You don’t belong on Twitter if…

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#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you're one of those people in charge of parody accounts

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you #use hashtags #like #this

— Eddie Garcia (@TheeeSickestKid) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf You tweet "add me on MySpace"

— Chris Tucker (@SmokeyFrmFriday) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you trying to tweet from a flip phone

— IG – imthagentleman (@imthagentleman) April 16, 2012!/boys_thoughts/status/191987376590028800

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you retweet more than you tweet

— Ray (@LeftHandBandito) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your just going to complain all day every day

— Mr StealTheShow (@DJKLEPTIC) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you can't take a joke

— Clara T.♡ (@_TonganBeauty) April 16, 2012!/kiss_my_curves_/status/191986573896720384

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf You gonna be all sensitive, go back to Facebook with that!

— White Man Problems (@WhiteManProblms) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf all you do is spam celebrities or even other people asking them for a follow. Twitter isn't all about followers.

— cescabigail. (@CescaCena) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you cant spell worth a shit

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you are a major company. Your business may need social media. But social media doesn't want your business.

— Andy Pandy (@Mr_AndrewHunt) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you beleve there is such a thing as "too much tweeting."

— мαυяα (@WeBeliebeJB) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you don't understand what dm means

— . (@NatalieeRosex) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your tweets automatically post to Facebook.

— DifferentFromTheRest (@MaKaveli340) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf your tweets are in third person

— Dom Ham (@domgham) April 16, 2012

#YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf you say this: 'ADD ME ON TWITTER!'

— becca (@rebeccakingg_) April 16, 2012

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