictures anymore? twitter.com/ananavarro/sta…

— Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) April 15, 2013

@ananavarro I don’t blame her. she’s married to a creep.

— Edward Moran (@EdMahmoud) April 15, 2013

@ananavarro Fit for office..

— Jeff(@Hooch474) April 15, 2013

On the plus side, at least he kept his pants on for this photo.

Anthony Weiner is on the cover of NYTimes magazine today with his pants on!!!

— Lew Karp (@LewKarp) April 14, 2013

But, wait!

“@evanasmith: Unobstructed view of Anthony Weiner’s crotch on cover of @nytimes magazine may have been conscious?” #wearedoomed

— Mike McCoy (@mikecher) April 14, 2013

Oh, the humanity.


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